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Grey was cooking a round cabbage in the kitchen one day , when his dog was nervously running from the top floor to the ground floor many times. Grey’s dog was frantically barking as if he was trying to say something.

Then suddenly Grey heard a loud bang coming from the top floor and he rushed up there to see what was going on. He saw that the bathtub’s faucet was running and the bathroom was flooding, so he quickly ran to turn of the faucet. He thanked his dog and asked if that was what he was trying to say.

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Tim was jogging around the park, when he noticed a dog inside a car. The car was not running and the windows were up. 

The heat was unbearable, so Tim wanted to help as he remembered a fact, “ Keeping a living organism inside a car during a heat wave  without the windows open can be fatal.” He immediately called 911.

A few minutes later, the police came and smashed the window and rescued the dog. The dog’s owner eventually sprinted to get his dog, he identified his dog and noticed that the police and Tim were there. He acknowledged them.

Week 29

I attended a birthday party with my friends. The party host asked us what we would like for lunch. We made the concrete decision to go with pizza.

Then we made two teams to play bowling. Girls on the pink team and boys on the blue team. Finally the boys won, my parents told us to jump and cheer, so that they could take a picture.

After the games, we were very hungry. We were revolving around the table to find our spot to have the pizza.         

Later, we went for round two of bowling, we won that round too.


Tim was walking on the pavement in the park in the morning. He was walking his dog, Rex. 

Tim tripped on a rock and fell into a wishing well. It was full of coins. He was sinking in deep water, when his dog barked very loud. 

Somebody heard Rex and they came over to check out what was happening. He saw Tim and went to get help. A park manager came over with a red ladder and inserted it into the well. Tim climbed up the red ladder. 

The park manager told Tim that Rex is a great rescue dog.

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In an apartment complex two neighbors had a great hatred for each other. It was because Sam always had his speaker on and Theo didn’t like the loud noise. 

In a midnight the building shook and then Theo instantly woke up. He raced out of his apartment. Other tenants were rushing to the ground. 

Then there a was second shock and the building shook again. Theo heard loud noise from Sam’s apartment and realized that Sam was still in his apartment.    

Although Theo hated Sam , he woke him and they both ran to the ground. Sam thanked Theo for helping.

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In summer vacation my father bought me roller skates and I was trying them out in the backyard. Suddenly a tiny, yellow bee stung me followed by more bees. I dived and swam into the pool to prevent from more bee stings. When the bees were gone I came out of the pool. My parents took me to the hospital. 

The doctor examined me and asked how I knew that jumping into the water will stop bee stings. 

I replied that I got this information from some National Geographic films.

He acknowledgingly said that I demonstrated a presence of mind.

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Robert and Bill were best friends and good soccer players. In a soccer match they were placed on different teams. 

The scores were tied in the middle of the game. Robert made the next goal with a lot of force. His team won the game and they cheered. Bill was sad but he tried to be friendly, because he did not want Robert to feel bad.

In the locker room Robert said “ Sorry, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”

“ It's just a game,” Bill replied, “You did a great job.”

Robert said “You are my best friend”.

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Owen went to bed early as he had to hike in a forest the next morning. He awoke and started hiking. 

He felt that somebody was following him. He looked around and nobody was there. Owen continued until he saw large hands around a tree. Then a monster looked out from the tree. Owen was scared and started running. The creature followed him. 

He came to the edge of the cliff and the monster was still following him. He had to jump or get eaten. He decided to jump. Owen awoke from the bed and realized it was a dream.

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We went to the ski resort as there was a snowstorm a few days ago. We reached the ski resort and it looked like a white blanket of snow. A few minutes later people were springing out from nowhere. I started skiing gently and then picked up speed.

We returned home in the evening. I got sinus because I played in the snow for a long time. It felt like an octopus was holding my head tightly. My parents asked if I wanted to go to piano class. I replied no and added that I want hot coco and rest.

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Owen's family planned to visit a friend in Philadelphia and attend a concert on the way. Owen’s car did not work when they started, so they decided to rent a car.  They thought it was horrible when they discovered that the only car left was a mustard yellow Bronco SUV. Since they didn’t have a choice, they took it. 

