Ryan K

Week 32

Running! Screaming! “ Bang!” 

“ What was that?” Said an old man nervously.

“ Boom! Crash! Bang!” A giant stone ball is rushing towards the helpless people who will save them now!? 

“ I will!” Boomed a voice from out of nowhere.

“The heroic Doctor Pencil is here to save the day he throws and rolls pencils. He has bomb pencils, electric pencils, and round pencils, and grey pencils, and under cover pencils dressed as cabbages!”

He is running towards the scene “ Oh,no!” Yells Doctor Pencil as he sees the giant stone ball rushing towards the citizens. 

What will happen next on DoctorPencil!?!

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Yesterday was so hot that I could barely move. I was swimming in my pool but even the water wasn’t keeping me cool enough. The heat was unbearable, so I finally decided to go inside. 

Right when I walked inside I felt like I just got hit by a blizzard.

I had to walk back outside. I felt cool and refreshed like the coldness of the air conditioner inside was still in my skin and bones. Finally I can swim.

SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! The water of the pool was so refreshing that I didn’t come out for three more hours!

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“ Mom, I’m hungry!” I shouted up the stairs. 

“ What do you want, concrete?” She asked sarcastically. 

“ No, I want a ham sandwich with pink ham.” I replied.

I  jump when I am hungry and I revolve in the air as I jump up and down. 

“ It’s ready!!” yelled my mom from up stairs.

“ One second!” I yelled back because I was playing my favorite video game and I didn’t want to stop. But I had to. 

“ I’m coming!” I yelled up the stairs as I came stomping up.

I could smell it already. It smelled like ham and cheese, YUM!


“ Go! Go! Go!” Yelled the fire men as they raced up their red ladders. The ladders were sinking into the pavement because the pavement was melting.

Coins covered the melting pavement as people were running in terror as the building was sinking along with the the sinking ladders and people getting stuck in the melting pavement. 

“ Are all of the people out of the building?” Asked one of the firemen.

“ Yes Chef,” replied another fireman.

“ Let it fall!” Yelled the fire chef.

“ Are you sure, Chef?” 

“ Absolutely,” replied the chef.

“ Okay,” said the fireman nervously.

Boom! Boom! Crash! It's down!

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“ AHHHHH!” screamed all the people in terror. 

“ The buildings are coming down!” cried the fire fighter.

The building shook and then… BOOM! CRASH! The building is down. 

The people around it are screaming and running for their lives.

Running falling running falling.

The houses around are opening their doors and the light flooded them grass. The people are letting the civilians that were in the building into their houses. 

“ Get the water in here,” said the fire man.

Finally the fire was out. But everything in the building is either burnt or it is broken forever. 

Everyone is OKAY!!!

Week 26

Today is christmas! And for Christmas I got roller skates! They were tiny and yellow and they had a red cross on them from the hospital.

Yesterday I swam and almost drowned but luckily I made it to the side safely.

And tomorrow I am going to go roller skating with my new roller skates! But I don't know how to roller skate. But I can learn!

One day later

“ Owwwwww!” I screamed in pain

The tiny roller skates don’t fit me because they are tiny! So we have to rent some roller skates.

“ Owwwwwww!” I fell this time.

“ Ugh.”

Week 25

On a rainy day I was rolling around and I was hitting stuff and then “ CRASH!” The lamp went down!

“ What happened!” Exclaimed mom as she came running down the stairs.

“ I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” I said through tears.

“ But you still meant to hit it, right?” She said back.

“ Wellllll, no and yes because I didnt mean to hit the lamp that hard but I also meant to.” “ Alright yes, sorry.”

“ Go to your Rooooooom now young person!” She yelled at me.

“ Nooooooooooooooooooo.” I sobbed.

“ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. She screamed.

“ Fine then!” I screamed back at her.


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“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” “ There is a monster on the tree in the forest!” “ SSSSSHHHHHHH RRRRRRR EEEEEEIIIIIKKKKKKK!!!!” said a lady that was scared.

“ IT'S coming to the city!!!” shrieked a lady.

