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I woke up nervios for what today is throwing at me.

As I got to the train I saw that there will be demolition on the Nokia phone. 

When I got to the place where my interview was and saw the demo site, it looked like they were hitting the ground with a sledgehammer. 

Then right when we finished and were about to shake hands the building shook, and then I called my brother to see what happened there and he said that the Nokia phone blew up now they are the first.

Week 26

I swam to the tiny yellow hospital, this is the story of how this happened. 

So I was roller Skating and I fell into a light, at the top of it. I know it sounds impossible but there was a ramp so I went up the ramp and fell so then the fire department came and cut me out of it. And my legs broke, so that means I have to go to the hospital in the ambulance and the ambulance crashed into the lake and I had to swim to the hospital. I know it sounds weird, it is.

Week 19

It’s the 2008 world series. The Mets in a tie bottom of the 9th. Crack! Degrom it's a hard ground to Jason 

“HE’S OUT!” The umpire yells.

Now there’s one out Mets still tied with the yankees. Crack!! 

“And it’s deep, it's far and he’s out” the commitater says.

2 outs the runner at 2nd moves up to 3rd still tied if the ball can leave the infield that’s a sure win for the Mets.

“ If Bob can clutch this win the Mets are world series winners.” the commitater says excitedly. Crack 

“AND THE WINNER IS THE METS NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1”

Week 18

Woosh! “NO!” Leaf Man yelled. Key Man was all alone. Woosh! “Leaf man is that you?” Key man asked. And it wasn’t Leaf man. Key man still didn't have his best friend. 

Days went by with wind gusts blowing and still no Leaf man. 50 more days with strong wind, but no Leaf man. Key man was depressed and he wanted to be blown to Leaf man.

 But one day it all changed. WOOSH!!! 

“Leaf man is that you!?” Key man yells. 

 “Key man!!” Leaf man yells.

They are back to being the best duo in the world. Good times!


I wake up, get ready and plan on paper at the park whenever I go climbing. After I did that I went right to my car, picked up my friends, showed them the plans and we’re off to the mountain.

“We’re here,” I say looking at the mountain.

We go over to the mountain and start climbing. Half way into our planned climb I spot silver.

“Hey guys I found silver!” I yell.

My friends knew exactly what to do, which is to go down to my house and frame the plan. And get our pickaxes and mine it out. 

Week 13

What I think would happen if the ice caps melted is that almost the whole world would be underwater and people would start being crammed in states and provinces=bad. We will struggle to make money because the jobs will have too many  people working. Grocery stores will run out of food and more people will become homeless. Lots of apartments will be built to house more people than they used to so more people can get off the streets and make bunkers if the world somehow floods more and gets covered. The world will be as crowded as possible.

 Week 11

Beep! Beep beep. 

“He woke up” a nurse said

“ happened” I say faintly

“You crashed” another nurse said

I try to move but it’s way too painful but I try again .Then a nurse said not to move with  broken bones. I never thought it was that bad. I thought I just lost conshinesn when the car hit me on the road. So I came out from the gas station to go to the red soxs yankees game went and it finished so I went home and then the car hit me on my motorcycle broke my bones

Practice Week 1

I just finished washing my hands. As i’m walking out I saw Arroyo doubled to left.  It was 3 to nothing in the seventh inning and Arroyo doubled to left . What luck! Right when I sat down a guy sat right behind me. He had a small bag with… Gary Sanchez’s signed batting gloves. My jaw dropped to the ground. I was so excited I felt like I was gonna scream at the top of my lungs. Seeing the yankees in white. The gloves I got were sticky for some reason and there is a calendar. The player’s were minuscule.

Practice Week 2
Hi there. My name is Crystal and today my mom and I went to the museum.  We also brought my kitten Blossom with us. When we got there, I burst through the doors and Blossom was so scared of the t-rex fossils that she jumped out of my arms and ran off. She ran down these stairs to a dark room. When I went down the stairs, I saw Blossom in this pile of fossils. The sign said they were whale fossils that washed up on the beach. They are so amazing! We went upstairs and started adventuring the museum.


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