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The Alien Invasion 

Bang!  A round spaceship landed in the middle of my town.  We didn’t know that the spaceship was an alien ship.  The mayor nervously yelled, “Who is this and wh-what do you want?”

 “The alien suddenly said, “We want all of your gray cabbage immediately.”  

The mayor yelled over to the aliens, “I think you have the wrong planet.  We don’t have any gray cabbage!”  Suddenly an alien came out of the ship.  The aliens immediately started running towards the town hall.  We all knew this was bad because we had gray cabbage in the town hall.

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Hot Day In Arizona 

It was just another day.  The heat was unbearable, so I jumped in the pool, but the second I jumped in the pool, I woke up all the neighbors and my parents.  All the kids saw me and ended up joining me.  After all the parents saw us having fun they decided to throw a big pool party.  

The pool party is now over.  My parents asked me if I could meet them in the living room so we could have a talk, but they just wanted to thank me.  I still don’t know for what.  

Week 29

It all started one day when I was at Burger King and I was hungry, but this Burger King wasn't normal, it was revolving.  Still I went inside to get a burger.  Once I got my burger I dropped it in pink gew on the concrete after a silly pink giraffe named jump, jumped in front of me scaring me on the sidewalk.  I was starving.  I ended up walking home to get food.  When I made it home I realized my home was abducted by aliens.  The only  thing to do was to chase the aliens.  So I did.



It all started when I was five years old.  I walked under a red ladder and that's where all my bad luck started.  

For example, on April first I had so many coins in my pocket.  All of a sudden I tripped on the pavement and all my coins were sinking in the wet concrete that the construction workers (That work for five minutes a day) were working on, but they didn’t seem to care one bit. 

Another example was when I was on the Titanic, but I think you know what happened to the ship that evening.

Week 28

It was another ordinary day working at my parents' ice cream shop in Austin, Texas.  Hi, I'm Fredrick.  People might think that it is boring having to work at my parents ice cream shop, but I actually enjoy it.   Today is Saturday.  It is the busiest day of the week.  We were about to open up shop, but then the building shook and then the whole place collapsed.  I was sad and my parents burst into tears and cried.  I wanted to make it up to them, but I didn’t know what to do until I saw the skydiving billboard.     

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Yellow The Clown

Hello, my name is Yellow.  Yellow the tiny clown.  I’m a very crazy clown.  For example I have visited the hospital 50 times just from riding roller skates.  Last night I swam with roller skates.  I almost died.  Currently I'm in my clown bus going to the circus.  Let’s hope I don’t get hurt.

2 hours later

You know how I said I hope I don’t get hurt?  Well I did and I’m in the hospital with a broken leg and arm.  The doctor said to take it easy.  Yeah good luck getting me to do that.

Week 25


Well right now I’m sitting in my room because I’m grounded.  You're probably wondering how I got here?  Well here’s my story.  It started one day when my annoying brother jumped on me while I was watching TV.  I got so mad I hit him.  Of course the second I hit him mom walked in the room.  She said, “Have you lost your mind, he’s only six and so much younger than you are.”   

“But I didn’t mean to hit him that hard.”  I replied.

“Well whether you hit him hard or not, you still hit him.  Your Grounded!”

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The Mystery Creature

It was a normal rainy day.  My friends and I were playing video games when the rain stopped.  So we went outside to play in the woods, but when we made it to the woods we saw a thing with long furry arms hugging a tree.  We were wondering who or what this mystery creature was so we walked toward it, but when we got closer the mystery creature started running so fast that I could barely catch a glimpse of it.  My friend actually took a picture of the creature.  It turned out to be bigfoot.

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The Octopus Show

“And now for Mr.Octopus to play the piano.” 

The octopus started playing the white piano.  It was so gentle, I think half the people in the building were just watching how fast his tentacles were springing off the keys.  

30 minutes later


The octopus was finished already, it felt so fast.  My mom said if I hurried I could get an autograph.  So I rushed to the stage and asked for an autograph and surprisingly he gave me one.  He even took me on stage to play the piano. He said I did amazing.

