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I ran through the hallway to get it, the golden prize that's not really a prize! Suddenly I felt something move under my foot, it’s a TRAP! I saw this GIANT gray round boulder come at me SUPER FAST. 

“AhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHh!” I screamed as I ran faster than the fastest person EVER. Then I heard a BANG! And I realized that the boulder had crashed and broke. 

“GOOD!” It’s gone” I said, so relieved. I walked a bit more, and there it was! I walked up to it very carefully so nothing would go off and nervously grabbed the GOLDEN CABBAGE!    

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I walked outside to get some fresh air. I walked outside and the heat hit my face. I was melting! The heat was unbearable, so I ran back inside and stood under the fan. 

“Ugh! I hate it here,” I screamed. I guess my parents heard me because they came running in and said, 

“We’re moving to Canada” 

“Oh my gosh, really!” I said, jumping in joy. I started packing my stuff immediately!  I soon realized that Canada was very cold and all the clothes I had were summer clothes. I knew I had to go shopping with my mom.

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  “Aaand JUMP! Yes, finally.” I said as my brother ran into the room. 

“Wait, did you complete the level?” he asked as he jumped on the couch.  

“Obviously!” I replied. My brother rolled his eyes. I heard my parents having a conversation revolving around my birthday. I listened in closer to hear what they were saying. 

“We can not get her anything pink because she doesn't like that color.” My mom said.  

“Yes, and we should get some of her favorite snacks because she’s always hungry.” My dad said as they went outside to continue their conversation on the concrete.


I ran to the front of my red house and waited on the pavement because I had just heard the ice cream truck enter my neighborhood. My mom ran out behind me with some coins jingling in her pocket. We waited there and looked around our house. We were trying to find weird things. I saw a teal ladder and a purple butterfly wing sinking into a puddle. My mom saw a pink flower on a tree with white flowers. When the ice cream truck came down the hill I sprung up! 

“Hello. Can I please have a Bomb Pop?”   

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“Finally,” I said, “I finished my model of the Empire State Building.”

 Two months ago my social studies teacher wanted me to make a realistic replica of the Empire State Building. I finally finished it! I grabbed my friend and we carefully moved the model into the social studies room. Before we could leave the room Noah, the rudest person in school came over and stabbed our tower with a pencil. When he pulled it out the building shook and then, it all came crashing down.  

“NOAH!” I screamed. 

“Bye Lisa,” he said as he left the room very fast.

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I put on my roller skates that were pink, orange, and yellow. I rode around my neighborhood until I saw a tiny puppy stuck in the rushing river. I took off my roller skates and jumped in the river as fast as I could. The puppy was holding onto a rock so I swam to it and picked up the puppy. When I got out of the river I twisted my ankle on a tree root and I had to call my mom to come help me. She drove me to the hospital, and the dog got to the vet.

Week 25


Melony pushed past me, and I was so MAD.  

“Move it shorty this spot is for tall kids only,” she said as she looked at me with a evil smile on her face. 

That’s it! I ran up to her and tackled her to the ground and when she got up I slapped her hard across the face, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard. Well I did and I got suspended for a week, but it was so worth it to see the look on her face. And I had the best week ever at my house!    

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I ran through the forest dragging my hands along the rough and dry tree bark. I could not go back… not when they were there. I ran forever until I found a small cave in the distance. 

I ran into the cave and waited until the guards passed by.

After I got out of the cave a couple minutes later I went back to the vault to try and find my necklace, without it I felt weird. I found the necklace and I went back to my house. When I was sitting on the couch my necklace was glowing!

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I heard something in the distance. It was a piano playing gentle music. I followed the sound to the music room in our school. I used my white support cane to help me walk up the stairs so I didn’t trip. When I got up the stairs I heard my best friend's voice at the piano. I was springing in joy because Jewels gave me a stuffed animal. She said it’s an octopus and that’s my favorite animal. I couldn’t see the door so I bumped into the wall. Jewels laughed, 

“I guess being blind has it’s pros and cons.”

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I ran up to Stacy, furious. She has been mean to me all week! I had enough. I grabbed a bottle of mustard and sprayed it on her when she was playing her guitar! She wasn’t good at playing. Then I grabbed her “extraordinary” guitar and smashed it on the ground, CRASH! I shoved it back in her hands. I felt horrible but it was definitely worth it.

The next day I walked into school thinking I was going to get swarmed by her minions. But there was no Stacy, and her friends weren't there. I was really, really confused. 

Week 19

“And the winner is…” the judges said.  Before they could finish I bolted out of the gymnasium as fast as I could, I was so embarrassed about falling. When I was running I ran into someone, her name was Lia and she was really nice. Lia and I started hanging out a lot. One day I heard a knock on my door. I slowly opened the door and I saw someone standing outside, it was a cop! I stared at him confused until he said, 

“Is Lia in your house? We’ve been looking for her and someone said she’s here.” 

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The snow tickled at my feet as I ran across the field. I slowly approached the cave, I tiptoed inside and took out my key. I opened the secret door but when I looked inside I saw that Leo wasn’t there. But then it hit me, I knew exactly where Leo was. I marched into the ice castle to go get Leo. I climbed on his back and we went off back to our cave, but I was stopped. 

“You and your dog aren't going anywhere,” The ice king said. 

“Lion,” I replied. I pushed past him and rode off.


I was so excited today because yesterday it rained which means that the waterfall had more water. I ran over to the waterfall and I saw the water heavily pouring onto the rocks. I loved the water.

  It's not easy being a stray dog. There’s always animal control trying to get me. But that's when I found my secret hiding place. They haven’t found me in a long time. I have everything I've ever wanted! But one day I saw a car that looked like a taxi but it was not yellow and I knew it definitely wasn't animal control.

