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I nervously walked through the door holding my large  presentation. I walked to my desk in the back of the room as the presentations went by and mine came closer. 

“Jane, please come up and share your presentation,” she said. I stood up. Bang! I hit my hip on the round edge of my desk. I slowly walked up to the front of the room watching everyone's eyes follow me to the front of the room. 

“Hello my name is Jane and my presentation today is about cabbage and how when it gets moldy it turns grey.” I said loudly. 

Week 31

I walked one step at a time down the stairs. “The heat was unbearable, so I need to go swimming please” I pleaded to my mom. My mom stared at me with a cold dead stare. “Once you get enough money to pay for the pool fee,” she said.

I dragged myself up the stairs to my room and sat in front of the fan pretending that it still worked. My pet dog Sunny ran up to me jumping all over me “you want me to follow you?” I thought. Sunny wanted to show me something I ran after Sunny….

Week 29

Pink eyes glowed in the dark. My dog named Lucy barked with all her might.The hungry pink eyed beast leapt forward. My feet stamped on the concrete floor as I ran looking over my shoulder. In front of me was a tall abandoned building. Boom! Crash! Thunder bolts fell from above. I reached the door to the building. It was a  revolving door. I jump for joy as I sighed with relief on the wall of the building. Lucy perked up her ear and started growling. “Go away,” a voice spoke. I stood my ground staring into the darkness.


I froze realizing that  I was mid air on a small fragile red ladder. My head was aching as I was trying to remember how I got here. I slowly climbed up the ladder trying to balance my weight. My hand reached out and touched the cold pavement. I pulled all my body weight up onto the  floor. I looked down and the  ladder was sinking in  cement. I took a deep breath relieved that  I made it up in time. I looked around to see  coins scattered along the floor! I picked one up and it was real gold.

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It was April 4, 2022, when it all started. I was running through the school trying to find my first class today. Crash! What a coincidence--my head crashed into the exact door I was looking for. My desk was in the back of the room. I shoved my body into the seat.   

“Ok class today we will be learning how to-”, The sound of rumbling cut off the teacher from speaking. Rumble Rumble! The building shook and then everyone started running to seek shelter underneath their desks. The roof was shaking so fast that it would crumble in seconds…

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My yellow hair glistened in the sun, and my roller skates rode smoothly along the sidewalk. I passed by a bright white hospital and a dark blue pool. That's where I  learned how to swim.

 I opened the gate to the pool. My swimsuit underneath my coverup  itched. 

I slid off my coverup, and dived into the pool. I swam faster than a cheetah,   I skipped out of the pool. My lips were  purple and blue. I slid my  roller skates on my feet. 

  The tiny pebbles made the road bumpy. I turned my head and looked at the pool.

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“ Beep beep beep!”. The alarm clock went off and I dragged myself out of bed and down the stairs. The big red words on the calendar repeated “Happy birthday maddie!”.

“It was my birthday. How could I have forgotten?” I thought. I ran up the stairs. My heart was beating fast. I was so excited that in one instance I lost control of my body. Boom!  My mom's favorite vase was lying on the floor in 1,000 pieces! 

“ Mom, I'm sorry I broke your favorite vase, but I didn't mean to hit it that hard,” I said very sadly. 

Week 24

The clock struck 10:00 pm. “I have to get out of here,” I whispered to myself. As the trees shifted into monsters. Their roots turned into legs, branches into arms. Thousands of monsters crawling right at ME. I ran farther and farther into the woods. But the monsters keep  following.

“YES!” I screeched as I found shelter. I scrambled to get inside. I picked up an old rusted rocking chair, and blocked the door. “Smash,” the window was broken.

“Ahh,” I yelled as I jumped out of bed. 

“ Huh that must have been a dream,” I thought to myself.

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A white piano began to play soft and gentle music. I  turned to the left to see a strange purple octopus glaring at me. “Hello Claire, I've been watching you for a while. I want you to consider joining my super spy agency,” the purple octopus said loudly. The octopus handed me a blue card with a phone number on it.  “Crash” I jumped out of bed. It must have been a dream, I thought. I turned my head to the right, my sister Sky was springing out of her bed. “Are you thinking what I'm thinking?” I said quietly.

Week 20


Dear Diary, 

Today  was an extraordinary day. It all started with me playing the guitar “bang bang bang” then the guitar reeked of a horrible mustard scent. I shoved the guitar to the other side of the room. I jumped to my feet. I grabbed the guitar and threw it outside. The scent disappeared with the guitar. I went to the fridge and noticed that the mustard that's always in the fridge is missing. I suspiciously followed my sister upstairs. “ Molly (My sister) what are you doing?” I screamed. Molly turned around, she was dumping mustard all over my room. 

Week 19

The wind Howled, the trees rustled. Lily and I ran from house to house. My older brother was ahead of us, getting all the candy. 

“Hey Jamie, you ok?”  Lily asked. I glared at her.

 “ I need to win, I can't lose.  It's the 5th year he's gotten more candy than me.” I whispered to Lily. 

Lily motioned for me to follow her. We arrived at a house before my brother came up to me 

“And the winner is ME” My brother braged.

Lily and I sat on the step of the house  just enjoying the rest of the night

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Clank, the time key dropped to the ground. Time slowed and I reached for the time key, but a hawk swooped down fast as a cheetah, reaching for the key. I swiftly grabbed the key, and jogged to my underground bunker. I retrieved the key for my grandpa, the time master.  My eyes shifted to the old chair he sat in. There was a note on the chair it said:



   Dear Jay, It's my time to go. But someone will need to take over  and I've watched you over the years. You have proven yourself worthy.





I heard the door  open, “ Hank, let's  go on a drive to the park,” said Mom.  