They had to shove through the crowd as they were late for the concert. In the end they thought the guitar player was extraordinary.

When they struggled to find their car in the large parking lot, the  mustard color helped them.

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Tim and all of his friends except Allan reached the movie theater. Since Allan was delayed they decided to go to the next show, meanwhile they agreed to go bowling to spend the time.

They decided that it will be a game and the contestants have to buy the winner an ice cream. The game started and everyone gave their best shot.

Allan reached the bowling alley and he became the score keeper. Finally Allan announced that “...and the winner is… Tim”.

  Contestants did not keep the promise and they secretly got ice cream for themselves and also for Tim. 

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It was the beginning of winter and we were relaxing in our home.

The indoor temperature was getting cold and we realized the heating system wasn’t working. We decided to call the service center immediately for help.

Soon a person came to fix the heater. He fixed the issue and left. He came back and asked if  we had seen his key. We said no and started looking for the key. After looking for a while , we found the key camouflaged in the leaves on the grass. We gave the key to him. He said he was grateful then left.


Chris’s family visited the theme park every summer. There was a spectacular water park inside the theme park.They loved to swim in the large pool, ride pool floats , slide in the falls and stand under bucket waterfalls where gallons of water splashed on them.They also liked Tsunami pools where waves hit them like the ocean waves. They enjoyed yummy food on each visit.

A few months after the Covid 19 pandemic hit, they visited the theme park. They were disappointed to see that the water park was locked and deserted. It’s not like last year, they thought sourly.


When Tim was a six month old baby his father brought home a six month old puppy. They named the puppy Red. 

Tim’s parents took a picture of Tim and Red on each birthday and hung it on a silver frame.Tim and Red always made a mess by ripping paper. The puppy climbed on Tim often. 

At 5 years old , Tim’s parents took Tim and Red to the park. Tim tripped and almost fell into the fountain, when  Red pulled him back from the hazard.

Tim’s parents were so thankful that they gave Red more treats and new toys.

Week 14

     Sri Krishna, a renowned scientist landed in Paris, France for a 

closed-door meeting with world leaders to explain about the causes of the global warming. After a long meeting , he met with the reporters from all over the world.

     A reporter asked him “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?”.

     He responded by saying that “Countries should reduce the greenhouse gas substantially and should get their energy from renewable sources like solar, hydropower, wind and geothermal. People should eventually move to electric cars. Plant a lot of trees and reduce plastic usage to save the world.”

Week 13

Anthony was going for a walk with his friend, Steven in reserved forest. They found a fawn whose leg is stuck between rocks.They saved the fawn.

Anthony asked “We saved the fawn but what do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?”

Steven replied “the ocean would overflow into the coasts and there would be irregular weather that would destroy agriculture, forest and infrastructure.”.

Anthony said “the cause for the ice caps melting is “Global warming” , maybe if people stop “Global warming” the ice caps would not completely melt and the Earth would be saved.”  


  Tim who is five years old  was visiting his grandparents for the Thanksgiving holiday with his parents. While his parents and grandparents were preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner, he was playing in the backyard woods. He walked deep into the woods and he could not find his way back.

When his mother found that Tim was missing, she called 911.

Officers started searching for him. People in the neighborhood volunteered to participate in the search mission. After a long search they found him in the woods. 

Everyone felt happy that he was found healthy and they left feeling very thankful. 

Week 11

My family and I were prepared to take an early morning flight from Houston, Texas. A thunderstorm came from no where and our flight was cancelled. I was disappointed.

My parents convinced me that they will make the weekend useful by visiting NASA. I was so excited. 

We visited apollo mission center , it was dramatic and  authentic. We experienced the behind the scenes tour on space exploration. We got NASA’s mission briefing. I pledged that I will be a part of the future mission after I complete my studies.

This would not have happened if the flight was not cancelled. 

Week 10

 “Pollution makes the greenhouse effect,” I elucidated to my friend “Rainforest is an excellent example. The Amazon rainforest provides us with so much including half of the water and 30% of the world’s species live there and 10% of the worlds biodiversity.”

