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Week 29 

   Last weekend I was hanging out with my friend. We had an idea to go fishing. We saw some fish jump but I guess they were not hungry because there were no bites.

   As we were walking back we saw the sunset. It was pink and orange. It was so nice. But the walk was boring, the concrete felt extra hard and time felt like it was revolving back every second. 

  When we got back to the house we were tired so we got ready to eat and go to bed. We didn’t catch anything but what a great day.

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I was at a hockey tournament with my hockey team. 

We were in the semi finals so this was an important game.

As soon as we got to the game we warmed up and then got  dressed. We got on the ice and warmed up and then the play started. We were just starting the game and they got a 2 on 1 and scored. We came back with another goal and now it's tied up with 2 minutes in the 3rd period.The building shook and then we scored and won the game winning goal!!!!We won the championship!

Week 26

Hi, my name is Jared. David and I went exploring today. We are  both underwater sea monsters.

“This weekend was great, Jared.” Said David.“Yeah, let's tell the 100 word challenge magazine about it!”  

This weekend we swam to the yellow submarine, it was not as tiny as we thought it was. We unlocked it with a hair clip and looked around. We found weird stuff like ear wax filled earphones and even roller skates. We swam around and were trying to find cool things and out of nowhere we saw an underwater hospital that's wired. Let's check it out.

Week 24

 I was bored at home till I called my friends and asked if they wanted to come over. I got like 5 of my friends to come over.

It was fall my favorite time to play hide and seek so we played hide and seek around the area of like two back yards. 

 My friend and I found the best spot about 20 to 25 feet up. It was high but it was also the best tree ever to hide on. We climbed up and we never got found even with three people seeking we had to call for them.

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So it was the third day of our trip to Hawaii and we were going to go on a scuba diving trip. 

We went to the place to get our flippers and goggles. I put my goggles on very gently. When we got under the water there was a white octopus springing up and down playing the piano. 

He was a master at the piano. He was so good I was wondering how he got that down there and how he was so good. Well that made my day.

 I wonder if I'll ever see Mr.octopus again bye bye.

Week 20

So Jim is the head mouse. He is the best leader, the mice have had mostly because he plays the guitar before the mice go to bed. Jill is the nice one who will clean up when they play with the human fridge or keep the little mice comforted. One time they got mustard everywhere. That sounds horrible. Now we meet the mouse evey one likes. He is like the boss but isn't. He is strong. He loves to play with the younger mice they get shoved around but they like it for some reason. The mice are very crazy.

Week 19

I had a hockey tournament last weekend and we won the championship.

  I was in New Jersey for my first hockey game, we won this game 6-1. The next game was a good game. We are both equal teams but we lost 3-2.The next morning we had a really good matchup with two teams that are really good and we tied. Then we played really well against a good team and won 8-1. Now we're in the semi finals. And we won. And then in the championship we lost in overtime. And the winner is the wolfpack. Great game.Week 18

Every day I get off the bus I get home and there is nobody there most of the time so I have a key. It was a normal day walking home from school. I went to open the door and noticed my key wasn't there. I had it on the bus. Where did it go? Did I drop it on the grass? I don't know but it's so cold.

I looked everywhere then a silver key popped up and I found it. And I let myself in. I was so relieved that I found the key then I went home.went home.

Week 16

At the start of 2022 Tom was trying to get back in shape. He started to work out for about a month then he did not see any changes so he was down and he gave up. It's just the same as last year, he thought. But he went back to the gym and ment a new friend. He was super strong and he said, “I want to be strong like you.” His friend said it took time so Tom took time to work hard and get in shape. And noticed a change. It's not like last year he thought.


My friends and I love going to the park and climbing the high silver poles, playing tag and hidenseek. And after we walked back and got cold ice cream. So one day me and my friends were bored so we decided to go to the park and play hidenseek but it was wet and gross but we did not care. When we were finished  playing we walked to the ice cream place and then home but we did not  notice that we were so dirty till I checked the mirror frame then  I had to change and clean myself off.

Week 14

One thing I would suggest is to stop littering  the ocean and the cities.

