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One exciting afternoon my family and I were going to the fair and we were so ecstatic!  As we were pulling into the concrete parking lot we jumped out of the car so excitedly. 

The first ride we saw was a teacup ride that  kept revolving around and around. When we got our card to go on the rides we saw a bright pink roller coaster.  We went on it but my sister didn't because she was too scared. “That was so fun,” I yelled.

After we went on many rides we were so hungry. We went out to dinner. 


Please see Mrs. G. before posting this challenge this week.

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    Have you ever been in an earthquake?  I have and here is my story. I had visited my cousins in South Carolina.  I was so excited when we got there that I ran to the porch as fast as lightning to see my cousins Jaxon and Parker. 

    My aunt took us to the trampoline park so we could burn some energy.  Once we got there I felt the ground shaking!!!!!.  I thought “oh my god is this really happening”. 

     The building shook and then I was terrified.  It stopped before I knew it.  I felt relieved that everyone was safe.

Week 26

     I went to the hospital to visit my newborn sister.

“Aww”,  I said ,You are so cute”. I don’t think she heard me. When I saw her tiny yellow blanket I said, “ It is so small.”

     After we saw my sister we were walking home and I saw some cool roller skates in a store window . I said to my dad,” I wish we could have just swam to the hospital  instead of walking because I am so hot.” He said “Me too but I hope our new car will be ready soon so we do not have to walk.   

Week 25

“Honey, you are going to go play baseball with your friends in the neighborhood,” yelled my mom as she was doing the dishes. “Ok, I said but I didn’t want to go.

After I got ready I got my bike and went to the field. 

When I got to the field, we started immediatley . I was up first, I hit the ball and  I heard a “BANG!!!” But I didn't mean to hit it that hard.

 I looked at what I hit and it was just a plastic barrel, I thought it was a window I had hit.  Thank goodness!!! 

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Week 23

  One Exciting morning a family was going to the beach for a week. The kid wanted to see an octopus it was called the white Biter, yes it did bite. When they got to there hotel it was so nice there was a piano and a glass Statue that you could play with but on then sign said be gentle but their parents said “DO NOT TOUCH IT“ ,But the kids spotted something even better a trampoline .When they got on it they were springing so hi.”hey it is time to go to the beach they all said yaaaaaaaaaaaay

Week 20

Have you ever been shoved by someone .Well i have it was a cold snowy day and i was going sledding with my friends Austin,Greer,aston and max 

When we got there we were so excited we also brought a speaker . when we saw something yellow from a distance we thought that it was mustard but when we got  close we knew what it was .But there was already sled marks that was extraordinary but lockley we went to this one because the other one was horrible.me and max went first and we went flying it was so funny to watch   

Week 19

One day i went to a Olympics Games with my uncle and we watched swimming and on the first one the winner was usa .So after that one we got food and came back and when they were worming up we say a Podium and we were like hey that is were they say and the winner is some one so when they said get on you stands they did and they went off like ja morant going for a dunk they looked like sharks in the water and before you know it they were done 777and he said the winner is  

 Week 18

One dark rany night a little troll found a key and he had no idea were the key lead to so he brought it back to his and village and the when he say a map on it under his mag magnet flying glass he went to were the mad lead him and then it was a door but on the other side of the door was nothing so he put the key in the lock and when he opened the door it was another world and it had money growing on trees flying cars it was like the future   

Week 16

It’s not like last year, she/he/they thought.It was a rainy day in new york city .MY sister is a teneager and she will not get off her phone and her boyfriend he is all trobully.” Hey jamey  will you help my get my raincoat “ .they both thought i was just saying that to annoy them but no i actually needed it .She said ugg fine “Here you go know leave “ “ok fine bye”.After i left i went on a rany mission i had to fine my mom she went down the street to get me a donut “Mom did you get me my donut yes .

Week 14


One day a kid named Zach wanted to do something that would change the world but also help the world. He also wanted to be famous for it. He wanted to be like his idol Elonn Musk, who was a billionaire who made a car that can drive by itself, can talk to you , and cool stuff like that .

So Zach came up with this idea and it was called “The Recycleble”. It would be a trash can that sorted your trash for you.  It would separate your recyclables and regular trash so you did not have to do it. 

Week 13

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted

”O no what is that noise” .  “ I think it is the ice caps melting “  “do you no what will happen if the ice caps melt it will cause the ocean to get a ofer flo and cause a flood” .  “But we are going to be here for 7 more days, “Ono  what will we do i do not think we can do anything wait do you see that yup .”Is that a boat yes i think is  yes wait but woot  about the 2 polar bars .”Do you see the size of that boat they can come on it OOOO.

