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    Today was the first game of my season. It felt like I hadn't played in months.  It was 85 degrees out! Everyone was sweating so much.     

    After the second period the heat was unbearable, so I went inside the snack shack where I got a slushie to cool me down. 

    Then I headed out on the field. The score was 5 to 4 and we were down one point. I had to get the ball in the net. Finally I got the ball and was at the goal. I got the ball in the net and the crowd went wild!

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I was at my house and I was so hungry. my mom had not gone shopping in weeks and we were running out of food to eat. The weird thing was that she hadn’t gone shopping because she was doing something with concrete. Once I came outside when the tarp was not on and I had to jump over some pink concrete. Then I went inside to talk to my mom about her project. And our conversation was revolving around the weird project she was doing.  I then changed the subject to food and how she has to go shopping. 

Week 26

Dear diary, 

Last night there was a flood and I had practically swam up the stairs. There was lots of water. The next day I put roller skates on, then went rollerblading down my street. I crashed into garbage. I had to go to the hospital. In the tiny yellow room I woke up and saw my leg in a cast on my hospital bed. The doctor came in and told me I would be ok. I would have to rest my leg for five weeks then get a cheek up to see if I can get the cast off. 

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       “Mom, is it alright if Alice and I play ball outside until dinner is ready?”  I squeezed the glove I’d been holding tight in my hand. 

“Go ahead sweetheart,” said mom. “ Be careful not to play too close to the car.” She smiled.  Alice and I grabbed the bat and ball. Alice pitched the ball perfectly towards me and I swung so hard it looked like it would touch the moon. But it hit something far worse, the car window. 

“Emma, you're grounded,” said mom. 

“But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!”

 “I don't want to hear it!” 

Week 16

Today was just like any other day at school. We had P.E, reading, snack then writing and soon it was going to be recess. When the bell rang we got our coats and headed outside. Me and Emma were playing near the basketball court and that's where we heard that they were planning on firing the tech person. “It’s not like last year he did any work they thought”. Emma and I told everyone at school. They were all so shocked at what we heard. Soon enough the tech teacher was fired and we got a new tech teacher.


Dear diary, today I went to the ninja lab with my mom. When we got there my mom signed a paper with a silver pen saying that if I got hurt that we are not allowed to sue them. First I went on the climbing wall. It was  just like the one at the park. Except there was a metal frame around it. My mom paid for the whole hour of play time. I went on the monkey bars, ninja course and the warp wall and alot more. soon our play time was over and I had to go home

Week 14

I think to protect the environment we should plant more trees and cut down less trees, and that we should not litter because it will end up at the beach and it will kill turtles and lots of other sea animals. We also have to produce lots less smoke. It is not good for the environment and can kill humans and animals. This is why we have to not litter or cut down trees and produce lots of smoke. If everyone just pinched in a little bit it would make the world a better place by cleaning up and helping.

Week 13

“James, where are you?” “Come on!” I need to get to the lab early. 

“Coming,” Said james. 

“Get in the car, I will be right there”.

 I dropped James off at school and headed to the lab.when I got to the lab there were in  big bold letters ``What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?”. We have been studying global warming for the last few weeks. It sounded terrible. The ice caps started to melt and all I could think about were those polar bears. The sea was going to rise 23 feet! 

 Week 10

Dear diary, so many people are making new machines and factories that are producing so much smoke which makes it hard for people breathe, and  It  does not help that people are cutting down so many trees everywhere. Every day I see people  chopping down trees in forests. When they should be planting trees all over the world. Just one factorie produces so much smoke a day, think how much they produce a year or a month. When people are cutting down trees they don't realize that  they're making it harder for us people to breathe every single day. 


Week 7

Dear diary,

Today when I was driving home from school the air was so smokey.My mom said that was because the pine bushes controlled the fire today.Ok I did not realize that.the pine bush every year has a controlled fire to get rid of all the weeds so they can plant more.Firefighters come to make sure it does not get out of control.But somehow it got a bit out of control.The firemen had to use the hoses from their trucks to put out the fire.It was now safe and everyone would be  alright .

Week 6

“Lucas, you're going to be late for school!” I called from downstairs to lucas. “I am sick of you being late. I am already so overwhelmed at work.” “Being a scientist is  hard,” I thought to myself. After I dropped him off I headed to work. When I arrived it was so hot and we did not have AC or fans going. My boss told me that we were figuring out a new species of turtle. They're really green, they have a very hard shell and their eyes are blue. Ok “So how many tests have you done”  “None yet”. 


It was Alice's 10th  birthday and she and her two brothers and sister were having a party but only family would be there.We hung outside for a bit and played volleyball.Then it started  to rain so we went inside. Everyone sang happy birthday to me and we had cake.Then it was finally time for presents.I could not wait to see what I got.I started with a present from grandma and grandpa.They got me jewelry.I loved getting jewelry.My mom got me sunglasses. They were pink and the rims were covered in pink fuzz.



Practice Week 2

 My name is Alex. I recently moved to Delaware near the   Atlantic ocean. My family and I are  getting pretty settled in. 

Today we decided to go on a dolphin cruise. The boat was 2 floors and was pretty big. We sat on the top story. Once we got out further in the ocean we started seeing the top fins of the dolphins. It was cool. They were bottlenose dolphins . We saw many dolphins. Later we saw a couple jellyfish. After that we headed back to the bay . When we got off the boat we went to have some crabs. 


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