Week 32

One day I was sitting around doing nothing, but then.. My mom told me to get the ugly gray round cabbage out of the fridge. I went slowly but when I got to the fridge I just looked at it… It looked mushy and gray and ugly. 

Finally I nervously picked up the cabbage, but I could only carry it for 3 seconds. I couldn't hold it any longer  *BANG* I threw the cabbage in the trash and I gave my mom water. She was confused but luckily my mom never knew I threw out the cabbage that very day.

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Week 29

2 weeks ago my family and I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. To get to the airport we had to drive three hours to New York. While we were driving, a flood happened near the brooklyn bridge. It covered all of the concrete so there was a lot of traffic. It was a mild flood so we got past it. Once we got to the airport I saw a revolving pink statue that they were building outside of the airport. My sister was hungry so she jumped around asking for food. It was raining when we got there.



Today my family and I were at a trampoline park and while we were there we saw red platforms that looked like a ladder. The foam squares were sinking in the pit  like coins in fresh pavement. While we were there we played dodgeball and my sister went on this trampoline where you jumped off a 20 foot ledge and fell on a trampoline. The trampoline park was really fun but when we were about to leave we found this obstacle course and we did it. After we left we went to a restaurant. We had  a lot of fun.

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Yesterday my sister and I were playing with her legos and we were building a GIANT tower.. But then the building shook and then.. It fell on top of my sister's bed but that meant all our hard work came crashing down just like that in 3 seconds.

We started to clean up the mess to build a new tower. While we were cleaning we saw a bunny outside our window. We went outside to go see it but it ran away right when we went outside.

 We went back inside and rebuilt our tower.. It didn’t fall this time!

Week 26

The Pet Store.

A few days ago I went to the pet store with my roller skates. I went past a yellow hospital until I finally got to the pet store. I saw a tiny fish when I got there and I saw it swimming. 

As it swam I saw the snakes and went to go look at them. They were slimy and they were squirming around so I went to go look at the birds. The birds were gracefully flying around and they were really cute. After I saw the birds I left the pet store and went home.

Week 25

      My friend and I were playing kickball in our backyard until suddenly my friend kicked the ball and it smashed the window. My friend's mom came outside and asked what happened, we explained but my friend said. . . ,but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard. We continue to play Kickball but this time somewhere where there's no windows. We played until I accidentally kicked the ball too high and it almost smashed our neighbors window. Luckily it didn’t but we decided to not play kickball anymore. We found a new game to play and the game was called… Soccer.

Week 24

My family and I went to the zoo yesterday. The first thing we saw was a lion. It was pouncing on the glass when we went to look at it. The next thing we saw was a bear. It was hiding behind a tree while people were looking at it. We went to a different section of the zoo and we found some tigers. The tiger cubs were playing with each other like how they were jumping on each other. The next thing we saw was a cheetah. It was sleeping so we had to go to the next animal.

Week 23

Last Saturday my family and I went to the aquarium. When we went inside we heard people playing the piano on the speakers. When we went to look at the marine animals the first thing we saw was a gentle looking white octopus springing up and down in his tank. We saw other cool animals like Sea Urchins, Sting rays, crabs, and more

  When we went downstairsWe got to see real treasure at the aquarium! Right when we were about to leave we saw some clownfish, it looked like the fish were trying to chase each other in the tank

Week 19

 Today was my 5th grade spelling bee and I was sure I was going to win!  The spelling bee didn’t start right now so it gave us time to practice. “Everyone get on stage!” I heard the announcer say, As i trembled on stage the announcer told me what my word was “Spell precise” I started to spell Precise.  

P-R-E-S-I-S-E. “I'm sorry but you spelled it wrong”. Even though I got the word spelled wrong I was still sure I was going to win. “And the winner is….” Emily!

“I WON”. Everyone got some words spelled wrong so i won!

Week 18

This picture inspired me to write about… Alice practically ran out of her house to go wandering around the forest. “IM FREE”she said and then she saw a key. She thought it might have just been a spare key to her house so she just left it but then she saw a box with a key hole and she knew what the key was for. But first she tried the key on her house. It didn’t work. Next she tried on the box and it worked. She slowly opened the box and saw an egg.Suddenly it hatched. Into…..


If you go to a park you’ll probably see a lot of trash like paper, Broken silver frames, or trash that we throw there. When you go to the park, think about all the trash on the ground before you start climbing and having fun. If you go to the park and see trash, start helping because it helps the ecosystem. So if you see trash in the park consider picking it up, because one piece of trash could kill 2 birds. So if you go to the park and see trash, pick it up because it helps the environment

Week 14

If a reporter came up to me and asked “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” I would say that we need to stop throwing every single bit of trash that we have in the ocean. 

