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“It’s looking like a storm again,” Pa says, looking out at the cabbage field nervously. The sky is a disapproving gray, glaring down on our fields. “The crops are going to flood.”

“Oh Cole, you worry too much,” Ma replies, frowning and stepping away from the stove.

I reach down to pet our Yorkie, Cinnamon. She sits just under the round kitchen table. Cinnamon’s not exactly what comes to mind when you think of a farm dog, but I love her anyway.

“Vera?” Ma says. Just then, a bang shatters the peace outside, and rain pounds the roof. Not again.

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The cold air inside my house blasts me in the face, full force. It feels like heaven, as opposed to outside, where the sun is scorching, the air is balmy, and the clouds have gone MIA. 

My best friend, Sasha, and I had been outside, biking through the neighborhood. The heat was unbearable, so we went back home, saying goodbye and retreating to our air conditioned houses.

Now, I sit with a cold glass of lemonade on my carpet, watching the world outside. 

This is the summer. Chilling inside, swimming in cool water, slushy, sweet lemonade, laughing, three glorious months!

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“You can go out if you want,” Taylor offers. 

“Nope. Plus, everything I want is right here.” I fold my legs under me in criss-cross position and pat the pastel pink sweater on top of the stack of clothes. She tries to jump up but winces and flops back down. 

“Are you sure? Wanna tell your mom?” 

Neither of us dare talk about it.


“Wai-” Taylor trails off as she is spit out of the revolving door and sprawls out on the jagged, hungry concrete. I rush over.


Just then, Mom knocks on the fitting room door. I answer.



The pavement laughs at me, the gaping holes becoming wider as I walk. Step after heavy step, the sinking feeling in my heart amplifies. 

“We don’t have all day,” says my best friend, Jessi, tossing her reddish, auburn hair and pulling on my wrist. 

“I know, but my mom said no arcade,” I protest. My anger climbs like a person on a ladder. “We’re supposed to be going to the store.”

“Who cares.” Jessi clinks the coins in her palm. 

“I do!” I pull free of her grasp. The pastel friendship bracelet on my wrist reminds me.

Jessi has changed.

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I don’t know why my parents never regretted moving somewhere in the Ring Of Fire. But if they didn’t before, then those two really should now. 

“Woooo!” I flopped back on my bed. The hot California sun blazed outside the window. My younger sister, Hailey, jumped around with me. Suddenly, the blaring music stopped. 

“Kids! Get away from the windows!” Mom yelled. The building shook and then… blackout. Fear doused every inch of me in a fresh layer of terror. 

“Hazel!” Hailey calls. Now, the shaking stops. I breathe. Until I see my leg, bleeding like crazy under fallen rock.

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Stacks of books pile high, the pages sandwiched between colorful and captivating covers. Blurbs offer a short summary about the book on the back. All of this pulls me in. I can roam around my house for as long as I want, but I’ll always end up sitting somewhere with my book. 

The cool thing about books is that they can go anywhere. A plot can twist like a twisty slide. The pages promise something amazing.

What I feel when I read is something that video games and TV can’t do for me. Something magical. Reading is everything to me.

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I glare up at the bright yellow walls in my hospital room. The color is too happy for my liking at the moment. 

My roller skates glide swiftly along the pavement, my bestie, Kenzie, beside me. The ground disappears down to another street. But the second I decide to go on that tiny downhill, I regret it. Roller skating is a hobby I just got into.

“OMG Natasha! Omigosh!” Kenzie ditches her bike and runs toward me. I didn’t cry the river of tears that I could have swam in. Just clamped my mouth shut and wrangled the pain. 


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“Back off!” I swat at another mosquito buzzing around my face. The darkness of my tent matches my mood. 

“Wahoo! I love the great outdoors!” Charlotte had jumped out of the car, Mom and Dad close behind. Leaving me. Why camping? But there was no getting out of it.


“What am I, a dog?” Sharpness lines my sassy tone.

Now, I peel away my sleeping bag. Heat sticks to me like glue. I roll onto my side and breathe evenly, starting to doze off. My ears tune in to the chirping crickets, the soft breeze and… the low growl?

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Flopping back on my white bedspread, the schedule in front of me seems to blur. My handwriting covers the little calendar squares. 

“Natasha?” Mom steps into my room.

“Yeah?” I jump on my bed, before springing into the air and landing on my back. 

“You have a piano class with Sadie this Thursday.”

I almost frown until I see the look on her face. The gentle smile that asks me to write it down. To agree. She’s like an octopus, juggling so much, work included. And that look makes my heart split into shards of guilt. Piano is fun anyway.

Week 20

“I can’t!” My sister, Charlotte, fumed. She turned and shoved her bedroom door closed. Between her gray outfit and mood she was a walking storm cloud. Outside the sun hung way up above the branches of Charlotte’s favorite tree to climb. Mustard-yellow leaves floated from spindly tree branches. 

“It’s just the school concert. You don’t have to be perfect,” I offered, standing outside her door. “Come on. We can practice more.”

“You don’t get it! I don’t have your extraordinary guitar talent. I’m horrible!”

“No you’re not! Just try.” 

“Go away.”

“Please.” The only reply I got was miserable silence.

Week 19

“Will you stop biting your lip like that?” Mom asks, frowning at me in the dim lighting. “I don’t want you going up there to claim your trophy with a bloody lip.” She offers a smile and I accept. Adrenaline floods me and hope fills my thoughts.

My brush taps the canvas lightly, just like I’d seen Bob Ross do a hundred times. It finally looks good!

“That’s the one!” Mom gives me a thumbs-up.

Reality shoots me back to the stage where an announcer grabs a microphone. 

“And the winner is… Natasha Hanstel!” I jump up. Finally, a win!

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The frosted blades of grass wink at me, the sun sliding down behind the horizon. A big oak tree’s bare branches shimmering with snow. Little snowflakes fall, dotting the blue sky like silver glitter. Crunch. I recognize the onomatopoeia before I see the shiny reflective key. I pick it up, almost dropping it when I see the words: HOLD THIS, HOLD THE POWER. That’s when my focus goes blank and my sister, Margo, slinks into the yard. A picture over her head shows us building a snow fort. I jump.

“No way!” I can read minds. I CAN READ MINDS!


Mom squeezes an arm tightly around me in an excited hug. The rain falls like a waterfall. I blink so that I can stare at the scene in front of me. Many people head for someplace indoors where rain can’t pelt them from above. But Mom and I don’t move. We stand, planted in place in our rain jackets with big grins plastered on our faces. 

“Amazing, right?” Mom sighs heavily in happiness. 

“Yeah.” She pulls my arm and we turn to the road. A blindingly bright macaroni yellow taxi waits for us. New York City buzzes behind it. NYC!


“Are you positive you’re reading that right?” I ask Mom, peering over her shoulder to read the uber-tiny words on her laptop screen. 

“Yes. Look.” Mom taps a passcode into her phone and holds it up like she’s the Statue of Liberty. I glance at a conversation near the bottom of the screen. Taylor’s in Mrs. Kandin’s class, it reads. I look back at the computer screen. Under my name are the words, Mrs. Lankle. I blink. Mom gives me a sympathetic look. This is not like last year, I think. How is my best friend not in my class?


“Vacation has to be the best thing ever,” I say, sliding off my silver flip-flops. My blonde waves frame my face while blowing in the breeze.

“Yeah right! There are so many better things. Soccer, baseball, climbing trees, do I need to continue?” My brother, Carter, protests.

“As if,” I scoff.

“Never mind. But you’re totally wrong.”

“It’s called opinion. You second graders are so uninformed.”

“I’m going to swim.” Carter turns and walks toward the hotel pool. 

“I’m going too,” I inform Mom. She nods and parks herself at a lounge chair with the paper. See? Everyone loves vacation!


The candles on my cake give off a warm, gold glow. I can’t not smile. Especially since it’s my birthday! Mom pulls out her phone, ready to video. Then my family starts.

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you…” My smile turns into a grin, like the grin when we went to Maine this summer. Memories of past birthdays flood through my mind, from when I was seven, eight, ten and now, eleven. When everyone finishes singing, Mom leans over.

“Make a wish!” She whispers. So I do just that. Close my eyes, blow out the candles and wish.

Week 14

Unprepared. Usually not me. To be fair, today was an unusual day. I handed Mom my navy blue purse before the camera person wearing a gray New England News t-shirt motioned for me to get in the camera. 

“I’m with Natasha at Happerview Mall. Natasha, what do you suggest to the world to protect the environment,” the reporter, Jackie, asked. I let a natural smile settle onto my face. 

“We can recycle, cut down on CO2 emissions and stop littering. Just to name a few. I think that small actions can make a big difference. We’re all in this together.”

Week 13

Study! No distractions, I told myself. The minutes on my watch seemed to drag on, as slow as possible. Tomorrow’s science test loomed in the corner of my mind. I reached up and ran my hand over my tight, French braids tied off with coral scrunchies. Bold words on the page of my science book motioned my gaze closer and jumped out at me. 

What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?


Some land floods?

“Piper. Volleyball practice,” Mom called.

“Coming!” I jumped off my bed eagerly. I was so ready for that science test! 

Week 11

I leaned back in the plane seat. The blue jet clawed at the air as it rose higher into the sky, leaving the ground behind. Destination: Chicago! Excited thoughts about Chicago whizzed around inside me.

