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Jack was playing catch with his younger brother in the yard on a particularly gray day when suddenly, the ball slipped and rolled into the woods.

 “You go get it!”  his brother said nervously.

Jack crept into the woods very slowly. He walked for what seemed like ages, when he came upon a small pond. The pond was beautiful and surrounded by cabbage!

A bang made him jump back. Thousands of silvery fish jumped out of the water and were revolving round and round. He saw the ball in the pond and tried to grab it but fell in forever.

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Jack was running down the hot dry concrete to the annual state fair! 

By the time he got there, He was hungry, so he got a hotdog and some pink cotton candy. After he ate it, he went to the rides. He couldn't decide if he should ride the Galactica Jump, Or the Space flinger. He decided to go with the Space Flinger. That was a ride where you were revolving around in a UFO. 

He got into the ride and he started regretting it.

After what felt like hours the ride stopped. He got off, Puked and went home.



Two years ago, a kid named Jacob saw a blue piece of paper under a red ladder.  He picked it up and gasped. It was a ticket to the new water park downtown! He sprinted down the hot pavement to the cool water park. 

      When he got there, he found some coins in a water fountain! So he went to the biggest slide he could find. He zoomed into the pool below, but then he started sinking. The lifeguard dove into the pool and swam him to safety. He was really scared but ok and went back to the rides.

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A boy named Joe put on his tiny yellow roller skates and headed for the town pool. When he got there, he quickly got in his bathing suit and went to find his friends, Bob and Jack. When he found them, Jack dared Joe to swim to the deep end. Joe swam to the back of the pool. He was fine at first but then his legs got tired! Joe tried to swim back, but his legs gave up. He started to sink! Luckily, a lifeguard saved him.  He had to be airlifted to the hospital where he soon recovered.

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On Tuesday, a kid named Jack was gaming on his computer when an ad showed up in the middle of the screen. He tried hitting the X but the ad wouldn’t go away. So, he took his fist and punched his screen, the screen shattered. “No, no, no!” he said. He took his computer and shoved it under the bed.

His mom wanted to look at something on his computer and when she saw the screen she screamed! 

Jack said, “but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard” and told her what happened. He was grounded for two weeks.

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“This is the Mythbusters Channel and today, we are in the woods of the Adirondacks.” “We  are trying to find the elusive Bigfoot and we have reason to try.” “Last night, a video was uploaded to Youtube of a security cam, and it shows…Bigfoot!” As the crew trudged on, they had no idea that something was watching them. 

When it got dark, they set up camp. In the middle of the night a crew member went to go to the bathroom. He just finished when he saw a hideous creature running towards him. He screamed, but no one heard…

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A gentle octopus was playing the white keys of a piano. All of his tentacles were springing on the keys. Sadly, pianos don't work under water so the octopus couldn't make a sound. Enraged, he threw the piano onto a boat, and it smashed through the hull. 

The boat started to sink. It hit the ocean floor first, and the piano descended to the bottom after it.

 The octopus rushed to the piano with his tentacles swirling like branches of a weeping willow tree blowing in the wind. This time he played and just imagined what the music sounded like. 

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  Today I will tell you the terrible, extraordinary, horrible, tale of the bad mustard! It all started on a terrible Tuesday when I was trying to practice my guitar, but all I could think about was… mustard! MMMM… yellow, creamy, mustard. I shoved salami and all of the mustard in the house into my mouth, and went to the store to get more. 

When I got home I poured myself a glass of mustard, gulped it down, and spit it out! It was maggotty mustard! Well that's the terrible,   extraordinarily, horrible, tale of the bad maggot filled super bad mustard.

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“We are ready to announce the winner of the National Pickle Contest!” Everyone sprinted to the pickle tent to see who the winner was. 

There were five people entered in the contest: Bob Bobertson, Jeffy Pencil, Bobby Bob, Joe Bloke and Homer Diston.

 The judge stood at the podium. “The biggest pickle prize goes to Bobby Bob.” “The smallest pickle prize goes to Homer Diston.”  “The prize for the tastiest pickle goes to Joe Bloke.” “And the winner isssssssss… Bob Bobertson, for the most politically, passionate, pigheaded pickle of all time!” “Bob Bobertson has won the golden pickle of awesomeness!”

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A kid named Jake was playing baseball in the park when he spotted an unusual key on the frosty ground. He put the key in his pocket and started home.

On his way out of the park, he saw a locked box.

He stuck the key in and it fit perfectly. He turned it and the box opened! Inside the box was a red button. He pushed it and water sprayed everywhere. Just then, someone shouted,  “You found it!” And the worker from the park ran over.

“I've been looking everywhere for this key. It's the key to the sprinklers.” 


Last Tuesday, a person named Bob got in a yellow taxi and drove to the biggest waterfall in the world. He was so excited he couldn't wait. 

 When he got there, he jumped out of the taxi, ran to the guardrail, and gasped. The water gushed down heavily in a sparkling stream.

 Bob was mesmerized watching the water flow down the mountain, but suddenly his feet slipped, and he flipped off the guardrail into the water below. Splash! 

He was sucked into a vortex where he met a red fish who was actually another vortex. The fish said “goodbye, Bob”. 


It's not like last year, he thought, as he sat  in class. Last year, he was learning online from home, and couldn't go anywhere. This year, he arrives at school in-person each day, sporting a backpack and a mask on his face. He bursts into class super excited to see his friends.  Last year, his only friend was his dog Hank, who did school with him every day. There were some happy things in online learning, he thought.  Still, this year is better considering that he gets to be with friends and teachers in person, and not through a screen. 