In one way you don't want to see an ugly street and garbage it is bad for the ocean, and the cities, and the streets,  

Another thing we have to do is stop wasting food. You can give that to people who need it.  We should start donating food and we should start picking up litter and we need to recycle more.

We can donate clothing and things that help people in need instead of just having it sit in your house forever. Stop littering now!!!!!! 

Week 13

 I was sitting in class and the teacher said, what do you think would happen if the ice caps melted? I thought about what would happen.  

So I went home and I thought about it. What are ice caps? I asked my mom. She said they are miles and miles long ice blocks we have in the arctic and antarctic. That means that if the ice caps melt where will the water go will it take over cities and make new oceans.

I was going to bed but i can't get it out of my head   what would happen if...

Week 11

When I was in Hawaii I went on a tiny but cool but and it was one of my favorite experiences.

We snorkeled with dolphins, cliff jumping and swimming. I went to a beach and jumped off a bridge into the water.

Then we even went to a waterfall and jumped off rocks and found a natural slide of rock. Drove up a mountain and were really high. It was kinda scary. Got a lot of saved ice and great food at night as we walked around.

We were on the main island (Hawaii) and honolulu. My favorite vacation ever.hawaii.

Week 10

This story is about the first time Tom and Jerry went on a ship(Im tom)

“Jerry,” I yelled do you want to go on a ship?'' “

Sure,”ok, tomorrow we will go on a ship to ireland. We need to get some rest. We wake up the next morning and get packed “are you ready,” I yell 

  “yes are you,”sure am,” “ok lets go,”  ok I will get the car started can you grab my bag

 “yup” we drive off to the ship we get there and get on but one thing went wrong very wrong very wrong. 

Week 9

My name is Tony and my dad Tom works in the food industry. I go there a lot and there are a lot of fires  to make the food.

One day i went there and the worst thing of all happened BOOM a big fire blue up red everywhere afraid i tried to find my dad as urgent as i could but still careful everyone saying evacuate but i cant her dad what do i do there i see dad but he cant see me i yell dad dad he turns around “there you are” we got outside. We're alive.

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

This picture makes me think of the fires in California and the brave people that are brave unf   to help and save us and I think of how hard and scary that is and I thank them for what they do and for everyone on the front line. 

I was a little boy in California. It was summer hot but I could not go outside because of the fires  and dad was a firefighter so I did not see him. Some of my friends died life was not going good but we had strong people to save all of us. 

 Week 6

    Tomorrow is going to be a great 3 lacrosse games. A beautiful day, I can't  wait to go. 

  I wake up and go to my lacrosse  games. it is so nice out green grass, its hot, many different species of trees. It almost makes me overwhelmed. 

    My First lacrosse game I had 7 goals, the 2nd one I had 4 and the last I had 11.

    After that I went home and played some video games with my friends. 

    The rest of the day I ate pizza and played with my friend Elijah.  Then me and sister acted like scientists.  


The stuff around the glasses made me think of a party.

My 10th birthday was the best. My family came over the night before my party and we had fun. We  had cake and got some presents ,but tomorrow was my real birthday and my hockey team was coming over. When all of them got here we would ride bikes ,around the block when it got late. We had pizza and cake and played hide and seek out in the dark. My eyes got tired from all the fun I had and I started to doze off at the sleepover!

Practice Week 1

The first day of school  the calendar says september 9th got everything ready for school. Mom says yes. I say  I eat breakfast and get on the bus. I sit with my friend the clouds are white sky blue. I walk in my class and say hi and sit down. I look at the whiteboard and it says check the time  I was far away so it looked miniscule but it said 7:15 I see nico washing his hands. I need to wash my hands there sticky . I unload my stuff on my desk and get it organized. Bye.

Practice Week 2

Me and my friend were throwing the ball outside when we heard the teacher say lunch time we went inside and had lunch. The school day was over. I get home and I see my mom and say hi. Then I go shoot pucks. Then I went with my friends to ride dirt bikes and play video games. Then we went to stewarts to get chips and a snack. Then we went back to his house to play football with our other friends. Then I had hockey practice with my friends, then I got home ate and took a shower.


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