Week 32

Today I had nothing to do so I decided to go into my basement. I personally thought that my basement was terrifying because it was a little dark and it was a basement, and basements are scary.

I NERVOUSLY stepped into the basement, the GRAY walls made it even more  terrifying. BANG! I looked around the basement trying to figure out what made that noise. Right behind me was a ROUND CABBAGE with a smiley face with its sharp teeth looking at me. I quickly ran out of the basement, the cabbage, following me. I shut the door behind me…

Week 31

Joey the camel is back, but this time he is determined to get one sip of water.

 As Joey walked down the desert to a sip of water, the heat was burning the sand. If you’re wondering how Joey got lost in the desert, it’s because he went on without his owner. Joey's main goal was to find his owner.

 As he walked down the desert dune, the heat was unbearable, so Joey started to drink water that he saved in his hump. He saw a black  silhouette in the distance running towards him, it looked like his worried owner.

Week 29

Today me and my family and a couple of my friends are going to the town carnival. As we walk I feel the rough concrete of the sidewalk. 

We are now at the carnival and I see many things like a revolving ferris wheel, Some PINK cotton candy, a huge bouncy house, which I decided to go in with my friends, and many more stations and rides.

 When we were in the bouncy house I started to jump up and down. Soon everyone was hungry, we got food and everyone started to eat it, after that we all went home.


The city, the place with tons of buildings and lots of inhabitants. I see a red fire truck zoom past with its ladder down. As I was walking on the Pavement I felt the sole of my sneakers sinking into a couple of Coins. I just came back from school and I have to get coconuts. 

I was now at home watching tv, I could smell smoke for some reason, and when I came outside I saw the One World Trade Center with one side spewing smoke. The only thing I could hear were the sirens of emergency response vehicles.

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Today my  family and I are going to California to visit some landmarks. What seemed like a pleasant day, wasn’t… We first went to the Hollywood sign, we were still in the city  we were just close to the sign.

After  roughly 10 minutes the floor started shaking, everyone was shocked, people were going in their cars, and so did my family, but I knew it wouldn't make a difference.  Then the ground started shaking like crazy, the building shook and then fell on the ground. We had been struck by an earthquake. Around us lots of people were shell-shocked.         

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Today I am at the beach and I am having the time of my life, there’s always something you can do here. I just swam so I was kind of wet. The yellow sun was glaring in my eyes, and it hurt a lot.

We were now at the roller skate park, and it's really fun. I am not a pro, but I'm okay. The roller skates that I was wearing were a little big for me, but it was fine. I could see a tiny hospital in the distance far away, so that was my trip. It was exciting!

Week 24

Bigfoot you might have heard about the legend that lives in the woods, and is about 8 feet in height. Me and my group of friends are in the woods of California, where Bigfoot sightings are the most common in any state. My friends have the resources that we need to have a photo of bigfoot for ourselves.

We were walking through the woods and  saw hands around an oak tree. Then we saw the figure. It was far away but looked like bigfoot. I took a glance for one second and ran. Turns out it was a brown bear.

Week 23

Hi my name is Robert and right now I am sitting on my couch doing exactly nothing. But when I picked up my comic, the front had the words “SPRINGING WITH ADVENTURE!” The main villain in the comic was an octopus. 

I was on my piano practicing for my rehearsal on sunday. I was pushing the white notes one by one as if it were in slow motion. After playing random notes I played a gentle song.

I was soon bored of playing the piano so I went outside. The weather was brisk. So that was how my day went.

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I sat eating my sandwich, the mustard on it tasted horrible, I took each bite slowly, waiting for the package to come.

When the clock struck  1:17 the doorbell rang and I rushed to the door. I opened it with suspense. It was the box. I rushed to grab it and I took it back inside with me. I took the scissors and opened the box there it was, in the box, the extraordinary guitar. I took it and plucked some keys. It was so out of tune I started laughing. I tuned the guitar and started playing music.

Week 19

Hello my name is Josh and today I have a race, what race you might be asking, well it is a running race, and because I joined the After PE  school, I joined the race. The race was half a mile and that was quite easy, but other people could do the mile race, but I signed up to do the half mile.

I was in my position “ ready, on your marks, get set, GO!” I sprinted as fast as I could. 

In the end I didn't win but I got 7th place which was at least okay for me.

Week 18

Hi my name is Joe and today I will be telling you about the day that I found a key and a penny on the ground. Now you might be wondering what's so special about a key and a penny, but I have a theory about something crazy! The day began normally. It was a Saturday, nothing happened then, but after I ate my lunch I went outside and played with my friends. I felt something hard on the ground, I looked at it, it was a key and a penny, then I realized this might be a safe key.

Week 16

James woke up feeling sleepy. It was jan 1st 2022, “HAPPY NEW YEAR,” he said out loud. It’s not like last year he thought, last year there was no such thing as covid-19 now it’s everywhere.

