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“Come on! We can’t get caught, do you want to be eaten!?” Monique hissed at her friend Tonisha, as they rolled away from the cooks. 

“Of course I don’t want to be eaten by humans,” Tonshia replied calmly as they hid behind a round grey rock.

“Oh don’t be ridiculous Steven! It’s not like the cabbage got up and rolled away!” one of the humans snapped, Tonisha listened to their conversation nervously. 

Just don't make a noise. 

Just don't make a noise.


“ Okay, that's all for tonight.” Casidy’s mother closed the story book and left Casidy to sleep peacefully. 

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“Hey, how was Florida?” Will asked Ollie while eating his vanilla ice cream cone.

“The heat was unbearable, so I was basically melting the whole time.” Ollie responded not realizing his chocolate ice cream dripped on his new jeans.

“Uh, Ollie… your pants-” Will said, glancing down at the ice cream stain. 

“Oh fudge!” Ollie “cursed” while grabbing for a napkin

“I don’t have a napkin~” Ollie whined while looking through his bag.

“Here.” Will handed Ollie his napkin.

“Thanks, you always seem to have my back.” Ollie stated, wiping the ice cream which was now seeping through Ollie's jeans.

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“But I'm hungry!” Sonia wailed.

“Fine, if you're really that hungry we can get salads.” Sonia’s mother declared, tightening her grip on Sonia’s wrist, while pulling her along to the restaurant.

“But I want pink ice cream!” Sonia whined, pulling away from her mother and stomping her foot on the concrete.

“But honey. I can't have the ice cream-” Sonia’s mother tried to reason with her.

“I don’t care!” Sonia shouted. 

“When will you learn the world is not revolving around you!?” Sonia’s mother snapped. 

This outburst made Sonia jump. Sonia then stayed quiet for the rest of the walk.


       “Who is dumb enough to die by sinking in red pavement, because they fell off a ladder trying to get a coin from the bird on their roof?” The angel asked Nomoura. 

“I don’t know, I just really wanted my Dave and Busters coin back.” Nomoura shrugged, “So, do I get to go to heaven?” Nomoura asked, looking up. 

The angel was about to say something when Nomoura interrupted him.

“I mean I’m cool with haunting people too, that would be awesome.” Nomoura said, thinking of all the people he didn't like. 

“ You human teenagers are scary…” The angel mumbled.

Week 28

“ …The building shook and then…” 

               “ Sally, come get your dinner!” The faceless entity known as Slenderman called up from the kitchen.

“ Coming Slendy!” Sally called down, “Okay Charlie, I guess we're going to have to play make believe another time.” Sally said disappointed.

“ Hey, yo, kid, Slender is waiting for you.” Sally looked over at her door to her room and saw the one and only Masky. 

“ I know, I was just coming down.” Sally said a little annoyed that Slendy really sent a proxy to come and get her. Sally headed for the door. 

 “ Don't leave me!” Whined Charlie. 

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Hi, my name is Nezuko Kamado, and I am currently waiting in the hospital with my brother, Tanjiro, and our friend Zenistu. We are currently here because my brother's other friend, Inosuke, thought it would be a good idea to swim in tiny, yellow roller skates. He had really swam a mile in those roller skates just because our friend back at the butterfly mansion bet him 20$ he couldn’t. Were at the hospital because Inosuke thought it was fun to taunt a shark and try to ride the shark… Let's just say it did not turn out very well.

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“Okay…,but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.” Mare said, glancing down at the pulverized ball. 

“ Well, you surely could make a home run- If we had a ball of steel of course,” Kilorn said, squinting hard at the lump of ball guts. 

“ Ight, what happened? Cal sent me to get help- because Mare fried the baseball!” Shade said, rolling his eyes as Mare’s name left his mouth.

“ We can still play! We can  just use another ball, and I promise I won't use my full power- Cross my heart.” Mare said.

“ Can we trust you?” Asked Cal.

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“ What are you doing?” asked Samara, peering over her honeycomb. 

“ I’m trying to get my own honeycomb,” Sira growled, struggling to climb up the great oak to get to the beehive hanging from a wobbly branch. 

“ Behave children, do not fight over food, we are not foul animals l-” Mother scolded but was unable to finish.

“ Unlike those rat foxes! They're so hostile and foul! They're almost as bad as humans!” Sira spat, clearly annoyed at the thought of the foxes, 

I don't think there that bad, Samara thought, in the end all animals have one enemy in common…


Week 20

Chris thought about that new guitar store that had just opened a week ago. Chris had his eyes on an extraordinary mustard colored guitar that always stood on its stand in the window. Chris noticed it the first time we walked by the store, Chris was indeed being shoved around by his brother. Michael, and his friends, who was also his bully at the time. Michael used to treat Chris horribly, by scaring him constantly with killer bear masks and giving Chris nightmares about robots but now, they were all good, Michael didn't scare Chris anymore… Not after the incident.

