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Week 29

I jump for joy as I get told I am going to New Jersey for spring break! I get all packed up and grab my pink bathing suit. My mom and dad packed snacks and their clothes. We went to bed early because we were leaving at 4:30 in the morning.

It was 4:30,we all grabbed our suitcases and left. We were 2 hours into the drive and it was finally past 6:00. We finally arrived and I jumped onto the concrete,really hungry. We had so many suitcases they were revolving all around the car!


I was walking along the pavement going for a walk. I always find coins on the ground along with some chalk. I look to the side of buildings and see people on red ladders. After that I keep walking and start to see people scatter. I remember walking along next to water and seeing old garbage sinking. Then I remember seeing it and I start thinking. I finish my walk and then I start to think.

 When I get home I get a drink. I remember the things I saw today. Of all the things I saw that day.

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I was running as fast as I could! It kept getting closer and louder every step! I turned around and the next things I know….. I didn’t mean to hit it that hard but I hit the monster… and he was gone. I ran so fast until I ran into a carved tree.”Help,It read.

The next morning I woke up and I wasn't in my house. I was in the woods,laying on the ground in the wet leaves. It must've rained that night. I knew I wasn’t safe….. I got up and started to run fast,


Week 20

Hi,I'm Alex,and I am 14 and a girl. I go to Guilderland High School and I'm in 9th grade. I am kinda horrible at the guitar but my songs are extraordinary. I get shoved around but it doesnt matter. I have a mustard yellow guitar but one day,I started playing in public and people actually liked it. I started making lots of money and got  popular very quickly

Week 19

Kyra and Ella walked over to the school poster.It read,Saturday night show,⅞ pm. Taking talents.Sign up now! WOW!! ¨We have to join¨ Kyra said. Ella replied, ¨But what are we going to do in it¨. 


¨THE TALENT SHOW IS IN 3 DAYS WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO¨!!!! They both said Screaming.¨ Wait… I know what we can do¨ Ella said.

¨What¨? Kyra replied…. It was the day of the talent show and everyone had gone on. The winner announcer came on. It was their chance. And the first winners are…… KYRA AND ELLA DANCE PERFORMANCE

Week 18

The water Threw itself at us to see that nobody was in the driver's seat. We tried to drive it but there was no key! We looked on the ground and saw one but it didn't look like a regular car key. It looked old and rusty and dirty.

 We grabbed it and tried to put it in the key hole. ¨IT WORKED¨(Kyra said). We pushed start and left. We eventually arrived back at the train station and never wanted to use another taxi ever again.


We had finally arrived at nyc.Me and my friend Kyra got off the train and got a taxi. We got excited but it wasn't like a normal taxi. It had brown and yellow scrapes and it kept stopping. The driver took us to an unknown place which looked like an abandoned waterfall.

 The water fell heavily while we pushed on the door and the water came flying at us when it made a huge splash.Almost like a tsunami. It came directly at us. We both tried to run to see that nobody was in the taxi driver's seat…


I woke up and I turned on the news.Every morning I go to the park and run for a while but while I was running,I saw pieces of garbage,more than I've ever seen before.But there was so much litter I couldn't even see dirt! There were silver cans,paper and there was even garbage on the playground slides and rock climbing equipment.

 I had to make a change,I took all the friends I knew and we used frames,boxes and everything to make our own bag.That was our best story yet,said the news.

Week 13

What do you think would happen if the ice caps have completely melted?

   A lot of animals live in really cold weather like polar bears and they have to live in the cold so they  probably wouldn't survive if the ice melted. 

It also might affect the food chain. A lot of animals or even plants and humans need snow and cold weather to survive because if we had no winter at all we would only have hot summer weather!

Week 11

One time in the middle of summer my Grammy and Papa bought a boat and we were all so excited! A couple of weeks later we went to myPapa's moms house and they live next to  a huge river of water so we took it out with me,my brother and sister.

We also took their puppy Annie with her life jacket on! We brought snacks and headed off.One we got out far we put our life jackets on.My brother was too scared so my Grammy pushed him right off the ladder! It was Hilarious!

Week 10

The fire alarm

  Me and my friend were still freaking out but everyone just told us to calm down and go to the back of the school.So we did and we saw fire trucks coming into the school district and the school have smoke coming out of pipes on the roof filling up the sky.The firemen ran into the school and then after about 10 minutes they came back out saying there was a candle that caught somethings on fire but a lot of things got burnt. Everyone was relieved it didn’t burn everything we needed for school and the classrooms.

Week 9

One Morning my parents dropped me off for school but I had to stay after school for chorus but anyways,  I was pretty happy.Later that day we were eating lunch outside until….. THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF!!  My face turned red!! 

We immediately knew we had to evacuate. but the reason we were freaking out was because we had no warning and we thought it was real!! My friend was afraid of the sound. My parents were too busy to pick me up,my mom worked at urgent care and my dad worked at a food industry thing.

week 8 was optional

Week 7

    My family took us to our grandparents house to have a fire  and we finally arrived! 

    We opened the door,went into the kitchen,got all the stuff for the smores and went in the backyard.Me and my sister Alice went into the woods to find some sticks for the marshmallows.

     Got sticks! I got poked by thorns. We took a marshmallow and put it on the stick but Alice set it on fire and she dropped it on the ground and a part of the grass was on fire. We had to call someone to put it out.


One night My Bestie (Kyra). Picked me up for a sleepover for the night.I brought all my stuff i needed.But I left my ipad at home.Anyways,once we arrived, me and Kyra rushed upstairs to get changed into our bathing suits for the pool.

But her little sister was swimming with us as well.We had so much fun! Once we got out Kyra’s Mom came back home with the pizza. It was so delicious.Then we went into the living room to play just dance. Also  brought my very weird hairy eyebrow glasses.(to be continued) 

Practice Week 2

This is all about my dog.First is that my dog is always hungry!! Like if he hears a dog treat bag from somewhere in the house he would know….. Anyways my dog's name is Blu.Not B-l-u-e it's B-l-u.

 Next is that Blu is so crazy when he hears his collar jingle. He knows it's walk time or park time. He also likes dog bones like one time he chewed a bone so much it looked like some kind of shark or whale bone. When I saw it I got so freaked out.

    Thanks for reading about Blu Bye!!

Practice Week 3

     Hi My name is Emma But my mom calls me Emm.I have a little sister named Stacy and she can be so annoying!!! But one day my Mom and my Dad took me and Stacy to the woods because there is a river with some tiny fish in it.

 My dad got the car started and we left.When we got there we saw the river and my dad stepped in the water and he saw the bottom and said (Man,I have never seen a river bed so dry! We all laughed. 
 It was an amazing day.


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