“RING! RING! RING!” Everyone is calling 911 and the national guard to protect the city.

“ WEEEEEEEE OOOOOOOOOOOOO! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OOOOOOOO! The sirens blared as the police, the fire department, the ambulances, and the national guard. 

“ THUD! THUD!THUD!” The monster is coming closer to the city. “GO! GO! GO!” The police and the national guard are getting their machine guns to kill or hurt the beast. 

“ POW! POW!” the machine guns blasted “ THUD!”

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I know an octopus named Piano White he is very gentle and he also loves springing around under water.

He lives in a town called Coral Reef. But I can’t go because I can't breathe underwater and I don’t have scuba gear.I only see him when he is out of the water.

He is still my friend but I don’t see him that much.

Then one magical day a box arrived on my doorstep and when I looked inside there was scuba gear. Now I can go down to Coral Reef with Piano White and see him now YAY!!!!!!!!!

Week 20

One summer day I was eating a mustard sandwich and I shoved the whole thing into my mouth. It was so good. 

Then i saw an extraordinary thing: a dog playing a guitar and the dog was awesome and I also saw a person playing a guitar and he was horrible.

I played a guitar too so I went to my room and started practicing. I am sounding horrible too. “And  the dog seems to be awesome and the people are horrible why?”

It could be because that dog is in a circus. The guy is in a rock band!

Week 19


There are two outs and a runner on first

“ Derald  Strawberry is up to bat and the pitch comes!!” The announcer said. “ Ball!!”

“ Just so the people just tuning in this is the World series and it is the biggest event in baseball. The best two teams in the two divisions!!”  Said the other announcers. 

“ Here comes the pitch!”  

“ Smack!” 

“ It’s deep at the warning track and it's gone! And the winner is The NEW YORK METS they won the World Series!!” 

“The Mets dugout is empty now!!!”

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     The Boy and the Key

Today a boy was walking in the park. And he was exploring in the grass and he found a key sitting in the grass on a leaf.

The boy picked it up. He had no idea what the key was to. The boy started looking for someone that looked like they were missing something.

He started asking people “ Have you lost a key?”

Most people said no but some people said yes but when the boy showed them the key they all said that was not their key.

I guess the key is a mystery.

Week 16

One day a boy named Rob played a championship game and they played horrible the whole game. And at the end of the game they lost. It’s not like last year, he thought, because last year his team won. And this year they lost. After the game they lined up to say good game and after they got their second place trophies they went home sad. It’s not like last year, he thought, because last year they went home happy. When they got home he didn’t feel like having celebration ice cream because he didn’t make the game winning catch.


Today I made a picture on a piece of PAPER and it was so wonderful we decided to put it in a SILVER FRAME.

After I put the picture up I went CLIMBING at the PARK. It was so fun I went back the next day. 

“Can I go climbing to the PARK and CLIMB?” I ask mom.

“ Sure, but make sure you check the picture you made and clean and the SILVER FRAME!” She said. 

I went to the living room where the picture is hanging and the PAPER was on the floor and the SILVER FRAME was missing

Week 14

       I  suggest that people should stop littering and if there is a place that doesn't have a garbage can or somewhere to put it  then don’t put it in the oceans or in the streets, put it in a box and then send it  somewhere that has a garbage disposal system.

And if you live in New York then there are garbage cans all over and there is still garbage all over the city and it is not just that the city itself is hurting the environment it is the garbage that people are putting in the streets and parks. 

Week 13

“Hey mom, what do you think would happen when the ice caps have completely melted?” Said Ryan

“ I think that if the ice caps melted then all of the water in the ice would flood into the ocean and then flood the places close to the water like Florida. And they would all get destroyed.” Said mom.

 “We would get destroyed? Because we live in Florida, we better run because I see a huge wave coming towards us. Let's run!” 

So we get in the car and start driving and it happens the water comes over us, we drown!!!!

Week 11

One day I was at my grandparents house up at the Saint Lawrence River.

