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Tommy was playing his video game, Adventures in Cabbage Land, when a storm struck his house, and he was sucked into his game.

Unfortunately, this is the 30s, so everything was gray.

Tommy nervously looked around at where he was. He saw many, many, MANY cabbage plants. Suddenly, he heard a loud BANG!

“Oh, no!” Exclaimed Tommy. “That means that it is time for round two!”

Round 2 was a treacherous boss battle, with a GIANT CABBAGE!!!!! So he ate it heroically, and he got the treasure of leaving that horrible cabbage to rot!!

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One day, Fish the fish was swimming in the sun, and the heat was unbearable, so he went back to Fishyfishfishfish, and went to “Suittobesafefromthesun’s R’us” to get a Suittobesafefromthesun©. Then he went back to the sun, and swam in it. Don’t ask me why he wanted to swim in the sun. Maybe it’s like a bath, but for fish, because fish are always in water, so they dry off instead of get wet. Then, he brought a LOT of fish to swim in the sun. Soon, there was an entire colony of fish that were living on the sun.

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One day in Tree City, people were preparing for the Hungry Pink Revolving Concrete Jump, or the HPRCJ. 

The HPRCJ was a treacherous obstacle course. First, the contestants go through several revolving doors, all of which are hungry. Then they must do an extremely difficult parkour section, where if they touch one of the concrete platforms for too long, it tries to EAT THEM!!! To make things worse, everything is pink. Not shades of pink, but the exact same shade, which effectively makes everyone blind while they do it.

Who won? Bigfoot the bigfoot.


How to Make Cookies

Hello young baker! If you are reading this guide, then you are obviously trying to make cookies. Here’s how to do it:

First, you need to call 911, and get a red fire truck, the kind with ladders. Yes, you need it to have a ladder and it has to be red. 

Then you get online cookie recipes, and add 2 cups of YEEST(not to be confused with yeast) and use the ladder to climb to the top of the cookies. Also, add sinking coins to the recipe. 

Then, when they touch pavement, they EXPLODE!!!

Week 28

One day, in Monsterfreecityville, there was a giant monster attack!!! The buildings shook, and then, from the icy depths of the ocean, Snailzilla rose…

“AHHHHHH!” was the local outcry. 5 hours later, “AHHHHHH!” was still the local outcry. 5 hours after that, “My throat is tired and scratchy” was the local outcry.

Eventually, people went back to their normal lives, and they just called the “Extsnailmanator”(Short for “Exterminator for snails”) whenever it moved more than a foot. Until one day, where it moved a lot. Then the local outcry was “WE NEED MORE EXTSNAILMANATORS”

The End(For now…)Week 26

The mystery of the purple stew!

One day, all the GoNoodle people got together, and sang this song: Weeeeeeee’re making a purple stew, whip whip whip whip, We’re making a purple stew, shooby dooby doo! With purple food coloring, and artificial purple dye, and fake purple plastic and yellow bananananananananas! Wait what? Oh, no. At least we can make fun of hospital man when he swam in it when it was 0.00001% natural flavors. Then they washed their un-pre-shrunk roller skates and the roller skates got really tiny. Like ant tiny. Almost as small as some pre-shrunk roller skates.

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Bob and the case of the time machine!!!

Bob was a person, and he made a time machine and it needed to be hit to be started. If it was hit too hard, it would EXPLODE!

One day, Slap McSlapperson came and slapped the machine. It was too hard…

“Sorry, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” said Slap.


Then a time machine fell from the sky. Slap slapped that too.

Then a mountain of time machines fell from the sky.

“That could have been bad.” thought Bob and Slap.

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What is the plural of bigfoot? No one knows…

All we know is that once upon a time there was a bigfoot tribe that called themselves THE BIGFEET…

One day, Bigfoot the bigfoot said “I have a BIG foot!” Indeed, his foot was big.

Not many people realize, but only one of each bigfoot’s feet is actually a big foot.

A different one day, Bigfoot took the multiverse traveler(From Vaden’s story) and visited Fish the fish.(From my 13th and 15th 100 word challenges.)