Most people don't really care about what they do to the environment but just because they don't care doesn't mean the animals don't care.

Animals die every year due to trash. But trash isn't the only thing we need to stop doing, it's also factories and oil leaks and a lot more. 

So take this message and stop throwing trash!

Week 13

What would happen if all the ice caps in the world Melted ?

My prediction would be that it would affect oceans, maybe polar bears. So when the ice caps melt it would affect polars because their land could overflow. When the ice caps melt the ocean will rise and could overflow NYC, England or Albany. Because of this polar bears could go extinct. Polar bears are important because they are part of a food chain. If that food chain is broken it could be a really big problem for animals. Ice caps are really important to Animals and humans.

Week 11

Cars, and Airplanes,All cause pollution because of the gas it needs. 

When people drive cars it releases gas into the air 

One single ride on an airplane pollutes the air by three tons of carbon dioxide.

Airplanes cause so much damage to the environment flying is one  of the most damaging ways to travel for the environment

Instead of using cars, buses, or trucks  we could use bikes or walk or maybe something like a scooter.   We need to help the environment not by using stuff that releases gas but a lot more. 

Help save the world from pollution.

Week 10

This photo reminds me of Pollution and littering

Pollution affects wildlife in many ways, For example if there was an oil leak in the ocean the animals that swam through the oil could possibly die.

And what if someone had a fire in the woods if there was an oil leak next to it, It could burn down the forest.

Pollution is not the only thing affecting wildlife. People throw so much trash in the ocean and that can affect sea life. For example a turtle could eat a straw and die, Or a fish could get caught in plastic. 

Week 9

As I was putting the cookies in the oven the Announcements   said       “ EVERYONE IN THE BAKING INDUSTRY EVACUATE THE BUILDING”  I saw all of the cooks running to the door afraid. 

As I left the building I saw the Bakery go up in red flames. One of the cooks said “GO CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT ITS URGENT” I ran to the phone to see if it had survived the fire luckily it had. I dialed 911.

“Hello what's your emergency”    “Our bakery went up in flames”  We’ll be there in five minutes” 

“They said they’ll be here in five minutes”

Week 8 was optional

week 7

    When I see this photo I think of all the animals there and wonder if they made it out of the forest.

    When I look at the photo it makes me sad because I think of all the animals that died,didn’t make it out of the forest and all the baby animals that died due to the wild fire.

    This photo reminds me of the virtual field trip and how they have fires there to keep the plants from growing too much.

Week 6

In Summer me and my family met a scientist. He told us that he was most of the time overwhelmed when working. He said one time he made a hot green blob that didn’t move. He also said that he’s going into the woods to try to find a new species to bring back to his lab. My sister asked if he was looking for a bird or something but he said that he's going to a country to find a new type of snake. Our dog was barking at him and sniffing him. We went back home really excited.WEEK 5

When it was summer me and my sister went to our cousin's pool. But it was really hot so we had to wear sunglasses.  While we were in the pool all our cousins came over and they were wearing sunglasses too. When we got out of the pool we went inside and ate pizza. Then we played with our dogs (Casey, Baxter, and Teddy). After we finished playing with the dogs we put our sunglasses on them. I think they liked the sunglasses because right when we put it on them they wanted to go outside and show the cat.

Practice Week 1

In Summer we went to South Carolina right before we went on the plane. I checked the calendar. When we got there we found out we were staying in a Mansion with our cousins. When we went inside we got ready to go to the beach. While we were getting ready I ate some gum. It was very sticky. While we were walking to the beach we found a baby lizerd that was really minuscule. When we got to the beach we saw a white seashell. We were making a sand castle but the waves were washing it away. Bye!

Practice Week 2

In Summer we went on Vacation. It was also our cousin's birthday. We went to the aquarium and saw lots of fishes and some sharks! We also got to see Penguins! While we were at the aquarium we got to go see REAL Treasure! While we were there we saw tons of cool octopus, fishes, seahorse’s, and crabs. We also got to pet stingrays! When we left the aquarium we went on a really big ferris wheel called the SkyWheel. We went to the Boardwalk and  got to eat ice cream and go to the arcade. 

Practice Week 3
When I was on summer break we went to Connecticut to see our baby cousin. When we were driving there we saw a lake but the water was really low. I have never seen the river bed so dry but the drive to Connecticut was 2 hours and my cousins were in the car with me. When we got to Connecticut we had cake and cupcakes and then we played four square on the driveway while we were there my dad's cousin came and we got to ride a motorcycle! We came back home at 11:00 PM.


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