Week 32


“How did they find me then?” I said nervously.

“They heard a bang and they saw you and your family and a random cabbage.” The doctor responded.

“Well I still don’t believe you, tell me more information!” I shouted.

“Trust me this isn’t a prank, there was a gray round helicopter because your family was missing.” The doctor said. 

Turns out it wasn’t a prank and I just couldn’t remember any of it. The doctor really wasn’t lying, this still comes as a shock to me but it’s still haunting me till this day.


Week 31


“Keep moving!” Dad said gathering all the energy he had left. I just couldn’t and the heat was unbearable, so I just passed out.


“Oh thank god you’re awake!” exclaimed my dad.

“WHAT!” I responded with my most worried voice. “How long have I been here?!” I said.

“You’ve been asleep for fifteen hours,” said the doctor. “We’ve been trying to get you up but it just wouldn’t happen.” The doctor responded to his own words.

“What happened to me?” I asked 

“You passed out in the desert” “When you were trying to find water”

Week 29

“Yes!” I screamed with excitement.

“I finally found it! … The pink hungry kangaroo!” I screamed again.

“Hey kangaroo, JUMP!” My friend screamed, and the kangaroo did… he jumped. Shortly after, the kangaroo slipped on the concrete, I don’t know how he did that but anyways. We found out the kangaroo was friendly! We took him around the city and it turned out that his favorite thing was revolving doors, he spun for minutes and then he threw up. We went to the mall after and everybody looked at us weird but besides all of that he’s still our friend!


“What happened this time?!” My mom said

“The coins fell after I put them on the red ladder” I responded

“Okay, let's clean it up.” My mom said, and we did. . . until one of the coins fell and started sinking into the wet pavement. We were so upset that we didn’t even realize that other coins were sinking too! We quickly cleaned them up and wiped the wet pavement off them. We looked closely at one of the coins and realized it was a limited edition coin. We sold the coin and made one-hundred thousand dollars! 

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BOOM! I had hit the wall, I felt so bad until the building shook and then . . . CRASH! The building fell. 

I woke up in the hospital and found out I had severe injuries in my leg and I wouldn’t be able to walk the same ever again.


“I did it!” I screamed with excitement, I could finally walk again. I was so excited that I forgot that I was barely walking, my tears of happiness quickly turned into tears of sadness but I was determined. I worked for hours with my walking and quickly could walk normally again.

Week 26

“And you got me! . . . Tiny yellow roller skates. Thanks I guess” I said with a depressed look on my face.

“Oh no, do you not like them?” My mom said with a sigh.

“No it’s just, look at how many pairs of roller skates you got me” I said as I swam in the piles of roller skates. A little later l tried the roller skates and then . . . CRASH!

“MY BABY!” My mom shouted.

Next thing I saw I was in the hospital, it turns out, all I had was a broken arm and honestly it was kind of fun!

Week 25

“Go blow off some steam” my parents screamed at me.

“But . . .” I said.

“NOW!” they both said. I decided to go into the basement so I could do boxing because there was a boxing bag. I started punching the bag and then, BAM. I hit the wall, and there was a hole in the wall! I was angry, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard. 

“What was that noise?!” my dad said with a worried voice.

“Oh, um nothing” I responded. 

My parents ended up finding out about the hole in the wall and I got grounded BAD. 

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“Wait, who are you?” I asked the mysterious person in my backyard

“I am the Tree Monster.” He responded. 

I thought in my head 

“Who in the world could be the tree monster?” Then he just vanished through thin air. 

3 days later…

There he was! The tree person, I finally found him! “Wait, come back!” I shouted in desperation.  


Week 19

“And the winner is for this year's NFL MVP is . . . Aaron Rodgers! Congratulations, you are this year's most valuable player in the NFL.” “This is a joke!” screamed Jonathan Taylor 

“I’m sorry” said the person announcing 

“Why do we only give the MVP award to quarterbacks” said T.J Watt randomly joining the conversation. “Yeah” said Aaron Donald and Von Miller perfectly in sink “Well the quarterbacks mostly win the MVP award wide receivers and other positions will win other awards” said the guy announcing. The next year when a quarterback won MVP the other positions did not get mad.

Week 18

I was just going on my daily walk like usual and I looked in my front yard, as I was getting ready, and I found this key that looked so suspicious that I questioned if I should pick it up or not. But I did anyway and immediately after I found this door that appeared out of thin air. I went through it only to find people I had never seen before! “Hello” a mysterious voice said

“Hi um, who are you,” I responded confused

“We are your alarm clock, it's time to wake up” “BEEP BEEP BEEP” he said.