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Hot Dog Eating Contest

“Go!” The guy playing the guitar yelled.

It’s the Annual Fourth of July Hot Dog eating contest.  This year instead of ketchup, they put mustard on the dogs.  I was chosen for the competition and I hate mustard.  It's horrible, but when the contest started, I began eating.  I shoved as many hot dogs down my throat as possible.

5 minutes later

“Time!” The guy playing the guitar yelled.

  I headed over to the judges table to see if I won.  The judge said I did an extraordinary job and that I won.  I felt proud.  

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The Race

“Ready set go!”  The announcer said.

It was the race between the mouse and the rat.  Tickets have been sold out for months, but somehow I got a ticket.  

30 minutes later… 

The mouse is on his last lap and the rat is almost finished.  The loud speaker went on, “ And the winner is rat.” 

Mouse looked furious, it almost looked like he gave a block of cheese to the official.  The official made a motion to the announcer.  When the loud speaker came on.  It said, “Mouse has been disqualified from all races for life for bribery.”   

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The Key

Hi, I’m Mike.  My mom said I need to run a mile.  So I'm leaving now.  

15 minutes Later

I just got back from my run and I found this strange key.  When I turned on the news, it was talking about how this key went missing.  The news said to call the number on the screen if you have it, so I did.  Some man picked up.  I told him I have the key.  Suddenly the key started glowing.  He said to meet him near the lake at 5:00 to unlock the secrets of the world.  


The Dream Part 2

Step 1. Stay at home.   “CUT!” The producer said.

  It’s not like we are still in last year.  Change it up a little, not the same old boring knowledge.  “Thank gosh it’s not like last year”  He said to himself.

“Now action.”

“Steps on how to not get covid.  Step 1. Wear your mask.” 

“CUT AGAIN!”  The producer yelled.

“Can you please for 10 minutes not talk like a robot.  Be enthusiastic when you talk.”

Rinnnnnnnnnnng rinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.  “Can you stop that?”  Asked the producer.

But it didn’t stop.  That’s when he realized it was another dream.       


The dream

RINGGGGGGGGG!  “YES, school is out!”  I shouted.  

My friends and I ran to the park to play  basketball.  When we made it to the park we realized toddlers were climbing on the silver basketball pole like monkeys.  We asked them to move, but they threw a paper ball at us.  Then they went crying to their mom and tried to frame us like we did something wrong.  So we just decided to go to my house to play video games.  While we were playing I heard this beeping noise.  That's when I realized this was all a dream.

Week 14


“Hello, I’m News Reporter Bob and I will be asking random people                        questions about our environment.”

“Excuse me sir, can I ask you a question?”

“Uhhh sure.”  He said.

“Ok, How would you feel if there was no rain?”  News Reporter Bob  asked.

He said, “I would be sad because I'm a gardener and no rain means no plants.”

 “NICE!”  “Next question, what do you think would happen if all the trees just disappeared?”  News Reporter Bob asked.

“Well there would be a lot less oxygen.”

“ GREAT ANSWER!  Well I'll see you tomorrow,” said News Reporter Bob.  

Week 13

Science Question 

    “Ok class.  Time for the question of the day.”  Mr.D said, as he was writing on the chalkboard. “What do you think will happen if the ice caps completely melted?” 

The whole class didn’t seem happy except me.  My hand shot up like a cheetah.  Mr.D didn’t call on me, he called Mike the class clown instead.  Mike asked, “If they were the same as snow caps?”  The whole class burst into laughter except for me.  Then the bell rang and I wasn't able to share my answer.  I was disappointed, I had a great answer.  

Week 11

The Beginning of EMOJIS 

In the year 2021, two people were just sitting on a couch texting when they both said, “there’s gotta be an easier way to text.”  

So they thought and thought.   Did I mention that they thought!  Finally, one of the dudes found a way to talk without words.  We can use pictures instead of words and can call them Emojis.  So they got to work on their designs.

35 days later…….. 

“Finally we're finished.” One of the guys yelled.

“Now what.” The other one asked.

“Back to the couch with that warm blanket.”

