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Titans (Chapter 3)

As all of the Titans clashed, I nervously tried to run to the second floor. Yet on the second floor there was a random old guy. He threw cabbage after cabbage at me, so much that everything went gray…

I woke up to a bang. It felt like an earthquake! I thought it was the Titans but they were all worn-out. 

And when I looked to my side, I saw a giant mech! A round ball came out of its back. Inside were army men! We ran to them and they said they were going help us…

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Titans (Chapter 2)

Then the Sandworm slithered to the island and attacked it! Then the island rumbled and then it rose… IT WAS A GIANT SNAPPING TURTLE! The two giant titans clashed in a great battle! The heat was unbearable, so I decided to go inside.

When I looked out the window I saw a weird bump of water. I didn’t think much of it, I thought that it was just a big shockwave. But then it eerily rose and it turned out to be… A GIANT ALLIGATOR! They all clashed in one giant battle. I couldn’t believe my eyes...

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It was an okay day as I was on the beach. I was hungry and in a shop I saw a cone of pink cotton candy revolving in the front of the store. So I went in.

 But while I was entering the store, THE GROUND STARTED TO SHAKE VIOLENTLY! And when I looked to my left, I saw it… A TITAN SANDWORM! I knew that it wouldn’t purposely hurt humans but when it rose from his multi-millennium slumber, he threw concrete everywhere! He let out a terrifying screech that made me jump! 

Then he slithered to an island…


The Scorpion King

It was a normal day as Jarry was walking down the pavement where he lost his mother’s necklace. Then he found some coins. He picked them up, but then he fell!

He fell into an evil guy's lair that had a red ladder. He looked at the coins a little closer…  he realized that the coins had an image of The Scorpion King! The evilest guy in the world! 

When he tried to climb the ladder, he got captured by him! When The Scorpion King tried to sting him, he accidentally stung himself. Then Jarry climbed away.

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Destroying School!

It was a normal day as Josh walked down the street and towards school. As he arrived, the building shook and then it came down!

It was the Summer and Josh’s school was getting a big remodel. Josh couldn’t wait to see his school next year!

     But there was another reason he came to see it. Josh loved seeing construction, but mostly seeing buildings get destroyed. When he grew up he always wanted to be in the seat of the machine taking it down. 

That is why he is learning how those machines work  in his free time. 

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As the workers shrunk down they made sure to have their past. Once they shrunk down they grabbed their paste and bits of the 

leaf. They started to camouflage the snail with the bits of leaf. 

They were getting ready for war against the leaf mountain emperor, who stole their leaf mountain. 

The workers grew and they told the soldiers that all the snails were ready. 

The soldiers shrunk and there they saw it, hundreds of camouflaged snails and thousands of camouflaged soldiers. They raced up the mountain, hiding behind the snails and staying still when someone looked at them.

Week 26



*PART 2*

After we evacuated Zarif we realized that we lost a few people, so we honored them.

Soon after, we saw a planet that was really like earth, but it had one continent. Somehow scientists didn’t see this planet so we headed onto it. But unfortunately we had little fuel so we landed in the water.

Someone had swam out for reconnaissance and soon all of us saw the yellow sand and were excited! 

All of the pods became tiny houses and we built a hospital. 

And also I regret bringing roller skates. 

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Mark’s Birthday

There once was a man named Mark. Mark was mostly a normal man, but… He was childish on his birthdays, and he really LOVED pinatas.  

This was a problem because something good and bad happened. Mark worked at a power plant and one day he was experimented on with radioactive waste.

While being experimented on, Mark got superpowers, but this was a problem when his birthday came. When he hit the pinata it went flying away! And everyone became upset, and they blamed it all on Mark!

 “But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” Said Mark

Week 24

*YEAR 2122*


It had been 10 years since we had to abandon our home planet, Earth, due to pollution. We had been in space for a while waiting to find a suitable planet to call home. 

Soon we had found a planet and we decided to call it Zarif, but there were two weird things. 

The first one was that all the trees were in one massive forest and there were some weird markings all over. Soon we found out why. In a moment’s notice all of the trees attacked!

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It was a normal day until someone saw a giant octopus springing in the water of a beach. People crowded around the beach and looked at the octopus in aw.

But the people had made a giant mistake. They thought that he was gentle, like a white piano. This was a terrible mistake because people tried to go in the water and touch the octopus.

