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“I was on my morning walk as a little cabbage rolled in front of me. I didn't see it so bam! I stepped on it,”

The round table was right in front of me as I glanced Nervously at the grey cabbage.

“Did you not step on this poor cabbage,” the judge asked me.

“I will not deny it,” I said, my voice not wavering, “however last I checked it was not against the law to step on a cabbage.”

“It is the truth,” the judge said “you are free,” 

So Iet out a sigh of relief and went home.

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The sunny beach was in sight as I walked down the endless street. I was on vacation in Hampton beach. I was walking down to the beach so we could go swimming. 

The heat was unbearable so when I reached the sand I sprinted to the water to cool off. 

There was no breeze so I walked down the boardwalk. I probably would have melted if it weren’t for air conditioned shops. 

After I got something to eat I headed back to the beach. By now the sun had risen to its highest peak so I went back to swimming.

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I walked down the steaming concrete street to the red velvet food store. I was so hungry from running around on the beach with my cousins. I walked into the store and was met with a flash of pink and red. The store was filled with everything pink or red imaginable, even the fan revolving around the ceiling was a dark shade of red. I had to jump a bit when the bell rang and the cashier came to the front of the store. 

I ordered a red velvet cupcake (with bright pink frosting) and headed back to the beach.


The whole school came thundering out of the building as the bell sounded. I was amongst the stragglers dragging my feet against the freshly paved pavement which was now sinking in from all the kids running by. As I glanced down I saw a pile of coins. There was $4 just enough to go buy a pack of skittles. So I walked up to the candy store. As I walked in, a little bell jingled. I glazed over to a red ladder holding a man shelving the boxes of candy. I bought the skittles then hurried home to eat them. 

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I was walking through a corridor deep under the hotel. Quietly making my way around the secret tunnels I was trying to see where the tunnels lead to when the building shook and then I started to run. 

If that building fell down while I was down here I would be crushed. So, I ran faster than I ever had in my life. Zigzagging in between the walls until I found the trap door that led out of the hidden passage.

 I raced outside to see what was happening and I was just in time to see the building crumble.

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Bump-bump-bump, went the tiny yellow taxi as we drove on the bumpy road near the hospital. As we drove by I saw a kid ride by on roller skates. Then we took a sharp turn and the kid was gone. Next we drove by the town park and I could see the empty pool in which people swam in, in the summer.  Almost home, I thought as I passed the bowling alley, then before I knew it we were turning onto my street pulling into my driveway. At last I was home, I yanked open the door and sprinted inside. 

Week 25

   The hot sun was rising and with it came the warmth of the day, time for me to collect the eggs. I hurried and got dressed, then I went downstairs and out the door. The chicken coop was looming bigger as I walked toward the barn. When I finally got down the hill, I opened the door and reached into the nesting box and out came nine eggs and as I reached in to get the last one, oh no it cracked, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard. Ugh and now I have to clean the coop.

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I was walking through the forest when I heard something. It sounded like knocking on a door. Then I saw two arms wrapped around a tree, and they were slapping the tree like crazy.

“Hello?” I asked cautiously.

But the arms didn’t reply, they just kept slapping. So I walked around the tree and my worst fears were confirmed. There was no body with the arms, just the back of the tree. Horrified I began to sprint home. The trees I ran by were only a blurr, and when I got home I knew I wouldn’t be going back there.

Week 23

There I was, sitting on a stool right next to a lovely white piano and as I began to play the enthusiastic audience fell silent and, as I played, a gentle orange octopus came gracefully springing out of my mind. I imagined it to twirl around the stage staying in sync to my classical music and as I played on the music sped up, but so did the dancing octopus and it leaped and spun around the stage jumping around the crowd. Then I imagined the octopus to fade away and disappear. As the song ended the audience started clapping.

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“Screech” went the bus as we pulled up to the front door. We were at the extraordinary guitar museum.

 Everyone climbed out of the bus and walked toward the door. Many people shoved me out of the way trying to get inside but as we walked in a horrible mustard smell met our noses.

“Ew, what is that smell?” I heard someone say, but just as we walked 10 feet into the museum the smell disappeared. 

“Weird” I thought to myself.

The rest of the museum was great and once we saw it all we got back on the bus.

Week 19

It was the final round of the dance challenge and everyone was prepared to dance their hearts out and everyone was prepared to lose because I was going to crush this, just like I do every year but this year I would be going against my friend Faith.

“Hey Kay,” Faith called over, “are you ready.”

“Yeah,” I replied. But, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to win, so as I stepped out onto stage I danced but not the best I could and when the results were in and they said the winner is Faith I wasn’t so sad.

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I was walking home one cold day after school when I thought of taking a shortcut through the woods so that I could get out of the cold as quickly as possible. So I turned off the main street to a path leading toward the forest. But as I approached it I saw a gate that appeared to be locked, “Ug, I must need a key,” I thought to myself, just then as I looked down a little key appeared. I picked it up and fitted it into the lock, turned it and opened the gate, then I hurried home.

Week 16

The pure white icy snow was piled up to Marry’s knees as she walked home from school on a frigid January night. Well It’s not like last year, she thought. And soon she found herself thinking back to the previous year.

  The snow was piled taller than 5 feet. Everyone was trapped in their homes and police had to climb through snow to bring people fresh food. School was closed for all of January (which was a plus of course) and by the time it did melt there was pound upon pound of mud. Yep, it was a crazy year.


I was going for a walk in the park when I saw someone who was climbing on the monkey bars wave me over. So I walked over to greet him and he handed me a  piece of paper that had a silver frame. I looked down at it and when I glazed up to thank him he was gone. 