Then Badguy the bad guy showed up and got defeated.


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A white octopus is actually more likely to be gentle to you, because a white octopus is a calm octopus (this also works perfectly, because I can use 2 of the words at once!)

Octopus would be great at playing the piano, because they have 8 arms (not tentacles) and each sucker has extremely good control.

Octopuses are very smart. In aquariums, they need all sorts of springing or sticking or confusing toys to occupy themselves or they will escape. (Very easily)

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Once upon a time, there was a tortoise, and they were fast.

They went to the marathon to race against his opponent…

…The hair…

The hair was on the tortoise's nose, and it looked extraordinarily horrible. The hair kept beating the tortoise by a few millimeters. So the tortoise solved the problem the only way he could… He played his mustard guitar… …no wait, that can’t be right…  …he shoved his hair…

No, he shaved his hair… Now when the winner is called, it is always the tortoise who is in 2nd place…

The End?

Week 19


You win for coolest plant.” Mr.Flytrap was happy, UNTIL…

“Hello, I am reporting for “News Maybe Eventually”(I liked “news weekly” better)and I want to know who Mr.G. Rass is.”

“It is a plant that has no flowers, no fruit, and will annoy you as you keep it healthy.”

“What’s the point?”

“Well, it can look good if you keep it in perfect condition.”


“I’m sorry Mr.Flytrap, but Mr.Rass is the new coolest plant.”


Grass was the coolest plant. UNTIL…

Coming soon… Mr.K. Rat.

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A long, long time ago, there was a man named Gerald Personington the 932nd, and he was from a long line of Gerald Personingtons. 931 to be exact. One day he dropped the key to his secret family fortune that no one knew about. Later that day, a kid named Bob found it. “It must be the key to Gerald Personington the 932nd’s secret family fortune that no one knows about! I learned about it in school!” so he went to the secret chamber that no one knew about, and got the treasure.

Week 16

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” said Bob, but in a really really LOUD kind of way. Everyone was thinking the same thing, and it wasn’t because it was said out loud “it’s not like last year” they thought.

Last year, Bob traveled to Neptune (everyone but Bob’s idea.) The New Year reunion was perfect last year, but now that Bob has come back, everyone spent their time crowded in one corner, away from Bob. Why do they do this? Probably because they knew that Bob had a snak sucker©(It’s supposed to be spelled that way.) that would suck up their snacks.



As you read previously, I am Fish, and I am also a fish. Last time, I discussed how once the ice caps melt, we will take the human’s rockets(like “Apollo”, and “Voyager”) from the big NASA parking lot.(They will be called “Apollfish”, and “Voyagefish”) 

That happens after reading the local paper, putting it in a Fishy brand silver frame, and climbing the underwater mountains of doom. When we get to our lost planet, FISHYFISHFISHFISH, then we will all be happy fishys!

For more information about fish and his thoughts, go to “www.levis13th100wordchallengeandthisisdefinentlyarealwebsitenotjustafunnyjoke.com”

Week 14

I say that we need solar panels. A LOT of solar panels.

Also maybe we could put hydroelectric turbines under sinks, so that it generates electricity when you wash your hands. That helps energy, but then we need to fix the existing problems.

We could plant LOTS of plants in open spaces to lower carbon dioxide levels and get habitats back to animals. We could use bamboo(people-grown.) instead of wood, because it grows back really fast. This is just the start of what we could do to help the earth, but to help the earth, we need to cooperate.

Week 13

Fishy fish, the fish that decided to be a fish being a very fishy fish.

I am Fish. I am a fish. I am a fishy fish. The humans are melting the ice caps, to make more fishy water for fishy fish like me. My dad, King FISHY FISH FISH FISH, asked me,

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” I already knew the answer, 

“Then the fishy fish can take rockets like apollo, and voyager from the humans, and build our rockets, Appolfish, and voyagefish, to get to our long lost planet, Fishyfishfishfish!”


The turkey tar!!!!!!!

Once there was a town called Tarville. They turned everything into tar. When they had Thanksgiving leftovers, they turned them into tar!