At her school she walked down the hallway slowly, one step at a time, she did not want to go into Mr. Meyers room. Mr. Meyers sat on his chair eyeing me. Brrrrrrrr. Then after school was over I went home. I did my homework so I did not know what to do, but I started my reading. I went to sleep after that


Hello my name is Collin and right now I am at the park climbing a rock wall. But we had to go home soon.

At home I was bored. I tried to ask my mom if we could play in the park again, but she said no. I was sad. I tried to think of a way that I could not get bored, but I had no idea what to do. I looked around the room and I saw some paper, but I did not need that then I saw a silver frame. Today was the most boring day ever.

Week 14

Hi my name is Jim I am a scientist, today as I was walking down the street to get to my friends house to work on a project I saw a big poster saying “save the world!” So I decided to go.

“What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” A person asked me, so I responded “ I think that people should try to stop the problem, by using electric vehicles, and try not to pollute the atmosphere and the oceans. After they asked me, I went to my friend's house to work on our big project.

Week 11

    Hi my name is Ethan. I moved  to  New York City. My other house was in the suburbs now I am in the city. ItÅ› A big change and when I mean big I mean it. Everywhere I look I see buildings. New York City is cool, but I have no friends.

I am at school hoping to make friends. Nobody in my class looks like they want to be my friend, except Josh. At recess Josh told me that he wanted to play with me. So After that I asked Josh if we could be friends. He said yes.

Week 10

Hi I am Eric. I am A squirrel. It is fall and soon it is going to be winter, so I have to get acorns to survive. While I was traveling in the forest I noticed that the forest had ended. But I was so curious that I decided to go. 

I felt like this was not A good idea but I still was looking for acorns. I noticed that there were no animals or acorns in this place. Then I started to feel A little sick, so I went back to my house. I still don't have An explanation

Week 9

     Hi I am Kevin, I work in the car Industry, lately there was A  fire in the building , this is how that day went.

     I was in the building  putting the  car in place, when suddenly the alarm started ringing. I had know idea what was happening. Everyone around me was panicking. And I was afraid of what was happening. Then I saw a big red fire truck. They asked us to evacuate, and I knew It was urgent. So I went down the stairs to the ground.

     Now I still work at the same place, still wondering what happened.

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Week 7

  Hi I am Tony, I am a firefighter. Lately there have been a lot of fires that have been happening. A lot of trees have been burned down.

The alarm rings, instantly I knew it was a fire, I was correct.  it wasn't that big but soon it started to grow. It grew, and grew, the fire was out of control. All of the firefighters tried to control it, but It was too late. Then an airplane came trying to stop the fire. 

After a long time the fire disappeared, the place was covered with burned trees.Then we left.

Week 6

          Jim woke up from his bed. It was a hot sunny day. It was 95 degrees outside, and that is equal to hot. Yesterday Jim was overwhelmed at work, they gave him 4 animal species to study about and  all of them were different in basically everything.                                                                          

      Jim was out in his yard then he saw a green caterpillar on his tree. He had never seen or studied what species it was. He was concerned, but he did not touch the caterpillar because it might have been poisonous. But he had other things to do then look at the caterpillar.


Lucas was going to Crossgates Mall in his Acura. On his way there, he admired the interior of the new car, “ Not bad,” he said.

         They were here at the giant mall, he had wanted to go get chocolate because their stock at home was gone.

 As they navigated their way, Lucas saw many things like a lego building that was giant, and a fake fossil of a triceratops, However, the thing that surprised him the most was a  pair of giant glasses. It had some sort of pink fur on the sides. but they had other things to do.

Practice Week 1

       Josh woke up in the morning and looked at the calendar. It was a Sunday today so he had to do the laundry.

       When he put the clothes in the washing machine he found a white t-shirt. It looked like his brothers. It was sticky with sweat, and Josh could see the small minuscule dust particles. He got disgusted. He did know that his brother Dan went to soccer practice.      

Either way he put the clothes in the washing machine and left the room. The disgusting shirt was still in his mind.

Then he left for soccer practice at school.

Practice Week 2
         I am an ant in the museum. I live in the basement, very few giants (Humans) come here. I never explored the south, and today I will. Maybe there will be food but I am 100% sure that there will. All of the ants go there.
I was tired but I reached the south , and when I looked up I thought I was in heaven.Food. I looked around the place when I saw a gigantic ball of bones. I looked at it for a long time. I could not and all of the other ants could not as well

Practice Week 3

               Joey the camel was determined to get a sip of water, he did not have water for the past few days, and now is thirsty for the liquid. On the way he saw a lot of cacti, more than the stars in the sky.
Joey saw a long dent in the desert. It must be a river, but when he looked all of his dreams got crushed. “I have never seen the river bed so dry.” he got shocked when he looked in the river bed. When he stepped in it was like the desert. Joey's search for water continues. 


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