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Lily nervously looked at the dark gray clouds; hoping it wouldn't thunder. Lily was trying to pick a cabbage for dinner, but the air was thick,  and heavy. Lily quickly hustled over to the garden and dropped softly inside. She pulled up the soft round veggie, and quickly ran out of the garden. But, it started to rain, and then…

“Bang!!!!” Thunder struck before her and Lily dropped her cabbage. It rolled lightly, then stopped. Next, when Lily collected herself, she instantly picked up the cabbage and ran inside. In the shelter of the house, she was safe at last.

Week 31

The flames licked at her side, but she kept on searching.

Lola’s house had been added with a new bright orange - red flame which engulfed her house. But Lola was searching for her stuffed cat that secretly had tons of gold coins hidden inside of it. But, the heat was unbearable, so she walked out of they burning hot flames, and instantly,

“Sssssssssszzzzzz” A cold, wet, cloth sizzled on her face, then her family started to yell and exclaim at her and the danger. But all she could see was the little stuffed cat sitting on the cool earthy grass. 

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“Whoooooooo” the concrete poured out of the mixer.

Lola was at a site that was paving a flower garden. She watched as the men drove away from the new, wet concrete. Lola quickly jumped over the wet sidewalk, and took a pretty pink rose. It smelled nice, then reminded Lola how hungry she was. 

Lola looked at all the flowers, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink, and green. They all were revolving around 6 beautiful golden flowers. Lola sighed, and carefully pulled off the petals on the pink rose. They floated down to the concrete and would stay there forever. 


Lola pulled on the helmet, and walked into the site. Lola was at a construction site. The builders were anyone who wanted to help, and they were building a playhouse. 

“Hey, you forgot your ticket and change!” A voice said. Lola turned, and saw a girl holding out coins, and a ticket that said: “Red Playhouse!” 

“Sorry, I forgot. Thanks!” Lola replied.

The girl nodded, then pointed at the pavement where people were trying to balance a ladder. Lola nodded, then walked over to the sinking ladder. She helped pull it up and the building continued to build the Playhouses.

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    Lola felt the air was pressured. She wanted to flee, many fascinating things stood before her. Lola was in an old building, but it was REALLY old. The tall house held many old things that had been replaced. Suddenly the ground shook. Not enough to cause much, but still an earthquake. It grew stronger and stronger. Walls began crumbling. 

      “Mom! Dad! Crystal! Get Everyone out!” Lola shouted. Everybody in the building ran out, and then the building shook, and then it threw off big chunks of wood and stone loudly. 

    But, when the earthquake was over, everyone turned out fine.

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      “May, what happened?” asked Lily. May just walked inside the classroom and was swarmed with people looking at her cast.

    “I’ll tell you.” May sighed. 

    1 day earlier, May took her roller skates and went to the pool. she swam for an hour, then as she went back home, May slipped. And had to go to the hospital.

   “I broke my arm, but the crack is tiny,” explained May.

 “It was a bit scary at the hospital, but I got to choose my cast color! I liked the yellow.” 

    “ Very cool,” said Lily. “Can I sign your cast?” 

     May nodded.

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     In gym class, everyone was playing dodgeball, but they also had to hit targets. She picked up a ball and threw it at the target. 

    “Pof.” The ball was intercepted by the other team. 

    “Ding!” A boy on Lola’s side threw a ball, and it hit the target. Lola picked up a ball, and threw it as hard as she could. It hit the target. 

   “Ding!” but it started to fall off.

   “Bam!” Everyone looked at Lola.

   “Lola, did you do this?” asked the coach. 

   “Yes, but I didn't mean to hit it that hard.” Lola said. “I’m very sorry.” 

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  Lola stepped on the soft brown grass looking at the trees. Some of them had little bark, some had pictures carved on, and a few had carved into a shape. Lola and her family were at Historical Park, where lots of the trees had carvings made a long time ago. She  traced her finger across a line that made a picture of a deer. 

    “Hurry everyone, the trail is almost over.” said the guide. Lola moved and walked along the path. She could see a bit of light in front of her. The trail was over, but it was wonderful.

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As Lola looked over the sea, the white radio played gentle piano music. She felt the breeze swishing through the air. 

“Lola! Come look!” Lola’s little sister, Crystal, said. Lola ran her hand against the railing as she made her way to her sister. 

