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Have you heard about the stories of the giant who crushed kids, or maybe the big bad wolf?

What about the CABBAGE man?

The CABBAGE man is a very mean person, he always wears a GREY cloak, and he has a big ROUND head that looks like a CABBAGE.

Early this morning mom had told me to go buy some cabbages. I then NERVOUSLY looked out the window hoping not to find him but there he was. But, then as I saw him roll his cart up he dropped all his cabbages and then “BANG BANG” they were all gone.

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As I sat down in the tiny, old, wooden rocking chair I felt the beaming heat. It was warm out and the heat was unbearable, so I took my glass cup full of lemonade and poured it down my throat. As I gulped and gulped it down until it was all gone.

As I walked off the porch steps I noticed something in the old cherry bush! I slowly and cautiously crept closer until I saw a tiny fluffy tail. I then reached down to pick it up and then froze. It was not a bunny, it was a . . .  


Week 29

The HUNGRY PINK hippo ran through the muddy, gross, disgusting, swamp non stop like it was a REVOLVING door or something until it finally stopped. It then charged Samantha full speed. 

But before all this crazy stuff had happened Samantha was playing JUMP the stick with all her friends. When they decided to play a game called HUNGRY hippos. So they did, but all of a sudden the Hippos had come alive in their imaginations and that’s when the hippo had been charging Samantha until the teacher had stepped onto the CONCRETE and blew her whistle to head back inside.


“Help, Help” Rava cried out in fear. Rava had been walking along the road in the early morning. When she then started to not be able to move. She then felt like she was sinking until she looked down and realized she was sinking into wet pavement.  Rava tried to grab onto many things first she grabbed onto a tall red ladder almost as if it was money or coins. Rava then kept sinking. Then finally she saw a man in a bright red suit who then reached down to help pull her back up. Until she was finally free.

Week 28

It was early morning. Lia was watching the news when a BREAKING NEWS report popped up. 

The old Spanish castle was collapsing with many  civilians still inside. The news had filmed it all. They showed people in the building running around trying to get out with almost every exit being blocked. Then she showed her mom standing there helping many people out, not even trying to save herself. All Lia could think about was that her mom was hopefully safe. Then The building shook and then… it collapsed, but then news had announced all the civilians were out and safe.

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I started to slowly blink my eyes open, but even after they were open I still felt like they were being glued together. Or like 1,000 pounds were holding them down, but after they were open all I could remember were three things. 

1. My tiny laced up yellow roller skates, 

2. A tiny little pond that for some reason I thought I swam in,

3. The… The HOSPITAL. The scariest place any kid could ever imagine, “Beep, Beep, Beep” then it hit me. Why did I remember the Hospital? Could it be that I was there? No, right?!?

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     I woke up in fear. Today was gym class. Of course every normal human being likes gym class and so do I, but not when we're playing baseball. Last year I got seriously hurt and couldn't do anything for a whole 2 weeks. It was terrible. I knew that it was going to be the worst 30 minutes of my life.

As I hit the ball I heard a “Boom” I had hit the pitcher. The gym teacher came over and gave me a look. All I could say was ,but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.

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The girl ran and ran and just kept running from her dream. Then a soft gentle voice started to call out to her. “Hello” a voice whispered softly. She started to slowly creep towards the sound until it stopped … all that was there was a big round tree but, something was off about the tree then the girl froze… 

The tree slowly stretched out until it almost looked like it had arms. She must have just been hallucinating or was she. The voice then came out again and she had to find where it was coming from. THE TREE!  

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“Today is the day, Today is the day” I started to chant inside my head. Today was the day I would get to see the piano expert named Octopus. He’s called the Octopus because he can play the piano so fast yet so gentle and he only uses 8 fingers!

When we got there the palace looked as beautiful as it could be. With his white piano and red velvet chair as it lay there! Finally the curtains closed and then reopened the show was springing in action and I couldn't wait for it to begin until it did!

Week 20

One week ago,  I walked into an extraordinary school with bright colored decorations that hung all around it, one being a guitar for music, another being a basketball for gym and the third being a red book. 

 Later it was finally lunch, that's when I realized that I forgot to bring lunch. Today's lunch was a mustard and turkey sandwich. “Yuck!”  So I could tell this was going to be the most horrible day ever! And it was.

Because after lunch when I went to my locker a bunch of bullies got up and started shoving me around non stop.

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Today the whole class would be split into teams! The class was tiny with only nine kids in it. That meant there would be three teams. Team blue is… Robbie, Melissa, and Mason.

Team yellow is … Jeremiah, Jackson, and Keith. And team red which was the team I was on with  Daniel, and Corey!

We went outside and started the competitions. There were five in all and the blue team had won the first challenge. Finally when they were all over 

Mrs. Green announced “And the winner is… The red team” Are whole team felt like champions including me.

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“Nature is like the key to life. It guides you through life and gives you everything you would ever need, including food, shelter, and water. So do something for nature and help nature out, don't just leave nature hanging by throwing your trash and garbage on the ground. You are hurting nature. So why should nature help you if you ruin it?” Ben said as he walked back to his seat.

Thank you Ben ” Mrs. Delmonico said “You're such an amazing member of the pollution club!” Next was the Robotics club. Apparently they wanted ten computers for no good reason.

Week 16

Alexia got out of bed groaning a tone that she NEVER used. Alexia LOVED school but was scared for the new year of it. What would happen with her and her friends not being together?It was the first day of school and she was not prepared! Me, my friends, everyone I knew was now in middle school. “It’s not like last year, I thought.” It was all different! More homework, no more recess, moving around for each class. Nothing was the same but that didn’t mean she couldn't have an amazing year coming her way she thought to herself!