Inspired By Levi

week 10


Hi, my name is Mr.Tree.  I’m a tree that has been here for a long, long time.  I'm not a healthy tree.  I'm very sick and slowly dying from all the pollution coming out of the factory across the street.   I fear I will not last much longer.  Everybody tries to help me by telling the factory to close because I'm the last surviving tree.  When the factory learned this they decided to close.  In about a week I was a big healthy tree again.  I even had apples beginning to grow on me that tasted delicious.    

Week 9

     Guess That Rapper 

     “ Welcome to Guess That Rapper! I’m your host and we are going to jump right into  the video.”  

     “When I was young I wanted to be in the rap industry.  I would practice rapping until I was red in the face.  I had an urgent need to make money and escape from my rotten life.  At times, I was afraid I wouldn't make it,  But that was the motivation I needed.  When I finally made it, the police would have to evacuate  fans from my performance because the crowds were too large.” 

      And the rapper is... Eminem.”



       It was just another day and Robert was causing trouble.  He would do many bad things, but worst of all he would turn off the lights to the entire city.  His mother was the mayor and this caused her many problems.  

One time when he was about to turn off the light she caught him red handed.  “WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE LIGHTS?”  She yelled, as Robert froze.   “YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M SICK OF ALL THE TROUBLE YOU CAUSE, YOUR GROUNDED!”  Robert was in shock, he's never been grounded before so he thought what should I do.           

Week 7


One day, my parents and I were watching television when the news came on that said, “ There is a wildfire happening in Carson City, California.”  That's where I live.  My parents told me to get my stuff as fast as I could because they knew our home wouldn't survive the fire.  After I finished packing, my parents told me to hop in the car.  Suddenly, I saw smoke.  I yelled to my parents as they came sprinting out of the house.  As we took off I looked back at my home wondering if I would ever see it again.Week 6


    Today was the science test. I was so overwhelmed.  I’m not a scientist, I’m a gardener.  My dad always tells me I have a green thumb.  “Ok class, time to start the test.”

    I read question one.  What species has stripes?   I had no clue what it was.  I turn to my friend Mike. “ Is it me or is it really hot in this room?”

    “Just you,” said Mike.   

    One week later the teacher called me to his desk and said, “ I'm very impressed, you got a perfect score.  I thought maybe science wasn't that bad after all.




One cold fall day, there was a boy named Max.  Max and his mom were both immigrants from Germany.  Currently, they are on a steam ship heading to America.  They are hoping to have a better life because back in Germany there was a war happening.  “IT'S LIBERTY LADY!”  yelled a man on the ship.

We have finally made it to America.  As Max looked through his glasses he had mixed emotions.  He was sad that he was leaving his friends and family behind, but he was happy that he could see a better life for himself. 

 Practice Week 1

Mystery GOO

One day, Brad was outside playing when his mother yelled, “Brad, I looked at the calendar, it’s your turn to do the dishes.”  As he was washing the dishes he noticed white sticky goo over them.  He scrubbed and scrubbed, but couldn't get this minuscule piece of goo off a plate.  He thought, “What could this be?”  So Brad yelled to his sister, “What is all of this goo on the plates!”  Brad’s sister walked in the kitchen with goo in her hair and all over her face.  At that moment I knew exactly what it was.  FLUFF!

Practice Week 2

One hot summer day, Brad and his mom were walking on the beach when they came across a big pile of bones.  Brad asked, “ What are all those bones doing here?”
 Brad’s mother said, “ I don’t know.  But whatever it is, it sure is big.”  For a while Brad was just standing there not knowing what it was.  So he took a picture and searched his computer for a match.
He found it was a whale bone.   He went back to the beach so he could see it again but, when he went back it was long gone.

Practice Week 3

Mystery River

One summer day, Brad and his friend Jake were going to the river to skip rocks, but when they got there all the water was gone.  Brad said, “I have never seen the river bed so dry.”  So he and Jake searched the park looking for someone to ask about the river, but they couldn’t find anyone.  So they went home.  Brad's mother was watching the news and they were talking about the river.  

     They said, “There were some mystery goo and some bones blocking the river upstream.”  At that moment he knew why the river dried up.  


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