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“I’m not excited for this,” Laila said nervously, scanning the round stands for anyone she knew. 

“Hey, imagine how I feel,” her friend Juliette responded, scowling. It was her first dance recital ever. In front of basically a billion people. 

“You’ll be fine Jules, I promise.” 

“If you’re wrong, you owe me like $45. Deal?” 

“Can I change the $45 to a cabbage instead?” Laila asked. 

“Um… strange offer but, sure.” 

And with a bang of mic static, the announcer invited the class before them (who were wearing very boring grey costumes) up to the stage to start their dance. 

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We walked up and took our seats, palms sweaty. Everyone was staring at us. It was almost as if their eyes were burning into my soul. That would explain the temperature in here. The heat was unbearable, so much so that Mr. Russo wiped sweat off his brow as he raised his hands, leading the trumpets in for their beginning solo.

When they finished, the crowd cheered as Mr. Russo stepped up to the conductor’s stand and raised his baton, signaling us to get into playing position. We all raised our horns as he counted us in. One, Two, Three. 

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“The whole world isn’t revolving around you!” I screamed, throwing my pink bracelet on the gound. 

“Oh, don’t even try to say that.” she snarled. “We all know how selfish you are.” She stomped on my bracelet, breaking the clasps. 

“You’re so selfobsorbed, you’ll jump into any conversation, hungry for someone to talk about you and say, ‘Oh, look how pretty she is’ because you put on a stupid new hat!”  

And with that, she stormed out to the driveway and threw the fraying bracelet into the wet concrete.

“Oh my gosh,” I gasped. “You did not just do that.”


I stood in complete awe, straining my neck to look at the sinking building right in front of me. 

It was the beloved North Tower in downtown Manhattan, one of two towers that collapsed on that fateful morning of 9/11. And there I was, almost paralyzed on the pavement at the sight of it. I could see a ladder, climbing up to help someone.

Then, something clicked. It was as if my body was like:

“You need to get out of here, or else someone will be pulling your red stained body out of the rubble.” 

So, I ran. 

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“THE BUILDING SHOOK AND THEN…” the subtitles said. I was watching my favorite tv show (which was in Spanish), and they left off on a huge cliffhanger. The main character had gone on vacation to California, and she arrived just in time for an earthquake. 

“What do you think will happen?” I asked my mom, who was sitting next to me. 

“I’m not sure honey,” she replied, getting up to look at dad’s cooking. 

He was making mouthwatering Thai food. Just spicy enough to need water, but not too bad. Plus, mom and I love a bit of spicy food. 

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I walked through the woods, bored and alone. The leaves were on the brink of turning brown, but they were still a vibrant orange. Ibreathed heavy, feeling the pressure of being high up on Mt. Marcy. Suddenly, the world started spinning and I fell to the ground, blacking out. 

When I woke up, I looked around. There were potions and spellbooks galore, making me think of evil witches. I stood up and glanced at one of the tables. I gasped aloud at what I saw. It was a miniature version of me! It was even walking and breathing and everything!

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I walked out of the YMCA where I had swam just a few minutes prior. Recently, I've been practicing for a meet that is coming up. I just hope I won't need to go to the hospital this time!

Last time I was at a meet, someone had brought yellow roller skates with them (I don't know why), and I slipped and fell–SMACK!–right on my face! I ended up blacking out and waking up in the hospital the next day, my tiny two year old brother shaking me to wake up. 

Let's hope for a better meet this time!

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I was outside playing baseball with some neighborhood friends, Jackie, Rob, and O’Brien. 

“C’mon kid! Pitch it already!” I yelled to Rob. He’s a few years younger than us but he’s pretty mature. Although that doesn’t mean that he can’t be slow. 

He pitched the ball expertly, but I guess I’m just too good at this game. I sent the ball flying… Right into Ms. Jeffith’s window! 

“Oh no,” Jackie shuddered. 

“That’s gotta be expensive,” O’Brien replied. I ran over to Ms. Jeffith’s house to explain. 

“I’m so sorry Ms. Jeffith! But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!”

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“One step in front of the other,” I told myself as I walked quite unsteadily. “One step in front of the other.”