Later that day it started to rain. I quickly covered up the paper but as the raindrops hit it, they revealed a hidden picture. The picture was of a beautiful forest, and I smiled to myself as I finished my walk.

Week 14

“What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” the reporter asked me. I swallowed hard and apparently she could tell I was about to give a long answer because she seemed to slide back into her seat.

“ Well, I think that if we all used less motor vehicles we could impact the environment better. For example if we walked to more places that are closer to us or biked more we would use less gas or at the very least we could use more public transportation like buses so that less cars are being used,” I answered.

Week 13

“It’s so hot out,” Patty said as she walked down the steaming street.

“Yeah, it’s getting hotter due to global warming and the ice caps are melting,” her friend Kathy said.

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” Patty asked.

“Well first the oceans would rise consuming the smaller islands, then all the animals that depend on the cold weather would go instinct,” Kathy said as she heard the bell ring, “like us if we are late to school, let’s go!” and with that they took to running down the street to their school.

Week 11

One day I had the miraculous idea to try to go on every motor vehicle, here’s how it went: First we went on an underground train, then we went on a motorcycle, next we drove a taxi, then we got to go on a bus, after that we went boat, then we took our car to fill up on gas. After we were done we got into a hot air balloon and then a plane, finally as the sun was setting we went for a nice bike ride, even though we didn’t go on everything we still tried and it was fun.

Week 10

     Everyone was in a fuse about the new factory that just moved down the street, it gave off menacing dark smoke that haunted the streets in the form of dangerous animals.

     Until one day when someone crept into the factory to shut it down. They crept through  the machines till they reached the back of the factory where the controls were.

     They fiddled around with the buttons until they found the off switch and when they pulled it everything shut down and the factory was dead. All the animals made of smoke vanished into dust and the town was saved.

Week 9

     I was in the amazon industry exploring the shelfs when a red alarm sounded, then an urgent voice flashed over the loudspeaker, “you…evacuate...ZOMBIES,” his voice was glitchy but from what I understood I needed to leave now! 

     As I began to run to the front of the store I started to see people running in all directions. Then I saw the zombie, even more afraid I sprinted harder until I reached the front door but they were locked. So I ran over to the counter looking for a key. When I found it I dashed through the doors outside.


It was a dark school day and everyone had gone home except the janitor and his young apprentice. They were  both walking down into the basement when the lights flickered. They both jumped, and the janitor said ¨what did I tell you about the lights?¨

¨that they are very flickery down here and to not be afraid,¨ the boy said as they continued down the hall.

When they reached the end the janitor turned right. He climbed up on the ladder to fix a light. He unscrewed it then put a new one in. Then they went upstairs.

Week 7

People were screaming and crying while the flame monsters took over, sharp, flamey teeth, and hot fire claws scraped at the ground as we all plunged into the water, trying to escape. Everything was a blur with smoke but out of the shadows was someone dancing by the heat. 

He had a hose and was swinging it around putting out the fire. We all started to cheer him on.slowly but surely the fire monsters began to retreat, now seeing the power we had, and after they had left we all got hoses and started to put out the flames.

 Week 6

    The scientist examined the pea that was on the table, he put a drop of green sauce on it and it sprouted a new species. He went to touch it, but pulled his hand back for it was very hot. Overwhelmed, he poured water on it, but it didn't do anything. Out of ideas, the scientist put a plastic cup on it and went upstairs. 

    Of course the cup melted and the pea explored the house until he found a grape, the pea ate it in one bite, and died.

    When the scientist came downstairs there was just one pea.


Another day had begun in sunglass city which meant I would be heading off to clean the  fluffy pink sunglasses. 

As I walked down the street I began to start to see fluff in between buildings and as I turned a corner I saw the amazing sunglasses, the symbol of our city. I got up on the ladder and beagan to clean, my stomach got queasy as I gazed down at the street below me. Don´t look down, I told myself as I finished up with the lens and climbed down, and breathed a sigh of relief. it was over.

Practice Week 1

One morning a very white ghost sprang out of bed and checked his calendar. It was the day to go to the beach, just then his minuscule pet flea ran up to him holding a sticky banana. The ghost took the banana and ate it, then he and the flea got in their car and drove off to the beach. When they got there they laid out a blanket next to the beautiful blue ocean. 

After a while they got back in the car and drove to the car wash, they watched the wipers as they were washing the car.

Practice Week 2

Boom! Bam! Is how I woke up this morning and I swam out of bed, and saw that there was a huge whale that was attacking our underwater town.

 I got to work quickly wrapping the whale in seaweed, then I kept tying more seaweed onto the first piece. 

Then I took the seaweed rope and swam far away with it, wrapping it around an old shipwreck. I knocked on the door of the ship. A shark came out and started pulling the rope when he reached the whale he ate him, till only a large pile of bones remained. 

Practice Week 3
Glued to my seat I tried to stand up then I saw her, my sister  gurgling down all the milk from the milk stream. She dumped the remains on my head and now being free I ran outside. I have never seen the river bed so dry, all the milky water had been swallowed by her.
I went to see the wizard who lived in a cave on the edge of town he gave a spell that was scribbled down on paper:

I hurried back to the river bed and said “Tatomilko,” It worked! Now we had unlimited milk supply.  


  1. great job with your words Daniel

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  3. I like how in week 8 it kinds of gives me goosebumps, in a fun way! -Isaac

  4. 100WC Week #18
    Hello Keagan,
    What an interesting introduction to a potential longer story you shared. A found key unlocked a gate but you were cautious and returned home instead of exploring. I wonder if the story continued curiosity might draw you back to explore? Well done.
    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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    -Gabriella :) <3

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