Week 19

“And the winner is…” The man on the TV yelled into the microphone.

“ Come on… Come on… Yes!!!” Maddie jumped up from the couch and clapped, it was clear she was excited. 

“ Why do you like this so much?” Asked Luna, wondering why her human got so excited at the yelling microphone man. 

Maddie looked over at Luna with joy in her eyes. “ Oh, Luna! You're excited too aren't you! Here let me get you a milk bone.” 

Milk bone dog treats were Luna's favorite, she wasn't sure why she was getting one, but she wasn't going to question it. 

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“ Aight, what can I do for ya?” asked Kerogiry, whipping the bar table.

“ I would like to purchase a brand new set of gambling cards please.” Yumeko said sweetly.

“ You know, I used to gamble myself- I was unstoppable!” Kerogiry laughed his big deep laugh and sighed. 

Yumeko smiled and waited for Kerogiry to continue his story.

“ But, those days are behind me… Say- what kind of cards do you be lookin for?” Kerogiry asked, clearly trying to get a move on with this conversation.

“ Just a normal set thank you.” Yumeko said, now getting impatient herself.

Please hurry up!


“ Taxi!” Shoto called from the side of the road, he was very much out of breath from running out of the airport. Soon after Shoto called for a taxi, a black car with a taxi sign on the top pulled over and waited for him to get inside. Taxis were usually yellow where Shoto came from- but considering he was in a different country it could be different here.

“ Are you excited to see the waterfalls?” asked the taxi driver, fixing his front mirror so he could see Shoto.

“ Yes yes, I very much am…”  Shoto trailed off, gazing peacefully.


Tokoyami walked into the classroom cautiously, it's not like last year he thought, the room was bigger and had a big screen in the front of the classroom.

“ Hey! Eh- Tokoyami! Your seat is next to mine!” A girl called from the back of the classroom, Tokoyami recognized her high pitched voice.

“ Hi Sue…” Tokoyami mumbled, not wanting to draw any more attention, “ I’m glad to see we're in the same class again this year.” Tokoyami said casually.

“ Me too! I kinda thought we weren't going to make the cut this year.” Sue said.

“ Yeah I didn't either…” Tokoyami sighed.


“ Be careful climbing the trampoline!” Momo, Ochaco’s sister called from the park bench, “ the sharp silver frame is paper thin you could cut your self and fall through!”

Now that I think about it, this trampoline is a horrible play toy to be at a park. Ochaco thought. 

“ Ayo! Ochaco is it? I've seen you here before… Only once or twice but I thought I might come talk to you, also… You know that that trampoline is not safe right? The builders have yet to replace it with something better.” A girl called, leaning on a tree with fashionable sunglasses.

Week 14

    I would definitely  suggest that humanity stop throwing plastic and garbage into the ocean, and start recycling a lot more. 

    I think we should clean the oceans, whether it's going all out and picking up trash off the shores all day, or just picking up a plastic bottle you see laying around and throwing it in the recycling bin.

    Stop logging trees, we need them to breathe, when you cut down a tree you're taking one more chance to save the earth, when you cut down a tree you're taking an animal's home! 

    So please,  Help Us Help The World.

Week 11

“ Come on Toshinari! We're gonna be late!” Mina squealed angrily.

“ We have time!” Toshinari growled back.

Mina tried to pull Toshinari out of their house, but failed.

“ Stop pushing me!” He whined, trying to get out of Mina’s  grasp.

“ Then come on! Mom and Dad will be home soon and we are supposed to be at Grandma and Papa’s house. Don't you remember them saying that they have a surprise, and they don't want us to see it?” Mina asked, now actually getting upset.

“  I'll just cover my eyes, it's not a big deal.” Toshinari said, scrolling on his phone. 

Week 10

Katski was running down the halls of the radioactive factory his father and brother worked at. All Katski could think about was his brother falling into the radioactive alligators habitat.

“Help! Somebody! My brother fell into the alligator spot!” Katski struggled to scream.

“ Hey, Bakugou! Your son's speaking,” A man said.

“ I’m coming,” Katski’s dad said.

“ Kirishima fell in the alligator pen!” Katski screamed.

 Week 9-completed. See Mrs. Gagnon


“What did I tell you about the lights?” Mr. Aizawa asked, looking up at Deku with annoyed and tired eyes.

“ Oh! sorry Mr. Aizawa, I just forgot my homework.” Deku said.

Deku ran to his desk in his classroom 1a and quickly ran towards the door.