I had been with some friends, going on a camping trip. On the walk to the campsite I had wandered off, chasing a random bird I’d never seen before. And now I was stuck, trapped, in the middle of these random woods I’ve never been before!

A little while later I found myself leaning against a tree, trying to sleep. Suddenly I felt hands wrap around myself! I turned around and pointed my flashlight but… nothing. No one.  

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I walked along the street, the new paint on my building as white as snow. I climbed up the steps to the entrance and scanned my keycard. The door came springing open and I stepped inside. I was greeted by gentle piano music playing in the lobby. 

“Hey… Cooper,” the receptionist muttered, looking me down. 

“Hello Robert,” I replied, not looking back. Instead, I focused on the beautiful painting of an octopus directly in front of me. I hopped in the elevator and thought about Robert. I knew me and him had ended it badly, but was it too late?

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“Ooh I love Seinfeld. Which episode is this?” Nick asked, taking a seat on the couch. 

“Jerry and George are on there way to Jerry’s grandmother’s apartment to open the ketchup for her and they’re talking about how ketchup should be in a sqeezable container like mustard,” Seth explained.

“Since I’m an extraordinary now, I could just open the ketchup with my mind.” Nick boasted.

Jazz then playfully shoved Nick off the couch and he narrowly avoided a collision course with a guitar. 

“Where’d that horrible thing come from?” Nick asked, gingerly standing up.

“I have no idea,” Seth replied.

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I approached the window of the set and peeked in. I could hear the announcer talking even through the glass. 

“And the winner is… Charlotte Smith!” There was clapping, yelling and jumping inside of the small room. 

I figured it would air on a streaming service next week. All the editing would need to be done. And because of that, no one would even know I was there. But it was still a magical feeling, seeing someone’s success. Even if you couldn’t achieve it yourself, it was nice knowing that someone could do it and you could cheer them on.

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I walked out into the crisp air, the cold biting my nose. I had lost my bulldog, Rolo. 

“Here girl! Do you want a treat?,” I shouted, slipping on the frosty grass. Frozen leaves surrounded me as I slowly got up. As I stood, I looked down and saw a key strewn on the ground. I bent down to pick it up and was attacked by an an incredibly strong animal, Rolo! 

“Hi girl!” I exclaimed. She licked my face and then picked up the key in her mouth, running to the house. 

“Bad dog! Get back here!” I yelled.


It was May 24th, 2020. My birthday. I sat infront of my computer screen, the blue glow covering me completely. There sat my family, a blur of glitchy images projected on this small device. They were all talking, laughing in light of this dark time. 

Then, somebody said it. I don’t know who, but someone did. That horrible word. Coronavirus. I replayed it in my head. Cor-o-na-vi-rus.  The thing that had killed millions, stumped scientists, scared leaders.

It’s not like last year, I thought. The world had changed for good. Were we ever going to get rid of this thing?


I was walking around Bryant Park in New York City. It began to snow! As I looked up at the sky, it became a blur of paper white. I quickly started towards the subway station so I could go home. I found a station with my train, so I headed down the stairs. I saw a sign for a new movie in a shiny silver picture frame. 

“I should see that movie,” I thought to myself. I scanned my Metro Card and hopped on my train.

After thirty minutes, I arrived at my building, climbing the stairs to my apartment. 

Week 14

If a reporter asked me “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” I would say, “People should get all electric or at least hybrid cars and get energy from wind and solar instead of burning fossil fuels. People should also try really hard to drive less and walk or ride bikes more. It’s good for the environment and you! Plus people shouldn’t litter and should put in designated bins and recycle plastic. We should log less and maybe write more digitally rather than on paper. Lastly, you should always turn off the light when you leave!

Week 13

It was a chilly January day in Cooperstown, New York. Me and my grandma were enjoying a wonderful lunch in an Italian restaurant.

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” I asked. 

“Why I don’t know,” my grandmother replied. “I might be dead by then.”

“Don’t say that!” I said, taking a bite of my pasta alla vodka. “But seriously, what will happen?”

“The sea levels will rise, some polar animals will go extinct, the weather will get crazier, ect.” 

“Wow,” I said. “I guess we better focus on the environment!” 

“Totally,” she said.