“Look! Look! Look!” Crystal exclaimed. She pointed at the water. Lola peered over the rail, and saw an octopus springing out of the water. It seemed to be showing off to them. Lola laughed, then watched it more closely. This time it did a high flip! The sisters bounced with excitement. They watched the day away.

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Lola scanned through the menu for the food. She spied her favorite, macaroni and cheese. Lola and her family were at this fancy restaurant. It had stuff like macaroni and cheese, and spaghetti, while also having food like lobster, hot pot, and lots more. Lola chose macaroni and cheese, a small fruit bowl, and a bit of soup. When it came, Lola shoved some of it in her mouth . It was extraordinary. Her mom ate some fish; Lola thought it looked horrible. Her brother Max, squirted mustard on his burger. Lola felt good with light guitar music, and great food. 

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Lola rose up the block. She and the other swimmers got into position for the 100 freestyle. 

“BZZZZZZ” The buzzer rang and everyone took off. A different girl was in the lead, but Lola was quickly gaining. Both saw the wall and turned into a flip. After she flipped 2 times more, she was on her final lap. A different girl was in the lead. Lola pushed, and sped up. Lola touched the wall. She looked around. The other girl was there too. Who had won? The timer man stood up and compared the time’s. 

“And the winner is….. Lola!!!”

Week 18

Lola would like to be a mermaid. Shell, was one. Her tail was blue. Her hair was black, and smooth. It was traced with coral. Lola swam around wishing she was a mermaid. 

“Why are you looking glum?” Shell asked.

 “I want to be a mermaid.” Lola replied. 

“ drink this.” Shell passed her a bottle with rainbow water. Lola drank it. She was a mermaid. Her tail was pink. Her hair was smooth and had a coral headband. Then she felt sunshine on her face. She was fading out of her dream. The ocean gave away to Mom hugging her. 


Bella walked through the door and looked around. It was a new school year, but this time, Bella was in middle school. The halls and floors glowed. The lockers were shining colors in shades of red, blue, and yellow. “It’s not like last year” she thought. Bella walked through the hall and took out her key to her locker. Inscribed on the key was 100. Bella opened her locker and found a map. Bella hung her backpack up inside, and attached a mirror to her locker. She put on a thin sweatshirt and beamed. It would be a good year.


Pearl drew a line on the paper. Pearl was helping to design a children’s gym. So far she had added playground equipment, Silver colored floors, a climbing wall and a sweet frame to put around the door. She just needed to add one more thing to use and play. 

“Hmmmmm. Oh! I could add a climb to slide!” Pearl drew a low monkey bar connecting to a slide with no ladder or stairs to get up. The only way was to use the monkey bars. Pearl then padded it at the bottom.  

“Boss I finished!” Pearl yelled. She was done.

Week 14

Lola pulled the sapling out of a pot and lifted it into a hole. 

She was planting trees. Lola lifted the shovel and shoveled dirt into the hole. She patted it and smiled. Done. 

Lola went 5 feet away and dug another hole. She walked over to the person handing out saplings.

“ Can I have a sapling?” Lola asked. 

“Sure,” Emma said, passing her one. Lola cradled it and got right to planting. Carefully managing the root, Lola quickly planted the sapling and moved on.

 Lola planted trees the entire day, but as she drifted to sleep, She was proud. 

Week 13

“Here's the water,” Max said. Bella held the mold and Max poured water into it. He placed it in the freezer.They were going to make ice caps. Max got more water while Bella the mold. They quickly filled it and put it in the freezer.

  4 hours later, Max took The hat out of the freezer and took the ice out of the mold. “What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” Bella asked. 

“Then we will have a big mess to clean up,” said Max.

They put on the caps and went outside. 

Week 11

Lola peered down the Hot Air Balloon and gripped the handle tighter. She shivered, but the view was stunning. 

“Shhhhhh.” a warm gentle breeze swept by from the light. She looked up and saw the sun in swirls of color. It seemed dreamy. 

“10 more minutes.” reminded the owner. Lola’s Mom and Dad nodded. They all stayed silent staring at the sunset and buildings. 

Lola gasped as the sun gleamed white for a second, then glinted orange again. Lola felt a cool item on her palm. She looked down. A diamond beautifuly carved and polished was resting on her palm.

Week 10

     Lola looked at the clouds forming a funnel. She ran to listen to the radio.

     “A funnel cloud is forming. Get to shelter.”