“ Medoria!” Mr. Aizawa called after him, “ Turn the lights off when you leave,” he said, Deku walked back to the room.

Mr. Aizawa always called kids by their last names, he always is sleeping in his yellow sleeping bag,even in class!

“ Right, sorry sir,” Deku turned the lights off for Mr. Aizawa.

week 7

    Eri was mesmerized by the way the people on TV were so fearless when it came to fighting fire.

“I want to fight fire when I grow up!” Eri said.

“It's much harder than it looks,”  Eri’s mom said.

It probably was hard but Eri was determined to become a firefighter.

“You should write an essay about wanting to be a firefighter,” Eri’s dad suggested.

Eri knew that she should write an essay about wanting to be a firefighter.

“Hey, could I maybe go to the firefighter's place?” Eri asked.

“Please!“ Eri begged.

“Sure!” Eri’s dad said.

“Thanks!” Eri said.


Week 6

     I was very overwhelmed by all the eyes staring at me.

    “ What kind of species of grasshopper is it?” one of the little humans asked, pushing her way to the front of the crowd.

    The bigger human pointed a very hot and bright light at me, “ Now, kids let's be scientists and find out what kind of grass hopper he is.

    “ He's the green kind of grasshopper!” joked a small male human.

    “ Kids sit down,” the bigger human said.

    “ Is he the new class pet?” a small female human asked.

    Will they ever let me go? The grasshopper thought paranoid.


         Alvina wanted to show her Mama and Padre  her new sunglasses but they were far away in America and  she was in Mexico for the summer with her abuela. 

                “ Nieta, your Mama and Padre will be home soon, I promise”  Abuela said in a soft voice.

                “ Could I maybe send them a letter?” Alvina asked looking up at her abuela,    

                     “ Yes Nieta, yes you may.”   Nieta grabbed out a piece of paper and Abuela grabbed a pencil.

                        “ Not too long of a note Nieta .” Abuela said slowly sitting down,  Alvina thought for a moment. 

                          then knew what she should write. 

Practice Week 1

        Zoey woke up this morning with excitement in her heart  and went to go check her white calendar, “ she mumbled the days until she spotted the square that read “ MY BIRTHDAY”  in all caps 

“ It's here! The days finally here” she screamed in excitement.  She ran to her parents room and belly flopped in the middle of her mom she noticed her dad was washing cloths.

“ It's my birthday!” she exclaimed happily, “  honey we know “  Zoey's mom said tiredly.

“ Can we go to the Fun Park?!” Zoey asked, the Fun park was a place with miniscule  delicious sticky caramel apples.

Practice Week 2


                                                  “ I don't know what to sculpt! “ Leo whined 

                                                       “ just  sculpt what comes to your mind,” said the art teacher calmly.

                                                          “ Nothing comes to my mind! “ Leo whined again,   the art teacher sighed “ well, what do you like to draw?” 

                                                               “ umm… i like to draw dragons,” Leo said quietly  “  alright, then sculpt a dragon from one of your drawings,”  

                                                                  “ okay…” Leo said, he began to sculpt a blue dragon

                                                                   “ I love it!” exclaimed the teacher      “ i-i also like it! Leo said excitedly.

“ it’s...” said the teacher trying to find a word for Leos sculpture,

“ it's a masterpiece “ Leo finished the teacher.

Practice Week 3

                 One Saturday morning Kira’s mom walked in on Kira rereading her favorite book.

                  “ Are you reading that river book again?” Kira’s mom asked with her hands on her hips.

                    Kira was silent for a moment “ nooooooo…” Kira started in a slow voice 

                      “ What part are you on this time?” Kira’s mom asked, “  I just finished  my favorite part!” Kira exclaimed.

                   “ the part  where Charlie was looking at the river bed  and she says   I have never seen the river bed so dry…  

                      “ okay,  but you need to go play outside  then i'll  let you read that book ” Kira’s mom said.


  1. Great job! I really loved how you added all of the words so slyly, in my story, it's very obvious that I had to put calendar in. My favorite part was when she belly flopped,and it was really cool how you added small details like, "In caps," -Asha or, (inside joke,) Ashroony

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  7. Grace,I think you did a amazing job keep up the good work!(Bria)

  8. I like how you told the story from the grasshoppers perspective.

    Levi :)

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  10. I like the way your characters chat easily to each other, Grace. It makes the story flow very well. I also like the use of the word ‘cautiously’ to describe Tokoyami entering the class room. Everyone can recognise the feeling! I also like the way you describe Sue as speaking in a high pitched voice and Tokoyami sighing.

  11. I love the touch of mystery you added at the end in week 20, and the description of the guitar fit so well with the words you used, I also noticed the story being inspired by the books you are reading, like always, you did an amazing job! ~Asha S.

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