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I pick up the round eggroll, not taking my eyes off the girl for a second. Like usual, I pick the cabbage out, and my mom pokes my leg just like the girl did with the pencil. “It’s not nice to stare.” Mom says in a how-many-times-do-I-have-to-tell-you-this tone.

Pots banging in the kitchen distract me.

Nervously I look back at the girl. The nerve. “Who just goes up to someone and pokes them with a pencil?!” I blurt out. 

“Sam! Watch your mouth!” Dad fires back. The whole restaurant goes quiet like an old black and gray silent film.

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I lean back in the chair, rocking it back and forth. Next to me, is my friend Lia. She’s pulling her hot pink shirt away from her neck as sweat drips down to her shoulders. 

The heat is unbearable, so fiery that I think I won’t be able to see my way into the also fiery steps to the pool. 

The water is bright blue, although it’s so humid you can barely see anything, and the water feels like lava! 

“Texas is the worst!” Lia says, her brown eyes facing me. 

“Especially today,” I add.

Heat waves are the worst!

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The pink ball hits me hard like concrete. Of course it hits me because why not. I should have known that the boys were power hungry over this silly game. Why do they even try at P.E? 

“I meant to hit the hoop, not you, Claire,”  Corry, one of the “cool kids” says. 

“No problem, it only feels like I got a concussion in my shoulder, Corry,” I tell him, with an eye roll. 

Jake, another “cool kid”,  is already taking his jump shot, the ball revolving around the  hoop,  right out of the net. 

Only 30 more minutes.

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The building shook, and then…

“Yes!” My best friend Cleo and I slap our hands together in a high five.

I pick up our structure from one of the green straws sticking out of the top. I can’t believe it passed the earthquake simulator!

I know it’s made of straws, and duct tape, and other materials like that, but still, it passed! 

That’s when things get interesting. 

The building shakes: “EARTHQUAKE!” And this one is a real one too!

“Take cover!” my teacher shouts to the class. Kids stumble out of the window. Others just put a book on their heads. HELP!

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I sit in the leaf as it slowly swings back and forth, sending a light breeze of autumn air my way. 

The leaf is your average leaf… until it’s not.  It has your normal leaf color: an ombre of gold going into your average yellow, The stem is bendy, and it has bruises and marks here and there. 

But this leaf is magical. Once you touch it, you shrink. The world becomes much bigger. The leaf slowly brings you down to the bottom of the tree you climbed to get it in the first place. 

Now, you are shrunken forever.

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I wipe mustard off of my mouth, leaving a yellow streak across my finger.

“Use a napkin.” Mom reminds me.

The chandelier glistens above the dinner table, each tiny detail glistening in the light it gives. 

I hear the sirens, an ambulance rushing to the hospital. I’m getting used to that now. 

We just moved to  a new city. Mostly because of my grandpa. He’s pretty elderly so he needs help from an aid to get around. 

I hear the scrape of roller skates across the floor. The waiters wear roller skates to get around quickly. Talk about fancy!

Week 25


I extend my arms to make the position for a forearm pass. “You got this!” I tell myself. If only I did get this, though! I like volleyball! I convince myself. Yes I do!

2.  Addison

“This is just a whole lotta’ work!” I say. I want to “relax and slouching against the wall” But clearly Coach  doesn’t agree with that!

3. Coach

“Are you seriously not-trying!?” I ask my student, Addison. “We have 30 minutes left of P.E, and you're just sitting? You have a whole volleyball tournament you and your team could win! Ugghh Kids.

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I slouch down against the tree, staring at the busy town below me. A steep road separates the quiet, calm neighborhoods with the ocean view, and Marzville with the small tourist shops.

I sit at the top of the road. This is what I love about California, the just-right breeze blowing my hair, the ends of my hair all sticky with tree sap, the ocean saying: “Come, swim in me!” 

Just then: “Everyone! Run!” I hear someone yell from downtown. Big bolts of sound bang in my ears. 

I’m not sure what’s happening, but I know that I should run!

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A feeling of serenity pours over me as I stare down at the gentle view. My dog, Rover springs up and down pasting a smile on my face.

Music plays from behind me, the pianist tapping each finger on the white keys of the piano.

“LiLee?” My parents call from behind me. I turn around to face them.

“Time for dinner. You’ve been staring at that view forever,” mom says. “Who could blame her? The Adirondack High Peaks are one of the most beautiful places,” dad says.

“I’ll have octopus!” My younger brother says. 

I’m glad everyone likes this vacation.

Week 19

The scent of cotton candy fills my nose as I take a deep breath. I know it’s just a silly little carnival challenge that literally anyone can enter, but I want to take this challenge as seriously as possible. 

All I want to do is hear: And the winner of this year’s spring recital… Katelyn Terrace! and go home.

“Next up on stage,” the announcer booms across the audience, “Kaaaatteeelyyn Teerrrraccce!”

That’s my name.

I stumble up onto the stage, delicately holding my sky blue dress so I don’t trip.

A swirl of applause greets me-which makes me feel worse.

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In the dark black transparent windows of Timmy’s Toy Store, I can see the faded reflection of my sister, a concerned look glued onto her face. She must have used Super Glue because her worried expression is not coming off!

“Are you sure we’re supposed to be doing this?” My sister asks me, clenching my arm tightly. 

Her pink sweatshirt shines like Rudolph’s nose on a foggy night.

“If we get in trouble, we can just say… umm… we’ll just make up an excuse!” I say, realizing how bad this idea is. 

I turn the key in the keyhole. 

       Let’s go.


The plane taxis down the runway with bright yellow lines guiding every twist and turn.

As the plane gets closer, I get more nervous. I loved airplanes… until now! No matter how many books I read about airplanes, I just can’t be ready for this.

Next to me, I can tell my friend Gina has waterfalls heavily pounding excitement on her. After all, this is her first plane ride.

I can’t believe my parents trusted me to go on a plane with Gina by myself! Who’s crazy enough to do that?! I already missed a flight! I can’t do this!


My best friend Keira Zoble and I lay on my bed, watching a totally-unnecessary video.

“Zoom, zoom, zoom, kaboom!”Jack Hartmann sings. 

His red shirt with a lightning streak on it, symbolizing the superhero The Flash, is definitely not what I would call a good “fashion choice” but  it’s okay. 

“Why do we have to watch this?” I ask Keira.

“Because, I love to make fun of him!” she says.

I roll in the other direction (which is not facing my computer screen.)

It’s not like last year, I think. I don’t even get to pick what we watch anymore. GES ONLY JAN 7

The receptionist hands me a pink paper ticket with printed letters stamped on that says Rocky River Theme Park. The ticket is outlined with a thin frame of silver.

“Are you guys ready to have the best night ever!?” I hyper-ly ask my best friends, Emma and Taylor. 

“I’m not sure it will be the best night.” Negative-Nancy-Taylor says with a frown. 

“Ohmigosh!” I say, pointing to a huge roller coaster, ignoring her comment. “Look!” 

The coaster clicks, climbing the steep hill.

“I don’t know, Claire. The track looks kinda rusty.” Emma says. 

Ok. Not the best night ever.

Week 14

Thinking of the words: “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” I feel as if there are a million answers- which there are. Not everyone's answers are going to be the same and not everyone’s answers are going to be different.

For me, when I think of the environment, I think of how much the world has evolved and how much it relies on gases, heat, and other stuff like that. It makes me wonder why the world has to rely on all those gases and stuff, and why humans have to pollute every single day.


Week 11

I gulp as me and my sister Sophia, my mom, and dad walk down the halls of the Woodward West Airport.

 Each wide hallway with white tile flooring is dotted with mini convenient stores and restaurants on either side. Most stores are selling airplane essentials, but others are selling what smells like very delicious food. 

Occasionally, there are a couple bathrooms connected to the strips of stores and restaurants, but not too many. 

Nerves jingle through my stomach as dad says: “We should head towards the waiting place, It’s about time to catch our flight.” 

I sigh. I hate planes! Week 10

An unfamiliar smell lingers in my nose as I walk towards the nuclear power plant. It’s not like dad wanted this job. It just happened to be available right when he needed one! 

Money’s tight now that my mom, dad, and I moved. We moved from a two story house to a one story. (which stinks because what kid wants to live in a one story house when they’ve always lived in a two story?!) 

 Smells of gases fill our noses as we follow dad to the office of the plant for his job interview. 

“Wish me luck!” He says.

Week 9

My blond hair sways in the breeze that the open classroom window lets in. My brown eyes stare down at my paper with a printed red margin, and blue lines. I wonder what Mrs. Sailor, my 7th grade writing teacher, wants us to write today.

 A thought pops in my head, like a balloon being popped, thoughts spewing everywhere. Test day. I remember. My face gets red with worry. 

Another test.

“Class, today you will be writing the meaning of each word I  write up on the screen.” Mrs. Sailor says. 





She wrote.

Mental sigh. Ugh!  OPTIONAL WEEK 8

I pull the hefty lever, staring at my phone screen. I’m totally downloading this! I think to myself, staring at an app. 

“Emma!” A loud lion voice erupts my thoughts, as my head snaps up to see who roared at me.

 Oh, great. It’s  Mr. Fencer, the guy who directs the school plays every year. 

“What?” I ask, confused. Really I’m thinking: what did I do now?  

“What did I tell you about the lights? We need the cyan lights!” he complains. I gaze at the light I just pulled, confused. Sheepishly I read the label: PINK LIGHTS! Oh great!

Week 7

    “Hello, mom?” I said quietly, my frail knees curled up to my chest. 

    For a while there was no answer. Just the sound of the flames rapidly banging against each and every window at Flameshade Apartments. The flames sounded like a flag  rapidly blowing in the wind. This fire started with only an old lady named Mrs. Gipple who lives in the apartment complex. Why did she try to use the oven without her aid’s help?  

“Mia?” Mom's voice sounded frantic. Looking for help. I know I should’ve answered, but the fire was so traumatizing I couldn’t spit anything out! 

Week 6

I get overwhelmed. All the green leaves on the tree were beautiful. The sunlight gleamed, projecting little yellow shapes on the leaves. 


     My science camp counselor starts to tell me. 

    “Looks like you found a new species of fungus!” 

    She exclaims. I wasn’t expecting to feel like a real scientist. The hot sun beat down on me as I studied the leaf more. I never thought I would find a new species! Suddenly I felt like I belonged in this group. It was like a puzzle with a missing piece. Now I’m not missing.I feel like I belong.Practice Week 1

Art zone Chapter 1

The miniscule dot I used to complete my confetti drawing was perfect. It’s amazing how you can turn a white piece of paper into such a detailed drawing! My name is Bella. I love art. I’m good at it. My pencils were sticky from the humidity. I got up and began washing the lead off my hands. That’s when the bell rang. I hate when the bell rings and I’m working on a project. I took a glance at my calendar. My drawing was due Friday. I smiled. Art always makes me smile. 

Practice Week 2
Grabbing my brush with an aggressive grip, I splatted it onto the pallet with rainbow colors to their brightest. I swirled it around, and jammed it onto the canvas that was placed on an easel. It sounds like I’m aggressive, but there's reasoning. Mrs. Grattle asked us to locate our art style by friday. My art teacher Mrs. Grattle’s not strict, but she hates it when you turn in work late! I’m trying the abstract vibe. I watched videos to watch the artist's technique. They seemed aggressive. So I followed their mood. I ended up with  puddles of muddyness. Great.

Practice Week 3

 I ran as fast as I could, skipping over tree logs.  “Tag, You’re it!” A girl named Alice yelled, tagging me on my shoulder. I was dragged into Sleep Away Camp that my friend Brianna brought me to. In this camp you do everything “forest-y”. We even cook our dinners over a campfire! Who has time for that? I don’t get why we can’t just take Counselor Steve’s car and go to McDonalds. Today for our “game,” we were playing tag by the river. The sun is beating down on me. I have never seen the river bed so dry!


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