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I loved visiting the Twin Towers with my dad. I especially love the view from that height! But most of all I loved the …………… GIFT SHOP!!! I loved the gift shop because the souvenirs were so realistic of the towers!!! On September 11, 2011, I was buying more souvenirs with my dad in the gift shop.

Suddenly, there was a sound at the top of the building “Crash!!!” The heat was unbearable, so my dad and I rushed out of the building quickly to see what had happened. Two planes crashed into both towers.  I’ll never forget that day!

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Yesterday I made an amazing invention that would change exercise forever! The invention I made was a concrete revolving drum with holes. You may think that it has nothing to do with exercise but it does.  You have to attach a jump rope to the hole and then it will spin while you jump. 

I had a pink jump rope so I used that. I put the speed up to maximum and I got hurt! I was okay after a little bit though. After I finished, I was hungry. So I went to Burger King and got a huge Whopper.

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My dad and I went to the Twin Towers. 

I went all the way up to the observation deck. 

“What a view!” I told myself.   

Afterwards, my dad took me to his office on the 53rd floor. His co-worker was giving free cupcakes and I took all of them! 

Suddenly, the building shook and then all the cupcakes fell and smoke filled the air. Planes crashed into the South and North towers. My dad and I were running as fast as we could to get out of the tower. Frontline workers rushed into the building.  I’ll remember that day forever.

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I love skating but I never tried roller skating! I bought yellow roller skates and put them on. I was feeling like I was flying but I was not!     

 “ That was fun, I want to try that again to get better! ” I exclaimed.

I was skating again. I was doing tricks. I lost balance and slammed my head into a wall! My head was bleeding so much that I had to go to the hospital! I had to rest for two days.

After feeling better, I went to a lake. I saw many tiny tadpoles. The tadpoles swam so fast!  

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I have loved hockey since I was a toddler. My favorite USA hockey teams are the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and New York Islanders. My favorite teams in Canada are the Edmonton Oilers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Once I was playing in a hockey game and my team was winning. I had the puck and made an excellent shot. It was so hard that it broke the glass visor of one of the opposing player's helmets and hit him in the face…, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard! I hoped he was okay!

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Bigfoot is my favorite mystery ever! I have read and looked carefully at footage of Bigfoot. One day I went to the forest in Northern California and started my search. I pitched my tent and started looking for evidence or clue the creature could have left behind. I heard a big noise and was following it. I was running until I saw what was making the sound. It was Bigfoot!

I hid behind a bush so it would not see me. There was a noise behind me . . . it found me! He made food and we ate. I’m friends with bigfoot!

Week 23

Hi everyone, I am Brian the kind octopus. I am a talented, gentle and fun octopus. I love composing music. My favorite instrument is a white, Steinway piano. The Steinway piano is really expensive. It is hard to find unless you are a sea creature and someone dumps their Steinway piano in the ocean!!!! 

One day, I woke up to the sound of sea divers stealing my piano while playing with a giant, springing slinky! I told my friend Mr. Jaws who is apparently a shark to scare the divers off. I was happily playing my piano again with joyfulness.

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I got out of my house and went to Burger King on my trip to New York City. I bought my extraordinary burger with lots of mustard and fries and headed to Manhattan. I arrived and there was a person making horrible noises on their guitar!

I just walked past the guy to withdraw money from the bank, he shoved me and stole my wallet!

People saw what happened and the cops came and gave me my wallet back. I drove back to my house in Niagara Falls. I went home and went to bed. 

Week 19

“And the winner of the Canadian International Spelling Bee is … Nathaniel R.!”

“I won the spelling bee! I won my first spelling bee!” I was so happy that the trophy slipped out of my hand. 

“NOOOOOOO!” I yelled!

Thankfully I caught the trophy before it touched the ground.

“Phew.” I exclaimed.

So this time we put the trophy in the car and went to Little Caesars Pizza store. I got a pepperoni pizza, doughnut, and a can of Coca-Cola soda. We went home and watched: Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian.

  “That was extremely fun!” I said.

Week 18

“Hey Charlie, let's start the nerf gun battle” I yelled.

My best friend Charlie and I were going to have a nerf gun battle. I am his guest, so I got the first pick for a nerf blaster. I found something on the grass. It was a key! Charlie and I ran to the basement and found chests that could be opened by the key. We found ten chests that could not open! But there was a huge chest, and it opened! We were hyper rabbits. There was a lot of money in the chest. “We are richI” We exclaimed!


I am so excited because today I will be going to New York City! I packed my bags and we started our trip.

Two hours later……….

Yay, we arrived! I saw so many bright yellow taxis zipping around! VROOOOOOOM roared a motorbike.

  Today we will be going to Watkin-Glens falls on the way back home! We just arrived and unpacked our things. Now we are actually at the waterfall. It was so beautiful that I wanted to swim in it!!

We went back to the hotel and it was raining heavily! 

“That was a fun adventure!” I told my parents.

Week 16

3…2…1… Happy 2020 Mom and dad!!!

       3 months later…….

The coronavirus pandemic struck New York in 2020. I was at my house learning virtually.

