Week 32

There was once a squirrel who was named Jerry. Jerry liked apples. One day Jerry was looking for some apples when he found a gray shoe. He nervously sniffed the shoe and passed out. He later woke up and started spinning round in a circle. He fell to the ground then heard a loud bang so he jumped up and ran away. He ran through a field of cabbage and fell into a hole so he climbed out of the hole which took about 4 and a half hours but he eventually made it out. He later died, the end.

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One day a dog went for a walk and the heat was so unbearable, so the dog went under a tree thinking the tree would help so it wasn’t so hot. After around 2 hours the dog noticed the heat kinda went away so the dog started walking back home but got lost. He went into a bush and went to sleep. The next morning the dog walked out of the bush and saw a chicken. The chicken tried to help the dog get home but they both fell into a puddle. They both got stuck and  they were sad.

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A hungry pink worm swiveled its way onto the concrete sidewalk in the pouring rain. The ground was too saturated and he found he couldn’t breathe. 

A bird watched patiently waiting for its next victim. 

A girl pushed through the revolving door of her apartment and rushed into the drizzling rain. She did a little jump right on top of the small worm, killing it. She looked down at the poor worm. Small worm guts were scattered around its tiny bloody body. She carefully picked up the dead worm then dropped it because it moved a bit which scared her. 



I looked down at the pavement below me. Lying on the dark pavement were two coins. They looked very old. I felt the red ladder I was standing on start to wobble. I quickly turned around to regain balance. I climbed onto the roof in front of me and climbed to the very top of the roof.  I sat silently watching the trees sway in the wind. I looked down at the lake not far from the shed I was sitting on top of. A person across from the lake threw a pebble into the lake. It started slowly sinking. 

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I heard the sound of small pebbles hitting the ground below me as I jumped from one ledge to another. I hit the ground and started running as fast as I could straight after. The building shook and then I fell to the ground. I tried to get back up but felt a sharp pain in my ankle. I suddenly felt something grab me and lift me off of the ground. The moment I felt it I knew I had failed. I was now face to face with a large, dark entity. Everything around me went completely dark. It’s over.  

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      I stood by the black punching bag hanging from the ceiling. I looked up at the chain attached to the ceiling. I punched the bag. It started swinging back and forth. I punched it again but with full strength this time. A hole formed into the bag and rice looking stuff started pouring out. But I didn't mean to hit it that hard.. I watched as the white stuff poured out from the bag. I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed the tape out of the cabinet.  I took the tape and ran downstairs. I started taping up the hole, annoyed.

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In every forest, there is a cabin.

In every cabin, there is a stove. 

In every stove, there is an ash pile.

In every ash pile, there is a bone. 

In every bone, there is a story. 

In every story, there is a yearning.

In every yearning, there is a prize. 

In every prize, there is a cost.

In every cost, there is a cut. 

In every cut, there is a ghost. 

In every ghost, there is a home. 

In every home, there is a witch. 

In every witch, there is a girl. 

In every girl, there is a forest.

Week 19

One day a pig was running around a field when A dog bit its leg. It squealed. It dropped to the ground and a person said ”...and the winner is…dog!” The pig was now sad and cried on a hay bail. The pig failed to do its job and was now very sad. He cried until he fell off the hay bail that was up 20 feet (don't ask how he got up there, the pig is magical.) and survived. The dog then started dancing on the pig for some dumb reason and the pig danced for absolutley no reason. 

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Rain softly fell from the dark sky as I watched from under my umbrella. I looked down at my hand. I looked back up, noticing that everything was starting to fade away slowly. I began to feel dizzy, making me stumble backwards. I dropped to the ground once everything surrounding me was completely gone. I felt a cold hand grip mine and pull me up from the ground. My vision slowly came back until everything was completely visible again. I stood silently on the wet grass with rain dripping down onto me. I stared at the rain in complete shock. 

Week 13

Me and my sister were walking along a dark path during winter, Infront of my sister was my dog, Sniffles. We were taking him for a nice long walk. We came along a small lake that was close to unfreezing completely. I didn't think much of it until I saw a fox standing helplessly on the ice. I tapped my sister on the shoulder and showed her what I saw. “What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” I asked. She told me that I should just ignore it and we went on our way.

Week 11

I looked down at my fuzzy dog walking along the sidewalk as cars went by beside us. We walked for a while but when we were walking back home I tripped and dropped the leash and my dog went bolting into the road. I screamed my dog's name but he didnt stop. A car flew right into my dog as I sat on the ground helplessly. My eyes began to tear up as I ran to see where my dog was. He was lying in the middle of the street. I tried to make him wake up but he wouldn't. 

