Week 32 Waiting to post until after meeting with Mrs. Gagnon.

Week 28

On our last  adventure big waves hit a boat that Shock and flame are in. What will happen?  People run out the REVOLVING door.    People get on lifeboats.  Me and Shock jump on one.  The ship then tips over.  We were far enough away to not get hurt.  15 days later, 

“We are now out of food.”  Says Shock.  

“Remember the day we saw concrete and we hated concrete?”  I say.

“Ya.”  Says Shock.  “I really wanna see some concrete.”  I say.  Someone on the boat cuddles up with their PINK blanket.  “Look a helicopter!  HEY!  DOWN HERE!”  “DON’T WORRY!”

Week 28  

“Keep running! Shock! We have to go to the top!”  I say. 

 “But-  Flame-!”  he says. 

 “Just go!”  I say.

  The big monster has been chasing us!  The Big Blue. “THERE’S THUNDER AND LIGHTNING SHOULD WE GO!?”  yells Shock.

  “Just keep going!”   I yell.

  The building shook and then it crashed over.  “AH!!!!”  We both yell.

  BOOM!  Ow! My head.  “SHOCK!  Are you ok?”

    BEEP!  BOOP!  “Simulation failed.”

  Darn it!  “How are we meant to go on REAL missions when we can’t even complete a Simulation!”says Shock. 

      “I have no idea.  Well, let's hope our first mission is easy.”


“Well Shock… I don’t see anything wrong with that building.”  I say.

  “Well I see something that’s weird.”  He says.

  “AAA!  Those people!  Pavement!  I wish they could stop.”  I say.

  “Shock!  Flame!  Go undercover on the great dayline!  Someone has a special C.I case.  I'm out!”  Says the General Leader.

  “Now we gotta go on a great boat,”  I say.

  We climbed a ladder up to the boat.  On the boat we see red coins.  “HELP THE SHIP IT’S SINKING!!”  Yells the captain.

  “Wait,  Shock!  We have to go!”  I say.

  Huge waves hit the boat.  “EVERYONE RUN!”

Week 26

“Let’s go swimming Connor!”  I say.  “Sure!”  he says with a grin.  When we got there I SWAM hard and long. He swam for about an hour.  I stayed on a bench waiting for him.  Next he wanted to go roller skating.  I put on my ROLLER SKATES.  Then I fell very  hard on the ground.  People around me yelled  “FACE PLANT LOL!”  my head broke into a half.  I went to the HOSPITAL they said this TINY YELLOW thing would knock me out. Well, they did the stiches.  OUCH!  THAT REALLY HURT A LOT!!  Slee-pyy.  And I fell asleep.

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“Leon!  Catch the ball!”  yells Timmy McBark.  I catch the ball  and throw it to the base.  YES he didn't make a home run!  “Leon!  You're up for batting!” yells Charlie.  I get ready to bat the ball.  This one is gonna go to space!  Farther than Pete Charles!  He’s the one that made it the farthest on our team.  The ball gets thrown!  I hit it!  I run to every base.  This is for the win!  I step on the last base!  “NEW YORK lONGERS HAVE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!”   But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.  YAY!

Week 24

Me and my father are walking in the deep forest.  As we walk we hear cracks!  Crack!  We step  over fallen branches.  Crack!  Crack!  I found a huge footprint on the ground.  My father looks at it.  “This forest has lots of bears.”  he says. “We should probably get out of here as quickly as possible.  It’s not safe.  For a young lad like you.”  My father says.  ROAR!!!  Bears are here!“RUN GO TO THE END OF THE WOODS ONE LEFT TWO RIGHTS!!  ALSO IT’S FIVE MILES AWAY GOOD LUCK!!”  One left Two rights.  ONE LEFT TWO RIGHTS!!  RUN!!!!