Week 16

In 5th grade me and my bestie were walking into the classroom looking at our classmates. When the first period started my bestie thought, “It’s not like last year.” At win time she told me that too. As time went on the classes felt easier and easier. Although 5th grade was nowhere close to being like 4th grade, 5th grade was so fun because we got to get ready for middle school and we get to do so many fun activities. But man, I am going to miss this school SO much! And I hope middle school will be fun.


“ What's wrong?” my mom said.

“I swear I just saw that painting move!” I said again as I moved closer, touching the frame. 

The painting was of a girl climbing a silver ladder up to a park in the sky. It was a little weird. But out of the corner of my eye I saw the girl climb farther up the ladder. I grabbed a piece of paper and marked where the girl was on the ladder to see if it would move tomorrow morning. When I woke up she was gone!

Week 14

Someone came over to me with a news microphone in their hands. I was confused about what was going on? 

“What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” 

I froze… I WAS ON LIVE TELEVISION! I didn't know what to say. I wished the ground opened up and swallowed me whole. I HATED being on camera.

“P-pollution, I mean i think we need pollution no, I think we need t-to stop pollution.” I said, still shivering in fear.  

“Ok there you have it folks we need to all stop pollution. I´m Robert Howe, back to you Amy.“Week 13

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” My  teacher said. 

I thought about what would happen. I floated away into my dreams still thinking about the question.

 Suddenly I became a polar bear and all I could see was ice and all of it was just melting away. And then the little bit of ice I was standing on melted away. I fell into the water. Falling, falling, falling. 

“Indigo wake up now, stop daydreaming,” my teacher said. 

I woke up and saw a lot of laughing kids. 

“Mrs. Herckle, I found the answer.“

Week 11

I got out of the taxi and another one pulled up behind the one I had just come out of. A strange man slid out of the taxi. He was wearing all black and he was wearing sunglasses even though it wasn’t even bright outside. I slowly stepped back when the man kept coming closer.  

“Do you need something?” I asked. 

But no reply. I slowly started to run away faster and faster. When I got to a safe place I called my best friend  

“Hello, Katie?” 

                        “Yeah what's up. Emma hello?”  

But before I could reply everything went black.  


Week 10

The smoke factory looked like an erupting volcano. I ran out of there as fast as I could. I knew working there wasn’t a good idea. I saw my boss  running after a dog that came out of the smoke factory. 

“Don’t ever come here again you beast,” my boss said. 

What did he mean?  I ran away as fast as I could into the woods. And that same dog came up to me whining. 

“Did you start it?” I asked quietly 

But strangely I could hear the dog talking. 

“Yes,” the dog said. 

What in the world just happened? 

 Week 9

My dad owns a food industry and he is hardly ever home. But one day my house set on fire. I was sleeping and I didn’t know it was on fire. A fireman woke me up and we had to make an urgent evacuation! When we got out of the building I saw a flashing red light coming this way. Some people came out of the ambulance and put me on a stretcher. The last thing I remember was that I woke up in the hospital afraid with lots of burn marks on me, my dad was next to me.

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

Dear Journal, 

You will not believe what happened today, so my dad is a firefighter and we live in california and yes my dad helps in the california wildfires and he never gets a break. He is always out for work and it's like I don't even have a dad and last week my dad got stuck in a wildfire and he got a really bad burn on his entire left arm and good things that's not is dominant arm. But after he healed today he went back into helping with the wild fires I don't get it? 



Week 6

Dear Diary, 

Hi, I’m Heather and yesterday was the hottest day of the year. It was so hot not even the air conditioner could save you. When I was outside I found this weird green species. It made me feel like a scientist examining it and seeing all the body parts.  There was this one spot that was overwhelmed with these bugs. Later that day it started to cool down very quickly so everyone was nice and cool and nobody was drenched in sweat. I would say  that was a  crazy day! I have to go now see ya later.


Dear Diary,

Hi I’m Katie and my mom is a famous singer she travels everywhere I don’t even try to make friends because in the couple days I am going to leave but one day something happened my mom said she was staying in one place just for me to make friends, this was crazy I never would of expected this to happen. But what would happen to my mom? Is she not going to travel anymore?  

In school I met somebody named Taylor’s mom was a Famous dancer so she knew what I was going through. She was awesome!

 Practice Week 1

This morning I wPoke up so fast I rushed to the calendar, today was the day my tree was fully grown. I could now climb it. I quickly had breakfast, I had pancakes for breakfast and the maple syrup was sticky. 

First I had to take out the laundry from the washing machine.

 After that I rushed outside to get on my tree. On it I found a bug that was very miniscule. Also on the tree there was white fungus on the rough tree bark on the wide branches . Later I went inside for dinner but that was fun.

Practice Week 2

Hi I’m sprout and I’m a one month old whale. I want to introduce you to my sea friend. But first you have to know more about me. The reason why my name is sprout is because when I shoot water from my bowhole it would separate like a sprout, ok enough about me now my friend, she is a axolotl her name is Axol and me and Axol are the bestest friends in the whole wide ocean. She and I go everywhere together. We once found a coral reef and a kelp forest. That's me and my friend Axol.

Practice Week 3

Dear Journal,

Today was crazy. Me and my dog Phina went down into the woods today. She ran a bit ahead of me but then came back, she barked at me and tried to pull me with her so I had to follow her.  To my surprise there was a dried out river bed and just then I realized it was a river bed I had seen before, I had never seen the river bed so dry before. Me and Phina had a fort next to it and we went back every day when I came home from school.


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