Week 11

One day a man named Jeff went on a helicopter and he fell off and landed on a moving motorcycle.  The driver crashed and hit a mailbox.  He flew into a taxi and then the taxi hit a truck.  After that Jeff went flying into a party bus.  The bus went on a ramp and went flying into outer space, and then went into a rocket ship.  The rocket ship went back to Earth and then Jeff hit an ejection button and went flying into an airplane and then the plane safely landed back in Albany, New York. YES! YES!

 Week 10

One busy morning a teenager named Mr Jeff was working at a factory that made baked goods.  . Mr.Jeff got a phone call for a cake order.  The person asked for a chocolate cake and wanted  the cake to say  “HI DID YOU MISS ME ?” Mr. Jeff told the man the cake would be ready in 30 minutes. He hung up the phone and  got straight to work.   The guy came to pick up the cake and Mr. Jeff was in shock.  He said, “Wait is that my dad ?” He thought he was at the military.  Oh my god DAD!

Week 9

One day a kid named Zach had red hair and people thought his hair was blood and they were afraid. He was a new student at school. One school morning the school nurse thought that his hair was blood too. She panicked and  called the ambulance.  Zach screamed at the nurse,” IT'S NOT BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!” He ran to the office and got on the loudspeaker.  Zach said sternly ,”It’s not blood it’s my hair.”  The kids in the school were like what who is that?'' After that he walked back to his classroom and the kids were like oooh that's him.Week 8 was optional

Week 7

One day a firefighter got a 911 call that there was a big fire in a big house.  When he and his crew got there the fire was bigger than what they thought it was.  When they got out of the firetruck they hurried as fast as they could to raise the ladder.  They grabbed the hose and started spraying the fire with water to try and put it out. Other firefighters tried rushing to help the family that was in danger inside the house.  Once the fire was close to being completely out, the family rushed outside to safety. 

Week 6


One day a kid wanted to be a scientist he loved science he thinks that all of the other subjects were overwhelmed.he had a treehouse that was his science lab but he had so much land on his Green hot land .So one day after school he went in his lab he wanted to invent something that would change the world and he made blueprints and his invention was called the think devise it is 200 $ plus shipping and handling you could think of any thing and you would get it  so i hope you liked my story bye

Practice Week 1

Hi my name is Elijah. I am doing  a one hundred word challenge on a sticky chair . it feels weird my chair is whites i have  friends  .i went to a baseball game that day and it was fun the yankees one the world series  so existing   me almost peed in my pants  close we got to go on the fiiled i got a adorgti was so happy after the game we got diner i got a cheeseburger and french fries it was so good i was in heaven  

Practice Week 2
One day a pirate named Elijah was a cool pirate. He loved chicken, cheeseburgers,  football, and fishing. He was a good pirate and everybody loved him very much. He sang and he danced around.  He made music and on and on and on .He took his big boat to sea it was so fun driving the boat he took one of his jet skies for a ride in the middle of the ocean .After that he went to grill a cheeseburger on his boat they looked so good he had to put gas in his boat so he went back. 


  1. I love your story it was very funny keep it up

    From Nico

  2. Very creative its like from your own perspective!!
    Andrew :)

  3. ELijah awesome story maybe next time use capitals on I's and capitols at the end of sentences. From Ryan

  4. Very realistic! I like it! From: Svetlana

  5. I like your story but you need a period at the END.......

    love Aricha Riglinoi.

  6. love your story. and how you added different parts to it.from john

  7. Every week your pieces are getting much much better and much much funnier! I really like how you keep making these pieces in your perspective! great job -Andrew :)

  8. Great story I loved the pirate on and he was like you with the football


  9. nice job both of your entrys are great really nice job-allyssia

  10. Elijah the Pirate likes everything that I like.From,James

  11. Awesome job Elijah! I like how you focused on the fact that everyone thought his hair was blood and then how he solved the problem. I also liked how you were so creative with all of you pieces!-Renee

  12. Good job Elijah on week ten I noticed that you put all caps and I liked that because you really sent the message that Mr.Jeff was yelling Nico

  13. week 10 is really good nice job from john

  14. Week 20
    I really liked how you did something that you did in real life.

    Maddox Lange

  15. Elijah, good job on all of your stories they keep getting better and better keep it up!


  16. WOW NICE JOB! you had so much action and great cops nice job-JOHN❤‍🔥

  17. Elijah, your Week 23 was really good and I liked the part about the parents yelling at the kids to not touch stuff. Keep up the awesome work!- Renee

  18. I like the way you have used the prompt to describe and earthquake, Elijah. It fits very well. Your story is clearly set out and easy to follow and I like the way you show what you were thinking using real speech. I am very glad there was a happy ending – I was worried!