Week 10

I looked out of the dusty car window. I then saw two large poles with smoke coming out of each one. One had more smoke than the other. Other weird old structures surrounded them. I didn't know how I felt about this, all I knew was that I was confused. I don't know why. I asked my mom to stop the carso that I can hop out and look around. She agreed and stopped the car. I opened the door and jumped out of the white car. I walked onto the property. But I don't recall ever walking back out. 

Week 7

“Melody? Melody!” I jerked awake to the sound of my mom calling my name, which was pretty weird because my mother had passed away when I was very very young. I looked around my room and shrugged it off thinking it was all in my imagination. I then sniffed the air and noticed that it smelt My eyes widened and Jumped out of my bed. I opened my door and there was a huge fire. I immediately slammed the door shut. I wasn't sure of what to do just grabbed my dog and waited for help to arrive

Week 6

One day, I decided to go outside for a little bit. When I got outside I looked down at the green grass. I looked over to the left and saw a weird species of a bunny. I Walked over to the pavement and realized I forgot to put shoes on. I squealed in pain because the pavement was burning hot. I ran over to the grass and sat down. I felt overwhelmed. I noticed a man walking past my street. He looked like a scientist honestly. I then decided it was just way too hot so I walked back inside.   

  Week 5

I had just moved into a very old and rusty house. I was exploring around the house when I noticed a very rusty looking key. I picked it up and looked around the house to see if there were any doors it went to. I came across a very weird door that was hidded behind a large box. I knocked over the box and stared at the door. It looked different from the other doors. I tried putting the key through the hole and it fit perfectly. I opened the door and walked in. But I never came back out.

 Practice Week 1

Waffles are one of my favorite foods. Most people think Waffles are meant to be eaten at breakfast and breakfast only. But I eat waffles for breakfast , dinner or lunch. I usually eat Waffles with peanut butter and syrup. Syrup is very sticky.

I accidentally got syrup all over my calendar. I can’t exactly remember how I did that but I did. After I'm done eating my Waffles I have to wash my plate. Washing dishes is pretty easy for me. When I'm washing the dishes I can see very minuscule bubbles in the sink. I love waffles very much.

Practice Week 2

The tiny mouse ran into the museum running around looking for food. He then stopped in his tracks because of a huge ball thing blocking his path. He decided to try and climb over it but it was very sharp and rough and hurt his tiny mouse paws. He is looking for a way to get around it. He trotted over to the left side of the ball and saw an open space for him to get through. He happily trotted away and also found a piece of cheese to eat. He went home and ate his cheese. The end.

Practice Week 3

I woke up and jumped out of bed very quickly. I rushed downstairs but nobody was there. I then checked the clock and then realized that it was 5:00 A.M. A few hours later I woke up again and my family and I left to go to where my birthday party was. It was at a river that I always loved. When we got there I jumped out of the car. I stopped and looked down. I have never seen the river bed so dry. I walked back to the car and we decided to go somewhere else.


  1. Awesome Sara I love waffles to Lol there so good :) -Kyra

  2. I love waffles to,I really liked your 100 word piece,it was very interesting how you added the key words, they fit in well with your story, and how you put in the word miniscule into bubbles, great job!

  3. I loved your 100 word challenge.the only waffles i like are belgian waffles because the hoes fill up with syrup it so yummy.-Jocelyn wolfe

  4. i like how you added dishes because of the bubbles being tiny also i do all the dishes at my house too! vaden

  5. Good job! loved the story's ;) :) I also love waffles from Grace

  6. I like how you make each story seem realistic and full of creativity. I loved you stories!

  7. I like your week 19 it goes from sad to funny. I had a good laugh.-Jocelyn

  8. Your week 19 is creative. I like the backstory telling the pig was magical. -Zac

  9. I loved Week 18 because it was super mysterious and I liked the description. Keep up the awesome work!- Renee

  10. I really liked your week 24 I loved how you start in a forest then end in one its almost like a cyrile

  11. Nice job sara I like week 24 it's super creative I don't think I could think of anything like that!-Kyra

  12. Week #31
    Hello Sara,
    Thank you for sharing the adventures of a dog's journey in the heat of day and his encounter with a duck. This could be the start of a fairytale adventure. Well done.
    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia