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Ashton was in there and I was freaked out! He had a gigantic Nerf gun and about 20 bullets! I had to sneak to my room and then I saw my mom. She screamed, “Oh hi Peyton!” And that made me want to scream.

 Ashton dashed upstairs, but luckily, I had gotten my mom out of my room and locked the door. 

Ashton was trying to make my mom's voice. I got annoyed so, I hid behind the door, got my Nerf and said, “Ok come in Mom,” Ashton got really angry.

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I was walking on the PAVEMENT when I bumped into a LADDER! I opened my eyes to see a character from a show. He had spiky RED hair and he pulled me up.

 Then I looked around and saw people throwing COINS into the water. He gave me a coin as if could read my mind and I threw the coin. I watched it SINKING to the bottom of the well. 

I was running around and looking at places, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Then I crashed and went smack onto the floor. I was fine but he checked anyway.

Week 28

I looked around, I was in my room. I moved my head, I reached my arm out for my stuffed animal, Leo. I was crying and cold.

“Leo, L-leo,” my voice broke on the second Leo. The building shook and then I saw my mom with Leo and I grabbed him and the building stopped shaking. I saw my mother confused, then I closed my eyes. When I woke up I didn’t know where I was. I was just in a white room. I wouldn’t stop moving and squirming. I could see my mom crying, so I stopped and slept.

Week 26

I was in ROLLER SKATES trying to get down the stairs. My mom looked at me like I was crazy, and when I got down the stairs I fell. Hard. On my head. I opened my eyes a little and I saw her using her TINY YELLOW phone case with a picture of a girl. She SWAM across a pool. I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes quickly, was in a truck and couldn’t see a lot but I saw my mom and the HOSPITAL. I closed my eyes. I was up. I guess I needed 5 stitches today.

Week 25

I ran around chasing my dog. I could hear my dad laughing because my house is just a circle. I looked at my dad instead of where I was going and I hit a box. He was a little angry and I looked up at him and said with puppy dog eyes “but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” and he looked at me and said that I could still run around chasing my dog. I still ran into the wall and the box a few times but I was fine. I don't think my dad was ok.

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Emma sprung up out of the bed. She looked around and saw 400+ people. She started to sweat and then saw her best friend there. She ran to Danny, crying.

“Danny, where are we?” she yelled as she ran over to him.

“Emma, you can’t talk to me. I’m in red and you are in blue,” Danny put his mask on and walked away. Emma made sure that she could remember what his mask was. She always tried to talk to him but he would always leave. Then it was all over. Emma was fine and so was Danny too.

Week 23

The gentle octopus was springing out of the water, the figure was playing the white piano.

Danny had sprung out of bed, covered in sweat. She quickly looked around the room, her body still shaking,  she looked at her friend still sleeping except she saw her friend was also sweating. Danny went over to her and hugged her then went back to sleep where it was spring.

Week 20

I ran as fast as I could, it was  extraordinary how fast I was going! Then I slipped on the rug and fell right in front of my mom's guitar. Then I saw Ashton with his stupid nerf gun and… I got shot. I acted like it hurt but it didn’t, me and Ashton went into the kitchen for lunch. I was squirting mustard onto my hot dog when Ashton shoved me, making me get the mustard on my shirt! I tried to get it off, but it was a horrible stain. I got really mad, but I forgave him.

Week 19

Dear diary,

IT was Jan 15, 2022My brother and I were having our friends over for a sleepover! We were so excited for them to come over, and that's how we started to fight too. Whenever Ashton or his friend annoyed us I would annoy them back, so then that’s how we started a biggggggg fight. I was going up the stairs. We were turning My brother into a karen and then he started to chase us around the house, then 5 seconds later we were fighting, then my bestie Kyra shouted “And the winner is… my beautiful bestie!”Week 18

It was fall, almost winter so my mom was out getting snow and my sister were outside when she dropped her hairband, I went over and got it for her but I saw something was on the ground under it. It was a copper key almost brown and I picked it up and Bailey said to give it to her she had a worried look on her face, but I didn’t care I pretended to draw a door with the key and I didn’t look at what I was doing and I looked over and saw a doorway.


I was breathing so HEAVILY. I was too EXCITED to go to the WATERFALL. We got into a YELLOW TAXI. It was about 15 minutes in the TAXI, then we got out and went on to the train. I looked outside the window and saw the WATERFALL! I was so happy I could barely breathe. When I got out, I ran to the changing room and changed as fast as I could, then I put my clothes over my swimsuit. Then we went on the hike. We got to the WATERFALL! I swam over to my friend, Emma and played.

Week 16

“Hey Bailey,”Peter said, running up to his best friend.

“Hi sir lates a lot,”Bailey said, joking around.

“Please don’t call me that bailey, you know I hate that. And it's not like last year,”Peter said. He started to think “well I hope it's not like last year,”he thought.

“Ready for  some shaved ice,” Bailey said, looking at Peter.

Peter looked around then said”yea I’m ready”.

“Ok then come on there closing in a few minutes,”Bailey said, running.

“Well then wait up Bailey,”Peter said, running to Bailey. They ran together the way and back.


Hi I’m Leo, and I’m a cat. But one day I was climbing on to the silver couch, and then Momma picked me up. But I was tired so I didn’t care. When I  woke up I looked out the window and thought, is that a frame or a window? I saw that Momma had parked the car, so I started to wake up more. Then she opened the door and picked me up again. We got into the building. I saw a paper. I started to play with the paper and fell asleep and slept till we got home.