“Rainforests are home to half of the world’s terrestrial animalia.

The creatures are the most awesome reason why we should save it.”

“Great job, you will rock the speech contest about ecosystem” my friend said.

  Its been two years since I won.

 My teacher liked the pollution piece so much that he printed it and hung it up.

Week 9

“Time to evacuate, its urgent,” neighbors screamed.

“Tornado is coming,” I told my family.

It was moving at 75 mph and was carrying tons worth of debris.

Me and my family was trying to save ourselves and we were running in search of shelter. 

I was afraid and industrious, so I found a red public library which is a shelter for disasters.

        It was coming toward us, so we had to run as fast as we could. It was a win or lose moment.

We were fortunate to reach the shelter just on time,we are in no more danger.


“What did I tell you about the lights,” cried my friend.

I was having a sleepover with my friend and forgot to turn off the lights.

His room was cozy so, I unrolled my sleeping bag and started to sleep.

Heard a peculiar noise as the hours passed by.It sounded like scratching, roaring and hissing,”Is it a monster?” I started thinking. 

I was terrified and started to investigate until a shadow stopped me in my tracks.

It came closer and closer roaring at me with sharp teeth , then I realized it was his cat and she was nocturnal.

Week 7

“Let's go,” I said to my friends. “ I don’t want to miss it.”

I was going trick or treating .

 My friends were walking behind me.

There wasn’t time to waste. After trick or treating there was a party, so I had to go fast or not make it in time. 

 As we went to the last house, my BFF wanted to get my attention.

  He screamed “FIRE!”  and there it was, a fire-like lantern.

We got to the party, 

but at the end of the day I had a bucket of candy and got to hang out with my friends.

week 6


One day a overwhelmed scientist wanted a green species In a hot desert and he came over a gila monster so he ran away.

But he tripped over a rock and said, “Oh man this is extremely bad , where are the green species when you want them.” 

The scientist was miserable so he sat on a rock that turned out to be a prickly cactus, he ran away and found lizards, a lizard that was green. 

He named it the chameleon but it was already discovered. 

So he ran around Africa and found a lizard , he named it the Ctenosaur.


Week 5

    A monkey named Grabsy was braciating through the forest one day.

     Suddenly he found a sunglass, so he put it on and started swinging through the trees. But soon he got stuck in vines because the glass was blinding him.

     There was a tiger coming and it spotted him,

     Grabsy noticed it and cried for help.

Tourists came and freed Grabsy using a ladder .

Grabsy noticed a stamped envelope to take but he did not dare to make trouble with a big tiger on the way.

So he started braciatng to avoid being prey.

The tiger went for other prey choices.

Practice Week 1

Today I checked the calendar to check if I could  go on vacation , so I went camping. Once I arrived I heard the lake washing on the sand and there were white shells and sticky mud . There were minuscule crabs and tons of herons,fish and animals. So after that we set up camp, made the campfire and started cooking some food. After eating some grub, I did astronomy and saw different constellations like the big and little dipper and Leo as in lion . I got out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows And read. I packed everything including  shells

Practice Week 2
       It was a chilly day in New York City. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. It was time to go to a very special place, the American Museum of Natural History. I found many different creatures there, including Tasmanian tiger, dodo bird, Velociraptor, and  Tyrannosaurus. I started with  Tasmanian tigers and ended with the Tyrannosaurus rex.  I saw different animals that are endangered including cheetahs, jaguars, falcons, elephants ,lions and tigers. Also, I saw  gigantic dinosaurs called sauropods whose necks were long. Then I saw herds of Argentinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus and more that were discovered on 2000- 2021

Practice Week 3

    On a warm day, Tony and Chris went walking near a river for about 20 minutes until …
      Tony asked “ Why is the river drier than usual”.
“Because the rainforest had the least amount of rain,” Chris replied.
“Still something is fishy,” replied Tony.
“ Ha, I get it river, fish,” laughed Chris
“ You are such a jokester ,” teased Tony
But neither of them realized what would happen.
Anyway they found out later that it was trees that fell down that blocked the water,  there was a new dam blocking the stream
So they went to their parents who fixed it.


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