Week 11

As I approached the door, my excitement bubbled up inside me. The sign read F.A.O. Schwarz. Though I had been here before, it wasn’t the same. When I had previously been here it was during the holiday season so it was super busy. Now it was my time to really soak up the amazingness of this place. I stepped through the door and the scent of sugar wafted up my nose. 

I searched for exciting toys. I was not disappointed. As I moved around I found someone performing magic and a flying drone shaped like an airplane. Wow.

Week 10

Dear Diary,

Today I got a job working in a factory. We make car engines. I thought working here would be a great idea, but my first day definitely changed my mind.

First off, this factory pollutes most of the air around it. These fumes are terrible for the environment!  

Worse still are the people. They don’t talk much, but when they do, they’re very rude.  

I try not to think about the conditions. The factory is very worn down and the machines are either broken or very rusty. 

As much as I hate it, I need the income.


Week 9

     I used to work in the red licorice industry. The company I worked for is very well known. It’s Twizzlers! 

     I have a quick story to tell you, about one time an urgent problem occured at the factory. 

This story begins many years ago, around May of 1996. I was working on the machine that pours the Twizzlers into molds. Suddenly, the warning sirens went off. That meant that no matter what, you had to shut off your machine and evacuate. I immediately turned off my machine and headed toward the exit as quickly as possible. I was quite afraid. 

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

I anxiously checked my watch. It read eight thirty-nine am, September 11, 2001. I had a staff meeting in six minutes. I had to get from the South Tower to the North Tower. But there was one slight problem. My train was running eight minutes late! There was no way I could make it to my meeting on time! I’ll just have to email my boss that the train was running late. As I jogged to my desk, I heard a horrifyingly loud crash. Then I looked out a window and screamed. A plane had crashed in the North Tower.Week 6

Dear Diary,

Today has been a very exciting day. I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed. As you know, I am an environmental biologist (a.k.a. A scientist who studies the earth), and today our team made a huge breakthrough with a new species! We were in the Amazon Rainforest studying the habitat when we came across a green Amazon River Dolphin! This species is almost always pink, but somehow we found a green one! It must've had something to do with the heat. It was hot. Even for the Amazon Rainforest. The colors must've changed because of the heat!


Week 5

     “I’m sooo much better than you!” I told Grace. 

     “No way!” she replied. We were playing Super Mario Party in her basement. There are like a million minigames, and the one we were playing was a widow wiping game.  

     We waved our remotes as fast as we could, frantically trying to ‘wash the windows’ and beat the other.

Finally, we got to the score screen. It said ‘Grace 268 points, Penny 217 points.’ “Yes! I won!” Grace yelled. “Ugh,” I replied. “Lucky you I guess.” “Oh come on,” Grace taunted. “Don’t be a sore loser.” “Good game then.” I replied.

Practice Week 1

“Can I have some Wite-Out?” I asked Mom.

“Can you?” she replied, writing on her calendar. I smiled and grabbed some from her extra supply drawer.

“What happened this time?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Oh, you know.” I answered.“I got carried away with my doodles.”

As we were conversing, I heard the rumbling washing machine.

“Well, be careful next time. I’m running low on Wite-Out!” Mom exclaimed. I laughed and walked out of the room.

As I went back to my desk, I opened the sticky, white substance. I used some over my definitely not minuscule doodles, chuckling.

Practice Week 2
Sock Sculpture..?
“Now this is an interesting sculpture!” I said. 
“It kinda looks like socks to me.” my cousin Andrew replied. About an hour earlier we had arrived at the art museum near home. There were many different sculptures, paintings, and more. This was definitely one of the most interesting things we’d seen so far. 
“There’s no caption for this sculpture. I wonder why.” Mom questioned. 
“True”, dad answered. “I wonder what it was meant to be.” My other cousin had been very quiet throughout this trip. I wonder why. 
“What do you think, Aiden?” I asked. 
“Meh, it’s ok.”

Practice Week 3

One morning I woke up and realized that it was the day that my family was going on a bridge adventure! (We are going all across the state to take a picture of every bridge on the Hudson River.)
 Later that morning when we arrived at our destination, I realized something different about the river today. Something was just… off. Aha! It was the height of the water. 
“I have never seen the river bed so dry before.” I commented. It really was quite different. 
“You’re right,” My dad replied. “It really is dry.” 
And we concluded it with that.


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