I saw a shiny silver coin that lay on top of Cameron’s palm as he held it in his hands really hard. It was time for P.E and today was climbing day. The whole gym looked like a park. The whole class left for P.E.

When we arrived back the coin vanished! Mrs. Spring told us all to look inside our desks! I took everything out of my desk and found the silver coin! I retraced my steps with a piece of paper and realized I had never touched the coin then I knew I had been framed…

Week 14

Dear Journal,

My teacher asked me to write an assignment so here I go! “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment? I think that I will recycle more. A lot of bottles tend to go into the water and hurt a lot of animals!  Anyways, I also hope that  rain stops but it also shouldn’t because then the plants wouldn't be able to get enough water! And they wouldn't live anymore! But then again now I have to go to school in the rain! “Yay.”  Anyways I have to head to school in the helpful rain!   

Week 13

“Hello everyone we have breaking news about the ice caps” .  “Let's welcome Mr. Sam Obama to tell us what really is going on!” “Thank you, Hi, my name is Mr. Sam Obama.” “The problem is that the ice caps are melting. If this is true then  we think a lot of problems can appear!” What do you think would have happened if the ice caps have completely melted? “Well a lot of animals would be harmed,  also the water could start to get higher. Then it would soon overflow! “Well thank you Mr. Sam Obama, we'll see you next time! “

Week 11

We flew up into the air on the plane, clouds floated next to us and then a big, hard, thump hit the top of the plane.The back of the plane opened and a gust of strong wind blew my hair in front of my face!

The captain opened the microphone and yelled into it “Everyone grab a parachute we're going down” then the plane started going down through the thick air. Everyone grabbed one until there was only one parachute left and someone had just taken it! The plane was then going down and I was going with it. 

Week 10

“Mom, why does it smell so weird?” I asked her in confusion. She only shrugged her shoulders and then went back to washing the dishes.

Later in the day at lunchtime the smell still stayed with me and I didnt no what to do!

Finally the bell rang and I ran out of the school home. Then when the doors flew open a thick rise of smoke came rushing in! Everyone ran back inside school in a rush of screams and calls for help! The smoke was everywhere and then no one could see a foot in front of them...

Week 9

I was so hot that I changed into a t-shirt then I got cold so I changed back into my Pj’s. I was itchy all over and hot and cold and I felt like I could barely move so I laid down for a little bit!

 My mom came into the room afraid that I was sick but I knew I was not!  She felt my forehead and I was burning up. My mom picked me up and evacuated the house in an urgent move to get to the hospital! The doctor industry was my favorite because they saved anyone...

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Week 7

    It was as bright as the sun shining through the night. I ran upstairs warning Mama and Papa there was a fire spreading from next door! Papa ushered me and Mama out to the front of the house half of it was burnt to pieces and all I had left was my rag doll. The neighbors next door were climbing out the window and one of them fell. Papa ran over to help and that’s when a giant piece of wood fell down onto him.

Papa was ushered to the hospital and tears ran down my dusty, red, cold cheeks.  

Week 6

    I started getting hot. I was super overwhelmed. I turned the thick stack of paper over and read boldly F-.

    When I got home I pulled out my test and gave it to my mom.  She grabbed it and flipped it over “F-” she shouted and started reading some of the problems on the test! My mom flipped to the front and read the title Green species. You know all about this you're redoing the test young lady she said to me in her frustrated voice! As I was studying I wondered who the most famous scientist was for species ? 


Kyla got home and she crept closer to the door. She slowly opened it. The room was dark. Kyla reached her hand to the light switch and flicked it up.

“SURPRISE” Kyla jumped in shock and started laughing. Her whole family and friends were all there. She felt happy and loved. Kyla was so happy it was her birthday and everyone was there even her great grandfather from England came! 

Kyla walked into the kitchen and saw a big cake and a whole table full of presents. She ran to the table and opened the first present, pink glasses. Why?  

Practice Week 1

Alice White  walked into school like a supermodel until she realized she wasn't popular. So she sat down! Alice looked at the bottom of her shoe where she saw sticky gum was on her shoe, luckily they had a washing machine because these were Alice’s favorite shoes! When Alice went home for lunch she showed her mom the shoe and told her that her shoe was ruined. When her mom looked at it she said it looks minuscule, exaggerating. When Alice arrived back at school she saw a poster saying sticky Alice on it with a photo of her shoe!

Practice Week 2

Shannon walked into the museum nervously for her job interview. She loved to learn about fossils. A nice lady with a white science lab jacket and bone’s all over it walked in. “Shannon” said the lady Shannon stood up and walked with the lady they went down the stairs all the way to the basement, where it was pitch black Shannon then started shaking in fear “Click” Shannon jumped. “It's just the light’s silly” said the nice lady! As Shannon staired ahead of her she saw a big ball of fossils from the rare whale Shannon’s eyes widened with excitement!

Practice Week 3
“I have never seen the river bed so dry” Grandpa  said in his western accent to me!

 We haven't had rain in weeks and we were almost out of goat milk that the farmers next door gave us!  My mouth was dry, 
my lips were sticking together. I could barely eat any more of grandma's salty bread that was always burnt. 

(3 weeks LATER) It feels so much better having water back now. These days Grandma tells us to get more water than we ever need and when she gives us water for dinner I always guzzle it right down!


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