But then the octopus grabbed people and threw them onto the beach.

 So the people called the authorities and the octopus had fled.

But no one who saw it had slept as easily in bed.

Week 20

So a little while ago my friend Jahn decided to buy a guitar, 

which we thought wouldn't be too bad, but of course when he bought a guitar, he bought the weirdest one, the one that was pickle green and mustard yellow! 

Anyways, when he started playing it he played extraordinary… ly horrible! 

So we shoved our friends' feelings behind us. So we dug a grave and put his guitar right where he came from. The earth.

By that we mean we returned it to the guitar shop he bought it from and snuck the money back into his wallet.

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The Race

“And the winner is… John!” 

So, you're probably wondering how I got here. To find out that, we’ll need to go to when this all began.

It was a normal Saturday morning. As I was watching TV, I saw something amazing! It was a race where if you won, you got 100,000,000 dollars! If I won, I could buy everything I wanted! 

So I went to the race. And when the race started, everyone bolted away, and I was in last! But then I remembered my most powerful weapon… My imagination!

And that's how I won. 

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One day two people named Jack and Snack were walking around outside. But then Snack tripped on something! It was a small old key. What was it used for? They wondered. 

So they walked around and found some weird, Not natural looking dirt. It also felt weird.  

Then they stuck the key into the dirt and twisted it and then, it opened up!

 They weren’t sure how it worked because they just stuck it into a random area in the dirt, not a key hole or anything.

 When they entered they found out that is was a old bomb shelter.


I was excited to go outside but when I opened the door I found out that the world was having a zombie apocalypse, but not just any zombie apocalypse, this was a waterfall zombie apocalypse!

 I looked for a car to ride in but I only found a heavily damaged barely yellow taxi. But I had to save the world, so I hopped in started going to the waterfall that Mr. Waterfall lived.

When I got there I distracted him by asking, “Why are you evil?” 

While he was distracted I clicked the “DESTROY MR WATERFALL AND HIS ZOMBIES” button.

Week 16

It wasn’t a normal day as John was prepping to go outside, Why? Because it was New Year’s Day! When John was prepping to go outside, He suddenly thought something, “It’s not like last year” he thought.

 When he opened the door he was flooded with screams and yells from all different people! The world was ending! There were monsters everywhere! And all the buildings were covered with… uhm, “Cranberry juice”?

 When he closed the door the noise stopped. When John opened his window everything looked normal.

 He realized it was a dimensional door! So he got rid of it.


It starts off with me, John, writing on a piece of paper that says what I, John, need to climb, “Silver Park Mountain”, which is a very special mountain.

 What makes Silver Park Mountain so very special is that if you make it to the top you are said to get unlimited silver!  Which means unlimited money!

  Many climbers have died on this mountain, but I won’t! I’m determined. if I do make it, my name would be put in a frame for the rest of time! So I’ve got to head over there and start climbing Silver Park Mountain!



If I had 1 wish I would wish my mom had A LOT of money so she could buy nice food, nice gifts, buy me and my siblings things, pay morgade, and buy many things.

This would make everyone happy and my mom wouldn’t be so stressed about money, maybe she could give me and my siblings an allowance to buy things with.

Me and my entire family would be very happy about this and maybe we could share some with other family members or donate to different charities. 

My entire family would finally have some deserved breathing space.

Week 14


I would say, “Uhmm, I would recycle water bottles and all the different plastic that is recyclable to help the environment.”

     “ I would also use environmentally safe things to stop environmental harm, and I would always put my trash in trash bins, not on the ground.”

     “If you really were up to the task you could join or donate to a program to clean up beaches or the water, like #TeamSeas that Mr. Beast started.”

     “You could even do small things like planting trees and picking up trash because it still helps a lot even if it's just you.” 

Week 13

Ice Caps

Right now a lot of people are talking about global warming so I’m also going to write about it. I’m going to be specifically talking about the melting ice caps.

 Ice caps are giant pieces of solid ice that are miles and miles long. What happens if they melt?

 I think water levels are going to rise massively. Also, it would ruin a lot of ocean’s habitats and it would release a lot of freshwater into the ocean.

 But I really want to know is, what do YOU think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?


SKRRRRT SKRRRRT! BOOM!!! As everyone left the crashed bus they were so happy no one got harmed or no one died.