Week 14

“Today,” started the teacher, “ All of you are going to be writing about if a news reporter said to you what would you do about global climate change”.

“Billie, what should I put down?” Adam said to Billie in a whisper.

“Not doing this again”. Billie said. So Adam started writing, he wrote “I would make sure that global climate change will never get too harsh. That it wouldn’t get any animal's extent. That no one would die because of it.”

“What did you write?” Billie asked Adam.

“ A magician never tells his secrets,” Adam said walking home with Billie.

Week 13

“Mr. Aisawa?” Shoto said, pecking into the room.

“What Todoroki,” Aisawa said waiting in his sleeping bag on the floor.

“2 things, 1 what do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted, and someone stole Mindoria’s limited all might figure,” Todoroki said calmly.

“ 2 things back, 1 don’t know and we're all dead if someone doesn’t return it,” Aisawa said worried.

“How are you so calm! We're going to die if Bakugou doesn’t return sooner or later!” Aisawa shouted.

“How do you know it was Bakugou?” He asked.

It’s Bakugou, I think you’d know, bye Todoroki!”

GES OPTIONAL WEEK (story based on a real book Peyton reads every night)

The land of later had come back. But instead of making people want to do things later, it made them not thankful… it made it so they would not care for others. But one girl wasn’t affected, Callie. She tried to stop this, but she wasn’t strong enough. This had happened before, when she was stuck in the land of later. Callie went to the meadow to get her friend Morgan, but he was gone. Callie had to fix it herself. She went around the town giving flowers and food to doorsteps. In the end everyone left feeling very thankful.

Week 11

Sussie has a weird family. Sussie had 2 brothers and a sister. June her sister was 10 years old ,Ein the oldest child was 17 years old, and the baby Alex,4 years old. Ein and June were going to see their aunt in Florida.( They went on a plane.) Instead of going to Florida they went missing,so did everyone in the air. For 2 years they were gone,and then 3 years,then 4. After 4 years they finally came back. No one knew where that plane went, but all that they cared about was they came back. 

Week 10

        We raced through the door, hoping not to be caught. Blume had still been crying, this was scary.

1 hour ago

 “Luke, I swear that next time I won't let you go that easily,” said Conner, the neighborhood jerk. “So what are you gonna show me now?” he asked

“ The laboratory,” said Luke.

“ What! That's gonna get us killed!” Conner yelled.

“ My mom works there, they won't hurt me,” Luke said confidently.

“ Then take me there,” Conner said.

“Fine,” Luke said. “ But we have to bring my sister Blume.”

The kids went and never came out except that little baby.

Week 9

“Mom I’m AFRAID,”I said worried,scared, was I going to make it?

5 Hours Earlier,

“Hey Poppy,hey Mia,” yelled Ellie running to her friends.

“Hi Ellie,” they said, knowing she was late, again!

Poppy and Mia looked at each other,they both nodded and said, “You’re late!” Then they all laughed. They heard someone on the RED loudspeaker, It said “EVACUATE, This is not a drill, This is URGENT!’ It said.

“I bet the -INDUSTRY- school is tricking us,”  Ellie said worriedly. Then they saw the man and ran out the school and to Ellies’s house and hid.

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

    One odd evening a girl was going into the forest to play.  She didn’t run far. After 20 minutes she went back to see her house was getting burnt to the ground. She cried hard. But she saw her brother and ran to him.

    She said, “Cam,mom was in there.”

    Then they saw a fireman carrying a woman out of the house. She and her brother were running as fast as they could… that woman wasn't their mom.10 years later they went back to the house,their mom was in their house like it didn’t ever burn down.

Week 6

First Day 

When I walked into class that first day I was feeling a little OVERWHELMED, then I saw there was an oddly, weird boy and a semi-bald boy, both were wearing a GREEN shirt. The short haired boy asked me something. I didn't know why he asked that but he said,” cats or birds”. And of course,  I said, “ Cats”.  They walked away, glaring at me, so I shrugged and walked away. I heard a girl talking about wanting to be a SCIENTIST and study different SPECIES. I felt a little HOT and went over to play with Vivienne.

Week 5

Hi my name is Eleanor. I’m going to tell you about my day...

Once I was on a plane with my family and we were going to Paris, the city of love. I was super excited and I could barely breathe! When we got out of the plane we had to go on a trolley to get to our hotel. When we got checked into our room I sat on my bed that I had to share with my brother.  Afterward me and mom went on a walk,then I saw the most beautiful shades ever! Then I got them.

Practice Week 2

This looks gum. Sticky gum that lost its flavor,probably more than 20 pieces. Or it could look like lots of metal that you have put in the shape of a ball. You can imagine anything you would like to. You can try to imagine it as a head or a person. It's also art so… you want to talk about smart…(--_--)

Like my art teacher says  “Be still like the monalisa”. I was wondering what gave her the idea of “Be still like the monalisa” but the idea was good because me and my entire class understood her.

Practice Week 3

Maria was walking through the park. So she decided to walk past the creek so she did. Then she noticed there was no water in the creek. So she went to get her friend Anna.

“I’ve never seen a river bed this dry.” said Anna. “No kidding.” said Maria. “Wait……. IT'S NOT A RIVER!!” Yelled Maria. “Well, I want to find out.” said Anna. A few nights have passed and still no water. Then finally a week later Anna and Maria walked into the park and saw clear water going in the creek. “Oops,” said Maria. And so they laughed.


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