Week 23

“Hey!  Julian!  Get down here!  You're getting a white piano that you have always wanted.”  yells Mom from down stairs.  YAY!  I will try to be gentle with it though.  I look at my stuffed animal Octopus.  “See ya later Octo.”   I say.  I am springing with joy!  I play it.  It sounds beautiful!  I play a song.  My mom listens from behind me.  “It’s BEAUTIFUL!  You'll be an amazing piano player one day!”  says my mom.  Hopefully.  I bring Octo down stairs. I imagine he's saying ”BEAUTIFUL, YOUR AMAZING!”  I wish he could talk.  I really wish. I’m wishing.

Week 20

I look at the dirty guitar with lots of mustard on it and it looks like someone shoved on it.  It looks like it is in horrible shape.   Then I look at my nice guitar.  People always say “It’s extraordinary”.  I never understood why.  I try to play my old guitar.  It barely makes any sound.  There’s holes everywhere.  I see mustard all over everything inside.  I don't even know why I still have it.   My mom says “When you were a kid you were all over the mustard.”  We should have named you mustard.”  I really hate that. Why.

Week 19

I need to win the endercon build competition.   “What should we build?”  I ask.  “An enderman of course.” says Oliva.  “Ok.” Says Axel.  later,  “Everyone start your builds!”  “AXEL!!!!!”  I yell.  “What Jesse?” “You got the fireworks?”   “Yes Sir.”  “Hey. Your Build lookin mighty nice.”  Says Lucas.  “Thank you.  Yours too.”  I say.  “Build time is over.  And the winner is….  THE ORDER OF THE PIG!!!!”  I won, let's gooooo.  “We won  no way!”  Says Axel.  “The fireworks look cool!”  Says Everyone.  Even the ocelots.  Which those people are mean.  We won though.  “I knew the enderman was good enough.  YESSSSSS!”

Week 18

      The lost keys.

“WHERE ARE MY KEYS”!!!!   yells Aunt Grace.   “I thought I saw them outside” I say.  “Great”.  We looked for Aunt Grace's keys in the dead grass.  “FOUND THEM!”  yells my sister.  I sometimes think my sister's name should be howler.  But fine at least we can go to maggie mcfly's now to eat.  When we get done eating at maggies we look for the keys AGAIN!  My Aunt is a master at losing them!  After we find a stranger taking them and they get arrested we get in the car and drive to my home!  Yeesh today was not the best.

Week 14

Why do people like birds as pets?  Won't the bird just chirp all day?   Won't it just beg for food all day too?  I mean having a bird pet would be nice but it would probably just chirp allahabad ay right?  Make annoying sounds.  Why would you want a pet bird?  I think you're basically killing it!  It can not fly and If a bird can not fly that's not good!  If it is stuck in a cage what is it gonna do?

The bird would be bored all day.  Don´t put a bird in a cage! Let it be free.

Week 13

If the ice caps melt completely I think all the ice near it will melt,  because i think ice caps are in the middle of ice so if it is so probably the whole ice will melt completely and that is my theory.  Ice caps are probably something just like ice, like a bit of ice maybe.  I am not sure but Ice caps probably are in ice or something  like ice and if it melted it will affect ice.  Probably one of those 2 things.  But still I have no idea what Ice caps are no idea.  I wonder.

Week 11

I look into space.  Our rocket blasted off about an hour ago.  I see the sun.  I can hear people on a microphone telling me there are asteroids nearby.  They don’t look too big.  True fact: Asteroids land on earth all the time, but do not do much damage.   An asteroid is something that can cause major damage if it is big.  A big one has not struck for about millions of years.  I think a big one will not strike for about 2 million years. My rocket goes down back to earth.  People keep saying ¨Come to earth.¨

Week 10

I walk around my house.  Waiting for my friend to come over.   “Simon!  Ben will be here in a couple minutes!”  says Mom.  I look outside.  WOAH!  There is so much smoke in the air enough to fill our whole house!  I wonder where it is coming from.  Smoke fills the air.  I wonder if this is bad or not.  I see something making smoke in the distance.   This must just be a cause.  “Hi Simon!”  Says Ben.  “Oh Hi!  Come on, let's go play!”   I say.  He says ok and we have a fun time!  What could go wrong?