It's 3 Hours until the ski club and I'm sooooo excited.  About a week ago I got my first snowboard. It is amazing. It has a silver frame, and it’s paper thin. I immediately felt like going to the park, climbing the hill, and cruising down. But, it was late and there wasn’t any snow, so I had to wait until Wednesday for the Ski Club.

That day is here! One hour to go! I wonder if I will get a lot of time to snowboard because I'm a beginner but I know I will have fun. I’m so excited. 


My one wish is for people to stop killing our planet. This is my wish because when I think about the poor fish that are eating plastic and the arctic animals whose homes are melting more every day, it makes me sad and mad.  I wonder what life will be like when our planet is dead or even if we will be here, or if I will live to watch the world die. Sometimes it is good to think about things like this because then you might try to do something to save the earth. This is my one wish.

Week 14

Global warming has increased the earth's temperature by 0.14 degrees every decade! This is terrible because the ice caps are melting, raising the sea levels, and damaging the homes and lives of polar bears. So we have to think of a way to cool the earth. Most people talk about stopping our use of plastic and gas vehicles to discontinue the earth from warming.  These solutions will help, but I think we need to do more.  I think we need to invent something that will take chemicals and existing pollution out of the air like a giant air purifier. 

Week 13

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?”

     Imagine if the ice caps completely melted. Pollution has caused the earth to heat up in something called global warming.  When the ice caps melt it is predicted that sea levels will rise an astonishing twenty feet!  Beaches might overflow and destroy waterside homes. 

     Now let's talk about animals. If the land polar bears depend on melts, they will go extinct. And we know that if one animal in an ecosystem goes extinct, so will the rest. If the ice caps melt it's going to be bad. 

     What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?

Week 11

     On the news today, I saw a story about this boy who found a WW2 plane that crashed. It was amazing because they pulled out a German rocket! The reporter talked so much that I almost turned off the tv but then something caught my eye, a sign that said Guilderland Central Park. I got on my bike and raced to the park.

     When I arrived, there was a crowd screaming and shouting around the plane. I ran to the front and what I saw blew me away. The plane melted into a UFO and took off into the sky.

Week 10

Three years ago this factory exploded causing major devastation. It was the main Amazon factory in the U.S.A. 

The explosion caused production and stocks to tank,and delayed holiday shopping.  Worst of all, so much radiation was put into the air that the entire town and towns surrounding it had to evacuate. 

People in hazmat suits came and made everyone go to shelters for safety. 

When everyone was gone the hazmats started spraying everything with a special gas. It supposedly got rid of the radiation. This has to be one of the most devastating explosions of all time.

Week 7

Three years ago someone named Jon went camping. He took out his matches, got sticks and started a fire.

After a few hours of sitting by the fire he decided to go fishing. But he forgot to put out the fire! 

Once he got to the lake he started to smell smoke then he remembered, he forgot to put out the fire!

“Oh no” he said but it was too late . The trees were ablaze he called 911 and a firefighter came in a helicopter and put out the fire. 

“Make sure to put out the fire” said the firefighter.

Week 6


One HOT day an OVERWHELMED SCIENTIST was studying a new SPECIES of plants. It was ginormous bigger than any tree with pure GREEN leaves and pumpkins with faces growing on it. The only reason the SCIENTIST was doing this was because he was getting paid $100,000,000 for studying it. He just discovered that if you eat one of the pumpkins you can turn into anything you like. Now this SCIENTIST loved the Godzilla movies so first he turned into King Gidora And Godzilla then Thermo Godzilla. Now that he didn't need money he walked out of the lab.


 In Ohio yogurt had taken over. It was crazy and there were stachus of yogurt everyware. But that changed one day. A worker was wiping the glass of a statue of yogurt with glasses. That’s when the statue fell. 

Yogurt police came and put the man in jail for 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 years. But when he was sitting in his cell the wall exploded,and a good yogurt came.Together they were able to drive the yogurt out of the world.When the good yogurt had to go the worker almost cried.

 Practice Week 1

Hi I'm Julien. I have one sister, a mom and a dad. Sometimes, my family gets into Sticky situations. One time, our  washer broke and we stunk. Another time my family thought we had a miniscule problem but it turned out to be big. Our stove was broken and every time we turned it on it leaked gas. Finally a sewer pipe broke in our basement and started to leak.We also missed a baseball game because we got the date wrong on our calendar. Worst of all, I had a reading test and my mom's White car wouldn't start.

Practice Week 2

One day a kid named Conner was at a museum and he saw an awesome toy at the gift shop. It cost fifty dollars. He reached into his pocket and pulled out thirty dollars. “Aw man” he said. He started looking for twenty dollars . He looked all over but then he saw a door to the basement. He pulled it open and walked into the dark basement. There it was a twenty dollar bill. “Ew” it was under a pile of bones. He grabbed it and ran. When he got back to the gift shop he got the toy. “Yay”!

Practice Week 3

One Day my family and I went on a hike . We walked to the river and it was dry! “I have never seen the river bed so dry,”
said my Mom. Then a U.F.O came out of the sky and sucked up the remaining water! I panicked and hid. When I went out the U.F.O was on the ground and an alien stepped out! “Give us our water back!”
 I shouted. I threw a rock at the alien and it hit him. He went into his U.F.O and the water fell into the river.


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    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
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