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I nervously climbed up the big, gray cabbage. It was so round and slippery, it took me more than 2 hours to get to the top! At least I’m not alone. Why did the bunker have to be so high? Well that's because when the humans come, they spray us with pesticides that can kill us! If you hear the loud bang, you’ll know where to go. This has been happening since humans moved in. We’re hiding in the cabbage because it’s so well hidden! Hopefully us ants can find a better way to live. Well, see you next week!

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Dear Journal,

Today in  Death Valley, it was like a million degrees!

The heat was unbearable, so we had to cancel our plans.

In the town, Zero people were outside.

Since we had to stop the dig, the Campitius titanius bones will be delayed till… when it’s less hot. We need to uncover the bones fast, last time someone stole the bones! I hope no one will steal the bones overnight! Meanwhile, the crew are inside the air-conditioned hotel rooms. I’m pretty sure all of the animals are hiding in the ground. No way anyone will come out today!


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“Can we get something? I’m hungry!” My brother begged in the hot sun.  “My stomach is going to jump out!”

    “ Wait a minute, we’re almost out of the desert. We will find a better restaurant. There’s only sandwiches here.” answered my dad.

    “I see a revolving, pink and jumping kangaroo,” surprised me. “It looks like a restaurant, can we eat there?” My brother asked. He gave his best puppy eyes to my parents. This abandoned concrete city seemed like a ghost town. The people were likely too hot and did not want to come out. Why did we come here?


Once in a town, there was a strange red pavement. It is right next to the basketball court. I think it was supposed to be a 4 square court, but it came out wrong.  If you throw any anytype of metal, especially coins, it will go sinking into the ground! We people living around it figured out this because we used a ladder to go into the ground. The ladder sinked in, but not us. Now we call it, the Unlimited Space Garbage Can! Put in any metal you don’t want and it will disappear! Isn’t that really environmentally friendly?

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Dear Journal,                                                       9/2/1666

Today a fire in London burned down the whole city! I was just going to the general store then, boom! Everything outside was burning. I ran out of the building immediately. As I stood out in the heat, the building shook and then, the whole building collapsed! I went back down to the street that I lived in and my house was gone, like it simply flew away. I found my family walking to the river for safety. I followed them, along with a lot of other people. I hope our city will be fine.

Week 26

This morning I was at the Tiny, Yellow Hospital up on the big hill. For some reason, a Swam of stinging bees on orange Roller Skates were flying around panicking! I saw that the bees were huge and giant. Also all the walls and the rooms were all made of wet soil, and dry dirt! I went into one of the rooms and found small baby sleeping maggots inside. In another room, lot’s of weak bee patients were resting in silk beds all around, some had broken legs. Can you guess where I am? I’m a tiny human being underground!

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“Something must have shattered!” I exclaimed, while I was eating breakfast. It was a Saturday morning, everything seemed normal but I could sense something was wrong… Everyone was asleep, except my brother so what had happened?

“ Ahh!” someone screamed. I ran outside and found my brother playing baseball, and my window was broken. I could see that the window was still on the second floor, but with a crack like a huge spider-web.

“ Did you break my window?”

“Yes, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard,” he answered.

“I’ll tell mom and dad. Don’t break anymore things!”

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Two arms around a tree, 

what can they be?

They’re are furry and brown,

so quiet, don’t even make a sound.

Who’s hands are wrapped around the tree?

I can hear a chickadee.

It is probably afraid,

now I see it’s flying away.

Something behind there most likely scared it off.

Maybe I should also run off!

I’m curious just for the fun,

so should I stay or run?

I look behind to figure out what’s back there,

and I see a big, brown grizzly bear!

I see that it’s not doing a salute,

I guess it's just a statue.

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“What is the octopus doing on the stage?” I asked. “I know they’re really intelligent, what talent do they have?”

My friend answered, “Supposingly she is going to play the white piano on the stage. Something that makes her unique is, she doesn't just use two hands but all of her tentacles! I hear that the octopus plays like a  gentle soft breeze on the ocean. Be quiet! The show is about to start!” I saw the orange octopus springing onto the stage, getting ready to start her performance. What a wonderful sound she plays! What a fabulous piano player! 

Week 20

Let me tell you about an extraordinary and really weird guitar. If the player shoved at it hard, it would shoot mustard out of it’s sound hole, eew! Do not shove it! If the player started to play, it would make a horrible sound. If you made it wet, it would barf out lots of dust from the inside. Also, each time you play a sound, it changes color randomly! If you were not playing it, it wouldn’t even have color! Whoever plays it must have a really hard time finding it! What a strange, one of a kind guitar!

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In the pool, all you could hear was water splashing and kids chanting names. “Event 13! Ready…” Beep!

I was on the bleachers getting ready to block when the Judge hit the button. Right now event 13 exactly one event from mine. I was going to event 14, freestyle. I went down to the blocks on the wet, slippery floor. I prepared, putting on my goggles. All of a sudden, beep! I splash into the water, swimming with all my might to get to the other side. When I came out, the judge said, “ And the winner is Isaac C.!”

Week 18

In the winter, alot of plant leaves fall but that doesn’t mean they’re dead, trees drop leaves because they don’t need them. In the summer there isn't a lot of sunshine and if it did keep its leaves, it takes too much energy to keep the leaves alive and going, better off keeping them off than on!

Not only trees but some plants can come back in the spring like grass! They might seem like they’re dead but their root’s underground are still alive and in the spring, they will turn green again! Not all grass will come back though.