 The bus had crashed when they were on the side of a cliff and it was very icy and they crashed.

 They all looked around, they were in a dark forest that looked like it was from a horror movie or game.

 But this has happened before so there is a very ominous telephone booth. They called 911 and they responded.

 The cops came and they left, everyone left feeling very thankful that they all still had their lives.

week 11

The Alien 

 I’m an alien from area 51 and I just escaped.

  I'm on a bicycle riding on the road looking for a better way of transportation. Wait, is it an Electric bicycle?! As I hopped on I felt a massive increase in speed, that’s when I realised I could hop from vehicle to vehicle!

 So I started jumping, to a taxi, then a bus, now a subway, now a better one! So I continued jumping, a speed boat, then a gas station! 

Now I’m in the sky! So I jumped from vehicle to vehicle till I was at home.

Week 10

I believe this is a nuclear power plant, which means that the smoke coming out doesn’t hurt the environment around it because it is a zero-emission clean energy source.

 However if that is pollution then I think they should tear it down, and make it a nuclear power plant, and nuclear power plants make more power as well. 

I really hope that this is a nuclear power plant because they really aren’t bad to have.

A lot of people think of Chernobyl when they hear about nuclear power plants but that was in the past. We have better tech now.

Week 9

I’m your average Industry worker and I was having a normal day at work until…


 I ran for the door to evacuate, but the building collapsed on the door, now I was afraid that I might die. 

Then there was a loud bang.The earthquake had caused a giant volcano to erupt.

 So I ran to my house because I had an indestructible bunker there. 

When I got to my house, my best friend, Anthony, had followed me. So we went and lived in the bunker.

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

    When I first saw this photo, I thought of the California wildfires, Because of the Dry landscape, and that there are no trees. Also the firefighter who seems to have a hose that is probably connected to a firetruck.

    When everyone else started saying their ideas Mrs. Gagnon said, “what if it was a controlled burn like the Pine Bush?” 

    The Pine Bush is a very rare habitat, but back to the controlled burn. They do something called a control burn to get rid of invasive species. The plants that live there have long roots but invasive species do not.

Week 6

I’m John, I'm 23 and I am an engineer. And today I was gonna hang out with my best friend, Jerry. We were gonna hangout at his house, so when I arrived he was very excited and said he prepared everything in his basement. When I got there I was OVERWHELMED by machines and the red HOT lead pipes. They all connected to a giant GREEN monkey of unknown SPECIES. My friend was a mad SCIENTIST. He pulled a lever and the giant monkey came to life but immediately fell on my friend. It collapsed due to its own weight.


When I first looked at this picture it looked like two giant UFOs sucking up all the people, buildings, and just all human creations in general using two giant invisible beams, like they are invading the planet.

When I realized that they were glasses I thought of snow goggles which reminded me of a Roblox game called “Expedition Antarctica”. You would work your way through many obstacles to get to a mountain. There were three camps laid throughout the map and you would get supplies such as food, water, and air for your air tank.The game is really cool.

 Practice Week 1

I woke up in the morning and my day was like any normal summer day, until I saw a challenge called The calendar challenge. If you won the challenge you would get a very rare calendar that had sold out in minutes. You had to make a creation to get it. So I started working on it immediately. I used plenty of sticky white glue and it got all over my shirt! Thankfully I used my working shirt, not the one I was wearing to challenge,because our washing machine was broken due to a miniscule problem. But, I lost. 

Practice Week 2

This picture kinda makes me think about the movie “Megalodon” I believe it is called. It really reminds me about the scene where they accidentally kill a giant whale thinking it was the megalodon and it was very bloody.
It also reminds me of broken bones because like half of the bones are broken, probably because those bones have been there for who knows how long.
It also makes me wonder how it died, why were their bones in  a pile on the beach? What is its gender? I have a lot of questions that will most likely go unanswered.

Practice Week 3
I’m 13 and when I was younger we lived next to a river.  I would make paper boats and follow them down stream. We had to move when I was 8, but today we moved next to that river again. And I have never seen a river bed so dry! Probably because I've never seen a dry river bed but still! I followed it down stream and nothing. It was probably 6ft deep. I am really upset now because I was hoping I could play with paper boats again so I could get nostalgia and feel like I’m younger again.


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