I was really new to this new technology. Now I can’t play with my friends in-person. 

       “It’s not like last year, I thought.”

I wish this had never happened! I want to have a full year at my new school!!! But I love spending time with my mom & dad more!

Sometimes I am really lonely but I’m okay. 

Finally I am back in in-person school. I get to play with my friends in-person instead of virtual!!!


I love making paper airplanes, but mostly with foil silver paper. I make paper airplanes all the time wherever I go. I like throwing paper airplanes outside on windy and warm days because the more the wind blows the farther it flies. 

And on warm days the more the airplane is able to be used. I love putting my airplanes in a frame. It makes me proud the way I make my planes. One day I was climbing in Central Park to throw my airplanes. When I threw my planes, they were flying like an eagle soaring across the sky.

Week 14


     Nowadays, you see floods, wildfires and other natural disasters happening all over the world! But what can we do to prevent that from happening? 

     First, most of these natural disasters are caused by climate change. Most humans have an impact on this! They burn Gasoline, oil and coal! This could affect animals, and we don’t want anything to happen to the wildlife at all! I always have a question, it is

     “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” 

     I would say to the world to try their best. And pick up litter. Also limit oil usage. 

Week 13

"Are you ready to go Lucky?" I asked.

My friend Lucky and I are going to Antarctica for a research project. We packed our bags with fleeces, gloves and lots of hot chocolate packets. We boarded our ship and started our journey. It was long but we finally arrived. The moment we arrived we saw lots of penguins and polar bears. We also had our own personal tour guide to guide us. 

First we saw so many ice caps. “What do you think would happen if the ice caps completely melted?” I asked Lucky.

 “ I don’t know Nathaniel?” Lucky answered

Week 10

Today I have been accepted to paint a picture for my job! I know, it is amazing! I started painting and I chose to paint a factory! So I started painting but suddenly my dog jumped  and tore through the canvas! 

“NOOOOOOOO!” I yelled!

My painting was ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled at my dog so loud that it was whining! Whine whine whine he whimpered.   

“Look I am really sorry but next time don’t get too excited!” I told him.

  Now I started painting and finished it really fast. I showed it to my manager and he said it’s stupendously amazing!

Week 9 

Today was a busy day. I work in the gasoline industry delivering gas back and forth over and over again! When I arrived at the factory ,the factory’s gas tank was expanding! This was urgent! I ran to the manager and to my colleagues .I told them what happened.

 We ran to the tank and saw what happened! Our manager told us that we have to evacuate the factory! The tank exploded and the factory burst into flames! Firefighters who came to put out the fire were really afraid! We found out that a red dynamite blew up the factory.

 Week 8 was optional

Week 7

    Today was extremely hot outside! My friends and I are firefighters. We already fought two fires today and we were exhausted. We were just relaxing until the alarm went off. 

We went down to the fire engines and drove to the fire. We headed to the fire but there was so much traffic!

We sped past all the cars and reached the fire. It was a wildfire!!! 

“ Lucky, Zephyr , you guys use the hoses, I will use the helicopter.”

“ Ok.” they replied.

  I went to the helicopter and splashed water on top of the fire and the fire was over.

Week 6 

Today it was an extremely hot day.  My friend Daniel and I were cooling off by spraying each other with Daniel’s garden hose in his backyard. We went inside and dried off and started playing games. After a while we went outside and started having a nerf gun fight. Then we saw a green species of parrots everywhere. 

    “I have never seen this before Daniel, have you?” I asked 

“No, I have not.” he replied

    “Lets call your dad” I suggested

We told Daniel’s dad  what we saw. Daniel's dad came and saw the parrots. Daniel and I felt overwhelmed.

Week 5

     I have to go to the nurse like everybody else to check my eyesight. This was really new for me. 

     I asked Vachan, “ Vachan, what does the nurse do to check your eyes?” 

     “ Nate, for the 5th time it’s nothing to worry about!” He replied.

        She will just make you read small letters and numbers. After the test I was shocked, I needed glasses! My parents and I went to LensCrafters at the crossgates mall. I  looked at so many frames. I selected a red and black frame which looked so cool. I changed my mind that I  wanted glasses.

practice week 1

I woke up at 4:30 am because on my calendar we were going camping today!

I did all my things because I wanted to go right away! Maybe I was way too excited. My favorite part of camping was roasting marshmallows! But I forgot to pack my swim clothes because I was thinking about the delicious marshmallows! So we left to the camping ground at 6:30. We arrived at 7:30. We lit the BBQ and then we roasted our marshmallows. I cut the white sticky marshmallow into minuscule pieces! I had a lot of fun, really marshmallows!

Practice Week 2
Today was the first day me and my
friend Lucky will be working at the museum! We went to the museum this morning and saw so many visitors! We saw so many dinosaurs! We saw so many ancient artifacts here as well. 
      On the museum artifacts list there was supposed to be a pile of fossils. But there were none! 
And I asked security if they saw any but they didn’t. Then   we went to the basement and saw guards touching the bones! They stole the bones! “Wait I can explain”! A guard said. “ You're under arrest!” the sheriff yelled!


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