Dear Journal

Happy new year! Last night my family went to the ball drop in New York City! It’s not like last year, I thought. Usually at the ball drop the streets are so crowded , you can’t see a thing on stage! This year was totally different, because everyone is in the pandemic, we can’t be too close to each other. When you look at them, it looks like a wave of humans rushing to war. Most people watch it at home like some of my friends but we went to see the real thing! Also happy 2022!




One morning, Brain went to Central PARK to go Frame Climbing there! He took the SILVER  route subway to get into the gates of the park. When he went to get onto the climbing thing, he thought “ Why does this frame feel so light, it isn't usually really sturdy?”

It turned out that he was in the middle of a movie! In fact the Frame Climbing thing was made of paper! A superhero was supposed to lift it up!

“Do you mind going out of the movie, you're in the way?” said the camera man. So, Brain just went home.

Week 14

“ I suggest everyone should only use a car when travelling far distances. If you use the car, it gives out hot smoke that can melt ice and make the air warmer. That can melt the ice caps and the animals living there will die!  If you aren’t using water, don’t turn it on. For example, if you are brushing your teeth, don’t leave the water on. It wastes the water in the lakes and rivers that animals need to drink in order to survive. If everyone used too much water, there won't be water left! Don’t use too much water!”

Week 13

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted? How would it change the climate?”

“Most likely the animals living on the ice that are birds will fly to another type of land to live on. The ones that can’t fly, not so fortunate. They would probably go extinct.”

“Is there any way to stop it?”

“We could try to slow the ice caps from melting if more people walk short distances and not take the car, the car blows out hot gases. The hot gases can melt ice caps.”

“Well that’s all for today folks!”

Week 11

The only thing in this list that's not a transport thing is the gas station. I wonder why it connects with everything else? The bicycle doesn’t need gas, why should it be inside? I feel like everything is related somehow to each other. Why else would everything be so similar? The thing in common can’t be color, they're all different colors. Not all of the things can be free drived, trains and trolleys have to go on the tracks/line. If there was no bicycle, all of them use gas, except the gas station that gives gas but it’s related!

 Week 10

I wonder what will happen to this world a century from now. Probably factories everywhere and dark skies. Smoke makes lots of clouds. Everyone would be inside because of the smoke, it is poisonous and can hurt your eyes and lungs. There won’t be winter anymore because the smoke is hot and will melt the ice. Plants won’t be able to grow because they can’t breathe. The ocean will be a floating wasteland of trash from all over the world. If we continue to do things like this, we will probably go extinct in the next few centurys or so.

Week 9

Dear Journal,

This morning I discovered why the factory is abandoned! The factory was producing a new slime called Alien Blood. It’s sticky only to hard things and it’s red. The industry workers didn’t know that it was a monster! When the slime was fully made, it made its way out of the tube! The workers were trying to evacuate but the slime blocked the exits. The boss called 911 and told them it was urgent! By the time they got there it was a pile of bones. Rumors say the blob is still out there eating people!



Week 8 was optional

Week 7

When I see fire, I think of it as a virus spreading. The logs, leaves and sticks are like the people and animals getting infected by the flames. When the virus is gone all their left of people is ashes similar to bones of people. The rocks and dirt are like the doctors stopping the virus from spreading further. When there is nothing else to burn, all you see are the dead people laying in the pit where the virus once came. It’s really sad to see everything burn. It’s like seeing the abandoned city in Japan after the bomb.Week 6

Dear Journal, April 20, 1968

Today I went to Arizona to work as a new scientist! I work on finding new species of cacti. Most in the hot sun is green but they can be different colors. My favorite is the fat and chubby barrel cactus because it is small.  Let me tell you more about cacti! They grow slowly and store lots of water inside. Most don’t have leaves and that's because they don't need them! It’s really overwhelming but they don’t need them because there is no use! If they have leaves, water would evaporate!


Dr. Dan


     The school always has a scary costume contest. George really wanted to win it. So George went up to the attic where there were lots of scary things like old photos of relatives. “What a scary mask! I’m going to put this on tomorrow.” It was a creepy clown mask that stretched all the way around his head.

The next morning, he went to school. “What costume do you have this year? Probably a goofy one!” laughed Luke. Later in the day every student went for the contest. George was dressed up as a killer clown. After judging, George won!

Practice Week 1

One day the factory was working on a white glue machine. It was the hottest day on the calendar! All of a sudden boom! The small machine bursted with sticky glue and so did the others machines. Everybody was stuck in glue.

“Help! We need the krongs!”

All of a sudden millions of minuscule brown bugs spilled in and started cleaning up the glue and fixing the machine. Because they have slick shells they can carry tons of glue at a time. In minutes, the factory was as good as new. The workers were washing themselves with their anti-glue liquid. 

Practice Week 2

One day, Cricket was at the beach making a sand castle. He started chirping, not knowing that it would attract whales. Splash! A whale came towards the beach and the Cricket fell into the water. The whale accidentally swallowed him!

“Oh no! I’m in the whale! I need to get out of here! Mother will be really worried. I know what to do!” Cricket started moving and using his antennas to tickle the whale. 

The whale laughed so loud that he shot out water from his spout, hoping the animal that was tickling it would come out. Out came Cricket!

Practice Week 3

One day, Fawn was at the river. She noticed the water was gone!

“I have never seen the river bed so dry!”

“Oh no! If the water is gone we won’t be able to survive! I will tell the Elder.” The Elder is the oldest deer that makes the decisions.

“I know where the water went, it is blocked by the human dam.” answered the Elder. “We must go somewhere else with water and grass.”

The group started their journey to a new place. After weeks they found a new place to settle. That’s how they found a new home.


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