      Lola dashed to where her family were, and they dashed to the storm shelter. They all ducked into the silent storm shelter. Lola’s Dad gripped the handle of the shelter.

     “WOOOOOOSHHHHHH!!!” Lola heard a earspitting noise.Then  it stopped and all was silent.    

      10 minutes later Lola and her family emerged from the shelter. They saw that only trees were hurt. Lola looked for the tornado, but saw nothing. Lola listened to the radio. Everybody was fine.

Week 9

Lola raced down the hall of Industry. Suddenly a man burst out of a room shouting: 

“Code Red! Everybody evacuate!” He pulled down a fire alarm and ran outside the exit. Lola saw a fire through the window of the room. She pulled her family quickly outside.

“Call 911! it’s URGENT!” Lola yelled. Her mom pulled out her phone and dialed. 

5 minutes later the force came and took control. Several firefighters went into the building to put out the fire. Lola shivered, but refused to be afraid. 

Soon the fire was out. No one was hurt. Everyone was safe.

 Week 8 was optional

Week 7

    Lola stared at the flames. Lola and her family were setting up a campfire.

    Lola handed out sticks that she found. Mom gave everyone marshmallows.

    Lola and Crystal held theirs on top of the flames, while Max put his in the fire. 

    “Fire!!!!” Max shouted. He lifted up a burning marshmallow, and blew on it.

    “ It tastes good!!!” Max said, once the flame was out. 

    Everyone looked at him, then focused back on their marshmallows. 

    Lola and Crystal ate theirs after. Golden, and crisp. Lola and her family roasted marshmallows until dark. 

    Then put out the fire and walked inside. 

Week 6

Dear Droplet,

    I’m going to tell you about the jungle! I have made several trips into Greenland. I have found 3 new species of animals! We are studying them, but the creatures seem overwhelmed. The other scientists are saying that the animals are part of the “lizard family” even though they look nothing like one. You should see this area! The leaves, grass, and even where the water reflects the leaves, it makes everything look green. It's also hot here. I sweated a lot when I walked across the jungle. Got to go now. Write to me soon!

From, Crystal


Lola stood in awe as the performers danced through the street. Particularly at the princess. 

¨Hey Mommy! Look at that juggler!¨ Lola exclaimed.

Mom smiled in return.

They watched a parade marching through the street.

¨Wow.¨ Lola thought. She kept on looking at the characters as they marched along. Lola spotted several more that she enjoyed. Among them were Cinderella, Elsa & Anna, and Rudoph. 

  30 minutes later Lola, Max, and Crystal ate their lunches. They munched on some burgers and fries. Mom and Dad chomped fried chicken. 

As the parade ended, they walked back to the car smiling.

Practice Week 1

Before Playing With Family After School

“I'm back!!” I stomped through the door and inside.

“Go wash your sticky hands, and yourself. My mom replied. 

I washed my hands and went to the upstairs bathroom. My brother Leo was washing himself up so I waited outside and swept the floor. 

Once I was done, I looked in the dustpan and saw a minuscule of dust. By then Leo was done so I headed into the bathroom and washed up. Then I changed into white clothes and went downstairs to look at my calendar. 

Afterwards, I ran into the big room where Charlotte and my mom were.

Practice Week 2

Lola And The Aquarium 

    Lola looked through the glass at the countless fish. 

     “Hey look! A little seahorse.” Lola exclaimed 

       “Awwwwww” her mom replied.

     Lola and her family then walked to the next glass box and saw a brain coral. It looked really funny. Lola examined the coral then moved on.          

    The next glass box held an assortment of colorful fish. They Swam here and there.

   “Haha.” Lola said “look at the fish swimming.”

    “That's cool honey.” Lola’s mom said.

     As they looked at the countless animals, everyone became tired. So they headed outside the aquarium and to a different part of the park.

Practice Week 3

Lola And The River
    Lola was so excited! She and her family were going to the river!
   “Are we there yet?” asked Max.
   Dad said, “We're here!” Lola jumped out of the car and onto where the river bed was supposed to be. 
   “OWW!!!!” Lola cried. The river bed was gone!
“I have never seen the river bed so dry!” Mom exclaimed. 
“Low tide,” Dad explained. “The water will come back later.”
Everyone was sad but they played in the sand instead.
“Haha!” Crystal chuckled. She patted down sandcastles.
“The water is back!” Lola realized. 
“Let's go!”Max shouted.
Everyone splashed into the water!



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