Week 16

Three, two, one . . . Happy New Year! “It’s finally 2020” I said in excitement.

3 months later

It’s not like last year I thought. Last year I would be outside with friends but because of covid I had to stay inside. Also last year I would be in school but this year we have to do online school and probably for the rest of the year including my birthday. “Maybe it will turn around,” my mom said.

“Hopefully” I responded. And because of covid we have to wear masks to cover our mouth and nose but hopefully that is gone soon.


Everyday I go to the park to train for the olympics and I go rock climbing. And I know the park is not the best place to go train, especially for the summer Olympics but it works for me.

Now was the time for the Olympics, after all of those paper medals I made to feel good about myself, now was the time for the actual olympics. 

I was sprinting as hard as I could but, sadly I couldn’t come in first place but I came in second place. I got the picture of the silver medal and framed it.Week 13

Life used to be so perfect, no global warming, no pollution, not anything. But then it took the world turn for the worst, and before I knew it, me and all of my polar bear friends were endangered. 

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?”

 “I don’t know but probably something bad.”

 Right now we are barely getting any food, but at least we are not extinct yet. “Yes, more food Larry!”

 Arnold said “Wait really?”

 I replied in excitement, we gratefully ate our seventeen fish, and they were so delicious and extra juicy!

Week 11

My family and I got to the airport but we felt like we were missing something, “The plane tickets!” My dad said. We realised we forgot our plane tickets at home and we panicked because the plane would leave in an hour! 

We had to go quickly to our house and we were in a hurry, but we ended up getting the plane tickets in time but it was only ten minutes until the plane took off! We got to the airport and went through security sprinting to our plane entrance going through just in time, we were so relieved. 

 Week 10

About four or five years ago I went to New York City. Also my family and I went to Ellis Island but we had to go on a fairy. I had a lot of fun at first but then I started getting sea sick and even worse was the boat was shaking side to side! I ended up being fine and I knew the reason why the statue of liberty was green, it was green because it was made out of copper and overtime copper turns green. My family and I went to our hotel room and went to sleep.

Week 9

“We had to evacuate the building, which is where the local shoe industry was, because it's falling apart”! This building that we were in was collapsing, it was about 100 years old. We were on a tour when out of no where an earthquake struck and the building that we were in was, of course, the one that was falling. I was so afraid. I had never been in an earthquake before. After we got out everyone was bleeding red blood because of the glass shards but I was also happy that everyone was ok.  It was a scary time.Week 6

One time I was taking my dog on a walk and I saw what I think is a new species of cat. I went over to see the cat and it was green! I saw it was hot and I decided to give it my water and to my surprise it liked the water. 

 I decided to bring it home but I was overwhelmed because my parents did not want another pet. So I went to the only person that could convince my parents, the scientist who wanted to investigate the cat. But I said “no'' and kept the cat!

Week 5

I was in the city doing what I do best, saving people and frying villains. So let me explain. My name is Nico B. but my superhero name is Captain N. By putting on my fuzzy glasses, I gain the ability to fly and shoot lasers out of my eyes. 

This is my story on how I became a city hero. I was on my morning jog and from the corner of my eye I saw a pair of glasses. While putting them on, it felt like they were staring into my soul,  “woah” I said when I flew up.

Practice Week 1

One day I was washing my hands before making sticky slime because on my calendar it was the day I was making slime for me and my siblings. But apparently when I'm minuscule off on white food coloring I am bad at making slime. And then we went to play Monopoly for family game night. My mom got mad and flipped the table over because my dad was doing good and she thought he was cheating. Next day we found the slime and it was perfect. We played with it then my dog had to go outside and get dirty. 

Practice Week 2
I went to the local museum and they had a very interesting pile of bones. I immediately took a picture in amazement. When I got home I showed my siblings “wow” they were amazed “I know right” I said.

Next day my family and I all went there and this time in only a day the museum put the bones together to form a whale. “Oh my gosh” my parents said at the same time. It was giant. We all took so many pictures in amazement. Then we went home and printed the pictures and put them in a frame.

Practice Week 3

My family and I went on a trip to a river. We got there in about two hours. We were staying there for a week, and the first thing we did was see the river. To my surprise, the river bed was dry. I have never seen the river bed so dry. We were in shock and went back to the hotel in depression. Later in the week after it rained a couple times it filled up we were filled with excitement. We went back to the hotel to change, then went swimming in the river with lots of joy. 


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