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Today  was a hot sunny summer day in Dallas,Texas. The heat was unbearable, so I decided to go swimming in my pool. The pool was so cold. It was so nice. It helped us cool down because of how hot today was.We had a pool heater/cooler.We  decided to throw a pool party for our neighborhood.

Everybody was so happy because I was the only house in the neighborhood that actually had a pool.My pool was Olympics size so everybody was able to fit.What a wonderful day.

Thank goodness for pools.

Week 23

I went to my friend's house who is a millionaire. When we got there, there was somebody playing this nice gentle white piano with springing keys. Behind him, there was an enormous tank with an octopus.  I wanted to get a tour of his house but it was hot, so we went swimming.  Then we played video games.  We played on a multi-million dollar gaming set-up.  We played fortnite and Minecraft. Then it was time for me to go home.  I never got a tour, but  when I decided to go home he drove me home in his stretch Limo.  

Week 20

I went to my friend's house and he played this extraordinarily horrible guitar.  It was mustard yellow. I grabbed it quickly and shoved it off a cliff.  My friend was so angry at me for pushing his guitar off of a cliff he sued me. “It was a prank!   “That was my guitar that I shoved off of the cliff ” I said “ I had no clue that it was your guitar but where's my guitar anyways?” my friend said. “ That's in your basement and just to make you better at guitar , I downloaded  you Simply guitar  to make you better.”

Week 19 

Every year there is a Halloween event called Trunk or Treat. There is a raffle and the winner gets 100 lb of candy. I went  to the event with my mom and I bought a raffle ticket I didn’t think I would  win. I went home and my mom got a call on her cell phone. The message said I had won.  I couldn’t believe it.  We drove back to the Trunk or Treat.  There they had a bin full of 100 lb of candy with a real lock.   I was so excited!  There was so much candy to eat.


Every year my friend has a birthday party that I go to. It is always the same. But this year It was completely different.  Usually, for his birthday, we go to Apex Entertainment  and have some fun and win some prizes. One year I won an Xbox. This year we didn't get to go, because of The Chocolate Fever. If you get the Chocolate Fever you get big chocolate pimples all over your body and it's highly contagious. If someone  eats chocolate or sugar near somebody who’s infected  the person who ate the chocolates or sugar will get infected too. 


I just parked my car with a nice silver frame. I climbed onto the roof of my car and started to draw on a piece of white paper I had in my pocket.   I drew a picture of the things I wanted to do in the game.  Then I got off the roof and went inside my house and had some lunch.  After I ate my grilled cheese, I drove to my friend's house to play some video games with him.  At my friend's house I was able to reach the goals I had written on the sheet of paper.  

Week 11

We are going to  see my aunt and cousins in Florida. When we get to the airport,  we see that the flight is canceled.   

We rush down to  rent bikes. We peddle our bikes to the economy parking lot, we turn in our bikes and get into our car.  We realise that we have no gas. 

 We then decide to take a taxi to the train station to get to Florida.  That didn’t work either.  Will we ever get to Florida? Just as we are about to get into the hot air balloon, I wake up. 

 WOW! What a dream!

Week 10

I’m at my house and I am getting ready to take a trip to New York city for a week.  I’m feeling great.  My asthma hasn’t bothered me in a long time  

Four hours later, “New York City looks so cool!  We will be able to see the set of the Today Show and Empire State building.”  They look so cool in person.  

I look out my window and see smoke stacks fill the air with pollution.  My asthma starts to flair.  I reach for my inhaler.  Maybe coming to the city was not a good idea.  

I’m very disappointed.

Week 9

I was going on a field trip to an Italian restaurant  to learn about the cooking industry and also to have lunch. When we got to the Italian restaurant they showed us how they made pizza.  All of  a sudden a red light started blinking and a siren started wailing.  I was so afraid because I didn't know what it meant.  One of the workers told me that we had to evacuate.  It was  urgent ! The workers didn’t know what was happening.  Someone called 911 from their phone.  Before the emergency workers could get there, the restaurant erupted in flames!Week 6


I was taking a walk around the block.I found a trapdoor.I went inside and I was overwhelmed by what I saw.I saw a scientist but after a closer look it looked like my friend Andrew.  He was studying some weird green species that looked like it was hot cuz it was steaming.So I was like “Andrew what are you doing here and what is that thing?” He said “he became a scientist and he was studying that thing.”He doesn't know what to call it yet so I don't either. I asked if I could help.

Week 5

Today was the day that the invitations for the Masquerade Birdball  were being sent out. I was so excited I waited for hours doing nothing in my room but playing games.  I decided in a couple of minutes, I would go outside to check my mailbox. When I went outside to check the mailbox,   there was something there.   It was a special pair of glasses and an invitation which said the day and time of the Masquerade Birdball.  I was beyond excited. This was the first time I've ever gotten the invitation to go.  I wonder who will be there?.

Practice Week 1

I was going to open up a calendar to see what date it was.  When I opened it, there was this sticky white goo all over the words. It made the words look miniscule.  I washed off the goo and   looked at the date,  it said it was  December 24th and   realized I forgot to give my Christmas list to Santa.   I really wanted  to get a new computer because my  old computer broke down. I have nothing to record videos on.  I really like to spend my time recording videos,  I rush to the mailbox.  Will he get it?`

Practice Week 2

I was at Topsail Beach North Carolina and I was digging a hole and  I found some pilot whale bones. I thought I should probably give them to a museum but first I had to show my  parents.

When I showed them to my parents,  they said, ``Wow, where'd you find those? And I said I found them  digging on the beach.  We should give them to a museum and they said “that is a good idea”.

When I showed them to the museum they asked  where did you find them?  I found them digging a hole at the beach.



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