My grandpa and my uncle have boats. And my family, my cousins, and my Aunt and uncle were there. And my Aunt and Uncle brought my sister, my cousins, and I onto their boat and  brought us to a restaurant on the other side of the  bridge that we came over to my grandparents house. 

On our way to the restaurant we went over waves so big they were as big as a Giraffe. When we got there we wanted to wait. The food was delicious.

Week 10

“ Cough, “ Cough,” 


“ Where is all that bad smoke coming from?” Said a bird flying by a factory.

When the bird looks back he sees a big factory that produces hot dogs and smoke is coming out of a chimney like thing. 

Then the bird flyers down into the factory to see what is going on and never comes back up to the surface. 

    “ We are gathered here today to honor the fallen fellow bird that risked his life for the ecosystem and the bird's name was Bob.” Said the bird priest Kevin.

And that is why the smoke is bad.

Week 9

“Weeeee,” “ Everyone EVACUATE,” the evacuation horn blared.

This whole INDUSTRY is going to be destroyed if this building falls. There is RED everywhere from the blood and the fire, everyone is AFRAID they wont listen if they are that AFRAID,” I say. 

“ Excuse me, there is no need for panic, the URGENT care is coming and so are Ambulances and Fire fighters and the police. So stay calm and stay away from the fire and it will all be over soon, “ I said.

In minutes the firefighters came, the ambulances, and URGENT care and police. Then we all went home.

 Week 8 was optional


    “Run!” Shouted a young boy named Jeff.

    There is a fire that is burning the field that Jeff and his family lived on.

Earlier that morning they were outside having breakfast and it was a cool morning, then all of a sudden there was a big wave of heat. That was when the fire came and killed his family and destroyed his house.

    Right now he is with one of his friends running from the fire. After his family and house went away Jeff went to live with his friend and his family.

    And then the same tragic thing happened!!!

Week 6

 Hello, I am a scientist. I study the spices of green plants and I am overwhelmed with it all. But what helps me is my hot chocolate. Today I took the day off because of all the overwhelmingness.  I have decided to go for a nice walk and have my dayley hot chocolate. And also have a nice warm cup of coffee. I have never had coffee before. So tomorrow I go back to being an overwhelmed scientist. I don’t want to but if I dont then I will lose my job. So I am going back to the lab.


One day I was in the park and I saw the biggest bug ever. “ Ahhhh, it is so ugly it is cute”! I decided to keep it. I decided to name him Big Fly. We always went on walks,  played fetch, and he slept  in my room. Then a couple weeks later I woke up and my fly was lying on the ground dead. “He’s dead!”  I said to my mom thru my big tears. “Can I get a new pet fly?” I asked my mother. The next day I went outside and there was another big fly! Another one!!!

Practice Week 1

One sunny day at my baseball game I was catching and a really tall kid was up to bat and he hit the ball. I was standing up  and I was taking my helmet off and he threw the bat and it hit me in the head. There was a lot of blood and my coach and a nurse came over and their hands were covered with blood.  And when I stood up I turned white. They washed me up and my hands were sticky and the dirt was minuscule size and the calendar was in the springtime ride ambulance.

Practice Week 2

 My name is Lefty and  my brother's name is Righty. My owner's name is Ryan Kaufman, I am his favorite sock! ”No you're not, I am”! Shouted Righty. “I go to soccer with cousin White sock and Ryan!” I shouted. “Yeah well I go to baseball with cousin Red sock!” Righty snapped back. “And we both know that he likes baseball more, so that means I’m his favorite sock!” “I also go to basketball with him!” I shouted. “I GO to school with him!” Shouted Righty. “Wait we both go to school with him!” We said at the same time.

Practice Week 3
One day I was down at a river and the river bed was so dry. I have never seen the river bed so dry!! I wonder what happened to it? Jeepers it's hot out. Wait, that's probably why the river bed is so dry! The sun must have dried it up! I better get water to undry the river bed. Yes I am so smart, I will go back to my house and get a bucket full of water… It didn’t work. I guess I don’t have enough water. The river bed will always be this dry. No it can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
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