Week 9

My Dad works in the food industry.  “EVACATE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” 

      A snake was in my Dad's work!   This is Urgent. I am super Afarid!  I see it.  It is a red snake!  AHHHHHHHHHH!  This is the scariest thing in my LIFE!!! My Dad got out safely.  I, on the other hand, am in a car driving away.  “DAD THAT WAS SO SCARY!”  I yell in the car

.    “It's ok we are getting home”.  He says.  “MOM THERE WAS A SNAKE”!  I say when we get in our house.  “Oh dear!  I am glad you are home now.”

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

The Albany pine bush has to start fires to kill dead plants.  I hope the fire does not go out of control.  They started the fire.  “Keep it in control, people!”  says a special firefighter.  “WOAH  THIS IS SO COOL!!”  I say.  “Kevin! Lunch is ready!”  Says mom.  “Ok 1 Minute.”  I say.  I watch the fire.  It looks like there are about 20 firefighters holding it down because it does not go out of control. 

“TIME TO PUT IT OUT PEOPLE!”  yells a firefighter.  It was now gone but it was cool.  I wonder will they do that again?Week 6

    I want to be a scientist and find species of animals.  But I am overwhelmed that I have so many years till that could happen.  I checked my phone. Mom and dad got me. It's 95 DEGREES!!!  That's hot.  I look at my green wall paper in my room.  Well I got to school.  My friends say hi I say hi back. 

    12 hours later,  I lay in bed and fell asleep.  I dream when I will find a species and I hope I find a dinosaur bone that has never ever been found. What if I find it?


Hi I am Simon!  I wear red glasses.  People think I look weird.  I have to wash my glasses everyday after school because some bullies throw Pb&J  at my face.  ¨Simon would you like to share what you are daydreaming about?¨Says Mrs.Ever.  ¨No¨.  I say.  ¨Well as I was saying…  ¨Hey nice move siman.¨Whispers a bully.  ¨Would you like to tell the class what you were talking about to Simon Vaden?¨  No, he says.  Well Vaden, go to the principal's office now Vaden.¨  After that I do not have to wash my glasses!!  ¨YAY¨!

Practice Week 1

“HEY! Breakfast is ready!” says dad.  I roll out of bed and look at my white  sticky calendar. The words were so minuscule I could not read the words.  I walk down the stairs slowly.  “You have to get ready for school”. Says dad.  “SCHOOL I NEVER NEW SCHOOL WAS TODAY!!!” I say.  “It's today now, get ready.” says dad.  I get ready as fast as I can.  But… My dog Simon needs food.  So I feed him.  I also started washing his dog's body too.  Then I say bye to my dad and have a great day at school.

Practice Week 2
“Hi!” I am a whale.  A big and strong whale.  I like exploring the ocean but I never have…  I am not old enough yet but hopefully soon I can explore the ocean.  “Dad?  When am I old enough to explore the ocean?”  I ask.  “Never”.  Says dad.  “WHY!?”  I yell.  “I was joking ok?”  says dad.  “Ok”. I say.
“WAIT DAD!   Tomorrow I turn 10. When I turn 10 can I explore the ocean?”  I ask.  “Yes”.  Says dad.  “YESSS!” I yell.  “It's getting late, you should get some sleep”.  Says dad.  “Ok goodnight dad!” I say.  The end.

Practice Week 3
I just woke up and I'm gonna go on an adventure.  To find the river.  But no one has ever found it, we have just heard tales about it.  Now I am gonna go find it!  12 hours later,  It's night time now.  I hear noises.  AROOOOW!   “AAAAAA!”  I scream.  I walk more and I hear nothing.  I am now scared.  I survived the night,  but now I have to find the river.  A bit later,  “I FOUND IT!!”  “I ACTUALLY FOUND IT!!”  I scream.  “I have never seen the river bed so dry.''I say.  “Well  YAY!”  I say.


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