“Pi-per?” I blinked as my thought bubble was popped by my little brother Cooper.


“Is there hockey on this thing?” He pointed to the little TV in front of him. 

“I don’t know,” I replied. “You can check though.”

Cooper put his headphones back on. I grinned because, out the window, the plane cut through the clouds, growing closer to Chicago by the second. 

Week 10

     “Breaking news folks! Hurricane warning for California. Expected to arrive by 7:00 tonight.”

I shoved a few other things from my closet into the bag on the bed in front of me. Clothes, books. Am I missing anything? I thought. Worry surged through me like the waves that were probably stirring up on the beach. 

“Piper! Get a move on!” Mom called from downstairs. I tossed something else into my bag. As I rushed out the door a tear escaped my eye. I felt like there was a storm cloud hovering over me, similar to the one forming outside.

Week 9

Code Red For The Construction Industry. 

     It’s an urgent scramble as the construction industry is slowing down. Many are afraid of losing money and have evacuated this profession.

     "Greaaaat.” Dad turns to Mom, looking away from his laptop screen where he was reading the news. 

     “It would be horrible if Steven had to leave that company.” 

     My parents’ friend Steven works for a construction company and has been doing every job he can. Worry hangs over us like a dark cloud, filled to the brim with rain. 

The noise of Mom's phone ringing interrupts my thoughts. 

     “It’s Steven!” Mom declares.

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

I felt my eyes go wide as Mrs. Vayman yelled, “ Class! OUT THE DOOR!” Principal Lakin hadn’t announced a fire drill so…

I heard a loud crackling as the class ran out. Finally, fresh air greeted us outside and nobody faced the building. Nobody was following the rules of the fire drills. Chatter filled the air and suddenly fear plowed through me. Where were my siblings? Were they okay? My mind raced and I tried not to cry.

“ Piper?”

“ Here!” I called. 

“ Help!” someone screamed. The back of their shirt was on fire with orange-red flames. 


Week 6

I doodled a leaf on my science homework. My science teacher, Mrs. Lelsman, says that “ a good scientist always observes.” I pulled my jacket tighter around me. The hot sun had creeped behind a cloud and most of the fiery colored leaves had fallen to the ground. I listened to the trickling sound of icy water from the small creek. Species of small plants flanked the creek, adding touches of color.

“ Wow!”

 I guess natures’ always there. Whether it’s powdery-white snow or lush green plants, nature is beautiful in different ways. Just like that, my mind was overwhelmed with possibility. 


  I sat criss-cross on my bed, head buried in a book, when my mom walked in. 

“ Hi Mom!” I said, pulling my gaze away from the page. 

“ Do you want to go mini-golfing?” Mom asked. I slipped a bookmark in and slammed the book shut.

“ Yes! Thanks!” I replied excitedly, running out the door and hopping awkwardly as I put some socks on. I almost slid and fell on the fuzzy carpet. “ C’mon!” I hollered to my brothers as I passed their room.

“ Where?” Curiosity filled their minds

“ We’re going MINI-GOLFING!” I called behind me, happiness rounding out my words. 

 Practice Week 1

I snapped my gaze away from the sticky stain next to the classroom calendar to look at the blank poster in front of me. My thoughts were like a blank, white canvas. They were ready to be stained with colors and ideas. Before I knew it, inspiration began washing into my mind. My pencil danced across the page. After I had outlined every miniscule detail I stared down at my work. More color! I thought. A purple colored pencil, then blue, pink, orange and teal. I looked down and picked a piece of loose string off my purple shirt. Done!

Practice Week 2

 The Art Area

        Chapter 1

I stepped into my room and left my suitcase by the door. My family had just arrived at our lake house in Schroon Lake. I sat down on the huge bean bag chair near the window. My gaze drifted to the mirror on the wall and my deep brown eyes and short, wavy blonde hair stared back. The walls were covered with my art and my bed was against the opposite wall. My name, Margo, was on the wall in big, white wooden letters. 

 “ Margo, you got mail!” Mom called. I jumped up. No way! 

Practice Week 3

I stared out the car window at the river in Schroon Lake. I’ve never seen the river bed so dry. Small puddles of water dotted the river bed along with clumps of seaweed. I slid on stylish aviators to avoid the glare of the beating sun. My younger twin brothers Carter and Bowden sat on either side of me.

“ Celeste, what’s this word?” Carter asked, holding out his Geronimo Stilton for me to see.

“ Dehydrated.” I replied, thinking back to the dehydrated river. 

“ Honda, Mercedes, Kia, Chevy, Volvo!”  Bowden called, naming the car brands as they went by. I grinned.


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