One day, the turkey tar started rotting. (it was made out of turkey, which can rot.) The people yelled “HELP! OUR TURKEY TAR IS ROTTING!!!” Then, the famous Bob “detaranator” McWhatshisface came and said “Have no fear, no tar is here!!!!” He sucked the tar in with his Vacula© vacuum (that is not real, I made it up. Catchphrase: I vant to suck your dust!) and it was fixed, and everyone left feeling very thankful.

Week 11

         The creation of emojis…

There was a guy, and he said “people need a way to talk to each other… BUT WHO NEEDS WORDS!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?” So he thought. “How can I talk, but without words? Aha! I’ll take faces, and then I’ll make them yellow and small. Then, I’ll make them comically exaggerated!

So people started using the newly named SEYFTASOCATCBSYANTROTFBGOWMJ(small exaggerated yellow faces that are sort of creepy and they could be stalking you at night. The rise of the faces begins…GO ON WITHOUT ME JEFF!!!!)

This work is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons is completely coincidental.

 Week 10

Bob and the solution to global warming.

Bob the ordinary civilian was sitting at home when he suddenly came up with how to stop global warming.

“We just put this special ingredient in everything that contributes to global warming, and it will send out a wave of sound, too low for anything to hear, but perfect for slowing down the movement of particles. It will cool down the earth a little for every time it’s used.” He got the Nobel prize and everyone got un-hot-ified and it was good. Then people started to grow more trees and everyone was happy.

Week 9

          The singing place?!

There is an industry where they sing terribly. It sounds like “A Mwa ha bim bum is a pattern that repeats! What!?!” 

Then people came up with the bad song free zone.

“Evacuate, Evacuate, follow the emergency protocols!” yelled their fearsome leader, M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E. Otherwise known as DA MOUSE. It was very urgent. They were afraid that their days of being ghoulish and scary were over. 


“I’m too young to be bim bum free!” shouted one of the workers.

Week 6

The Science Greenhouse!

    There was a greenhouse. A lot of scientists working on growing plants were in it. A group of scientists were arguing about what soil to use for the plants. 

    “Well it obviously depends on the species of plant, but I think we should use lab soil type- 3A67.” said one scientist. 

    “Then it will be too hot,” said the other scientist. “We need to use lab soil type-3A68. Otherwise it will get overwhelmed and lose it’s green color and be unable to keep itself alive.” 


I hope that you think this is a good, not boring story.


The weird, giant, glasses!!!

There was a pair of glasses. It was HUGE. There was a person on a big ladder, reaching up to fix a spot. What everyone didn’t know was that it was actually the headquarters of the evil organization, TPWEIEAAWCWBSP. It stands for: The Place Where Everyone Is Evil And Anyone Who Comes Will Be Severely Punished. So the good guys: TPWGPAAIIWYASUTITY.* decided to take out the big glasses. That is how TPWEIEAAWCWSP met it’s doom.

*It stands for: The Place Where Good People Are And It Is Where You Are Safe Unless TPWEIEAAWCWBSP Is Tracking You.

Practice Week 2

Jeff and the Potato of Chocolate!!!

One day Jeff was eating a potato.Then it exploded. 

So Jeff said: “a potato not eaten is a wasted potato!” If you didn’t know, the hill that he was on was a chocolate snow hill, so someone threw a chocolate snowball down the hill and it got very big from rolling down the hill. Then a time wizard came and reversed the explosion of the potato so that it reverted and got stuck in the giant chocolate snowball. The fact that the potato was in it gave Jeff the strength to eat it.

Practice Week 3

The Weird Case of the Dry River!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once there was a town. Then, a random stranger came and he said
“I have never seen the riverbed so dry, because I have never been here!!!”
Then the mayor of the town asked him if he wanted to be the new town joke person.
“Absolutely,” he replied.
So the town had a new town joke person after 50,000 years of non-joking. 
Then everyone had a HUGE party with lots of jokes, like 
“What did the ostrich say to the banana?   Hi!”
(Drum thingy joke noise!!)
The end… until another stranger comes!!!


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