     I  bounced off the couch which shook the silver framed painting.  The frame swung from the left to the right. I ran up to my mom wagging my tail. Mom hooked the leash to my collar. 

I was climbing into the truck when it suddenly started raining cats and dogs.

Mom tugged on my collar and said  “Come on Hank! Let’s go inside. I'll give you a treat,”.  I ran inside with my treat, eww it tastes like paper. I spit it out,  “Gross”

Week 14

The reporter headed towards me, with a pep in her step. She skidded to a stop. “Hello it's Margred Rosabella on the spot of the great massacre , it seems that there is a large wildfire. We are making sure that all the animals that are involved in the fire are ok. lets interview a few people on what they suggest to the world to protect the environment,” said Margred.

Margred turned to me, the camera crew shifted all the cameras facing me and the spotlight was on me. I would create a fundraiser to save endangered species,” I said proudly.

Week 13

I think if the ice caps completely melted, that would affect the polar bears, penguins and a few other animals that live in the Arctic. That would also affect the tide levels, and if the tide levels grow that could wipe out human and animal existence. Here are some ways that can make the ice caps/ ice melt, the scientists and tourists visiting Antarctica are causing  environmental damage, also people transporting invasive species also causes harm to the ice/ ice caps in Antarctica. What do you think will happen if the ice caps completely melted? Do you agree with me?

Week 11 (Continued from week 10)

 The tiny fairy led me to a small fireplace with chairs made out of bark.

“What brings you wandering in my woods?” suspiciously said the fairy

“The factory is on fire,” I said .

 The fairies' eyes lit up. She flew right past me right up the stairs to the roof

“ We have no time to lose,” she said as she scrambled in a hot air balloon. I followed after her. The hot air balloon swung from the left to the right, the fairy grabbed a small  bag and dumped gold dust over the raging fire, the fire slowly faded away.

Week 10 

The smoke from the factory burned like a roaring lion, I scurried outside to watch as my old house burned to ashes. 

“Hey, does anyone else see that mouse over there?”said a guy in a blue jumpsuit. 

“They spotted me, would they hurt me? Well I have no time to figure it out.”

I leaped into the woods where no one would dare to go. Through the puddles and under a log, threw the woods “smash.” I ran into a door, around my size. The door clicked open and a petite fairy looked at me. 

“Come in,” she said.

Week 9

I stepped into the candy factory with my school friend. We're going to interview the employees of the candy industry for a school project. I walked through the halls. Employees were running past me. I almost collapsed. Employees were pushing me to the left and the right. My friend Lily was stuck in the room that had a label over it that said cemetary room. I tried to open the door. It creaked open and Lily ran out the door. I could tell Lily was afraid. The red alarms rang through the halls. Employees we’re evacuating. it was very urgent. 

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

  The hot blades of fire rose from the house.

    “Help, I'm stuck in the house,” yelled my sister kate. My eyes flashed to the window  my sister was yelling  out of . 

    “ Catch me” she yelled

    “No, are you crazy?” I said  

    “ Well I'm about to be gobbled down by flames ,so yes” she said nervously . Luckily I was older than her so most likely I would catch her and she would survive. Woosh, I suddenly felt pain coming from my arms. It was my sister, I cradled her in my arms. “It'll be okay,” I said. “Weewoo ” said the ambulance. 


Week 6

    As the jeep rangeled through the forest, my  exploring buddy Jack yelled. “ George,  I think I've made a discovery over here ”. 

    I flicked the wheel and the car took a sharp left turn.  I jumped out and scrambled over to my buddy Jack. Jack was hiding in a bush watching some sort of mystical creature absorbing  all the sunlight. It was a type of species I've never seen before that had a green body and yellow head. There were hot flames coming off its back. Jack looked terrified and overwhelmed. I took out my flip phone and dialed the scientists.


The clock hit 6:00. My chariot scooted to a stop. The door flung open, a huge stone palace stood in front of me. The drawbridge slowly creaked open. Inside was a ballroom filled with people. The king, queen sat on the stage in their big golden thrones watching everyone dance. We were all dressed in a masquerade costume. “ Elizabeth, ” a female voice spoke up from the crowd. My head twitches to the left. It was Clare. She's one of the girls from my boarding school. “Come on, let's get out of here and go on an adventure,” said Clare.

Practice Week 1

Dear journal, today I woke up to a full basket of laundry. I brought my laundry down the stairs.“ It's too early. I wish I didn't have to do laundry ? ” I complained. I  ran downstairs to see my huge white dog named Hank. 

         Hank had his  stuffed animal that he was chewing on.

 I quickly ate my minuscule(tiny) cereal bits so I could do my laundry  . I quickly  looked at my calendar . 

I grabbed my laundry and tossed the clothes into the washing machine. Then I added sticky soap to the machine. Then I ran back to my bed.

Practice Week 2

Dear Journal, my name is Claire, My mother just got me this journal. I live in a house near the ocean. My mother works for an animal research facility. My mother works with whales, She researches their bones,  where they live and what they eat and she also helps them become more healthy. I think it's so cool how my mom researches whales. I want to research whales because I love the ocean. 

 Also i have a girl pit bull dog named Summer, she's a 6 years old dog.

 “ oh no i have to go see you later ”.  I said

Practice Week 3

                                 My name is Olivia . My Mom is a Farmer she always works down at the market while my Dad picks crops. I’m the only girl out of my 3 other siblings. I never get any privacy with 3 boys around. I have my own hideout in the woods.  There used to be a nice river bed that flowed of fish but one day the river dried up. So now each time I pass the river I say “ I have never seen a river bed so dry”. The view from the treehouse is awesome. my moms calling me, bye.


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