Week 32

One dark and stormy night, the clouds were grey and evil, not a single part of the sun peeked through. Bang! Brian peeked through the door nervously in the old and creaky cabin. And he saw nothing but an old liquified rotting cabbage lying there on the ground. He picked up the round rubber ball on his smelly wooden hamper full of dirty socks and underwear. The hamper reeked of old fish. 

He Walked down the dark hall and out the front door, and saw an old man. But when he looked at Brian, he groaned and started to attack. 

 Week 31

Oh the heat 

It’s killen my feet 

It’s so hot

 I'm wearing my sheets, 

But they were unwearable and 

The heat was unbearable, 

so left the lot 

Cuz it was so hot 

Got in the house 

 Not minding the mouse

I just got on the couch 

Didn’t care about slouch

But then I remembered

 It’s not september

It is december

Why is it so hot 

Is this some evil plot 

No weather could be bought 

I’m tied in a knot

Call the swat team

This is an evil scheme

No more ice cream

Oh wow that was a weird dream 

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     One cold, spring day farmer Joe was working on his big RED barn while his pigs were SINKING in the mud. He reached for the LADDER, but it was too far away to grab  from his position. He got out of the barn. COINS jingling in his pocket, the windows shimmering with the glare from the sun, he walked onto the PAVEMENT and grabbed the ladder.

     He got onto the roof of the barn, and started to hammer away at the roof tiles. His noisy pigs distracted him from hammering, and then he hit his ring finger with the hammer.

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    One freezing winter day Jethan, Jashton, and Janiel were all working at the conveyor belt at the pencil factory, and then their boss came in.

“All right, two hours until your break,” exclaimed their boss.

“We’ve been working for five hours,” complained Jethan.

        “Yeah! If we don’t get a break now, I'll quit!” grumbled Janiel.

        “Me too,” claimed Jashton.

        But then, as they argued, a nearby volcano rumbled.  The Building shook and then, KABOOM!!! The volcano roared, and spewed lava all over!

         “Pause, this show stinks. Can I change the channel?” asked Jeyton.

            “No, your brother’s on,” said their Mom.

Week 26

 One blistering summer day, Janiel and his friends, Jisacc, and Jumantha were riding down a hill near the HOSPITAL on heelys. (heelys are like ROLLER SKATES but only one weal and it’s right below your heels) 

“Do you guys want to go swim in the public pool? It's hot and I’m sweaty,” complained Jumantha.

“Nah, I SWAM there before and It’s TINY, yellow and gross, and by yellow I mean the paint is yellow” exclaimed Janiel.

“Do you guys want to go to my house instead?” said Jisaac. 

“Sure,” said Janiel with enthusiasm.

“I’m in, sounds fun,” happily exclaimed Jumantha.

Week 25

My name is Ian and you need to listen to this story. It was a summer day, I was with my friends Henry and Gary and we were playing video games and I shot Henry and he died, but I didn't mean to hit it that hard. 

So I decided to take a break and go for a walk, but on my walk I saw a bear so I walked away slowly, but then it looked at me so I did what most people would do, I pretended to die. Eventually it went away THE END, and that's my story.

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One steaming spring evening, Jisaac and his two friends: Juca, and Jobert were walking in the forest when,

“ Ow!” screamed Jobert “I got bit by a mosquito!”

“ Oh, I hate when that happens,” exclaimed Jisaac.

“ Uh guys, that wasn’t it,” said Juca pointing to a big dark cloud.

“Run for your lives! Ahhhhh!” screamed Jobert, running away.

One hour later, the boys wandered, eventually finding Jisaac’s apartment.

“We should be safe here,” Jisaac said out of breath.

“I just can't believe the size of those mosquitoes, and the amount of them, unbelievable!” said Juca with a shock on his face.

Week 23

One steaming summer morning Jeyton’s and Jethan’s grandma took them to an art museum, and Jethan was springing with excitement, Jeyton, not so much

“What is that?” Asked Jeyton, looking at an odd painting.

“I think it’s an octopus in a white suit, gently

playing a piano,” said Jethan, staring at the painting.

The three started to walk over to the sculpture part of the art museum.


“That sculpture was made by a famous glass artist Dale Chihuly,” said their grandma, pointing to a colorful sculpture.

“Can we get out of here, I'm bored,” seid Jeyton.

“Sure!” said their grandma.

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One day Noah was at a baseball game. It was the Boston Red Sox versus the New York Mets, it was the ninth inning, and the Mets were winning!

“Out,” yelled the umpire as the New York Mets caught the baseball straight out of mid air.

“Hooray, go Mets,” yelled Noah.

The Red Sox swung at the ball and missed, they swung again, and missed, they swung one more time and missed!

“Strike three, out,” yelled the umpire.

“Yeah, go Mets!” yelled Noah with excitement.

“And the winner is, the Mets!” said the umpire cheerfully.

“Yeah Go Mets!” exclaimed Noah.

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One warm summer day, Jeyton was sitting with her friend Jria on the park bench.

“Eek! A lizard,” screamed Jria.

“You know it won't hurt you right?” asked Jeyton

“Yeah, but it’s just so creepy with it’s slimy skin, and the way it moves, just so creepy,” exclaimed Jria.

“Hey look! What's that, in the grass?!?!” Asked Jeyton.

“The lizard’s poop?” gested Bria, oops I mean Jria.

“No, not the poop, there’s a key in the grass! Look how shiny it is!” said Peyton er, I mean Jeyton.

“ Do you know what it goes to?” asked Jria.

“No,” answered Jeyton.

Week 16

One day Jluca, Jaidan, and Jethan were sitting on a bench in the park.

“Why is the military here?” asked Jethan.

“I think it’s because Donald Trump started some kind of civil war,” said Jaidan.

“I just wish they would go away,” exclaimed Jluca. It’s not like last year, he thought.

“Hey, do guys want to play video games at my house?” asked Jluca.

“Sure,” exclaimed Jethan.

“Let's go then,” said Jaidan.

As the boys started to walk out of the park to their bikes, a stick of dynamite dropped into the road.


Hello my name is Jonathan. Yesterday my friends Kethan, Kaspen, and I were at the art museum. You know that one next to that cool climbing park?

I said, “Wow I like the way the artist used silver paint on the white paper, and that cool frame! It’s amazing!”

But then two robbers busted into the museum and grabbed the painting and yanked it off the wall. 

“We need to stop them,” yelled Kaspen.

“Agreed,” exclaimed Kethan. 

“Then let's do it while we still can! Kethan you take the one with the painting, we’ll take the other one,” I said.

Week 14

If a reporter asked me, 

“What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?”

I would say, “I’d like to use bicycles to travel to places of short distance, like to Stewarts or Cumberland Farms, instead of cars or buses. I’d drive to close states instead of fly. I’d use solar power or maybe wind power instead of electricity.” 

Maybe they would ask me,

“What would you do to stop pollution?”

I would say, “Well, I would one, reduce, reuse, and recycle, because the ocean is polluted a lot. Two, I would tell my friends to do that.”

Week 13

One day in Antarctica three boys Jethan, Janiel, and Jashton were talking about random thoughts they had.

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” asked Janiel.

“I believe Antarctica would explode,” exclaimed Jethan

“I think the edges of some continents would be flooded,” said Jashton.

“Does anyone hear that disturbing squawking noise?” asked Jethan. 

“Actually, I think I do too,”  Jashton exclaimed with curiosity. 

“Wait,” said Janiel. “ I recognize that noise, that’s the sound penguins make!” 

“Ok I love penguins but THAT NOISE IS SO ANNOYING!!” yelled Jethan.

“Lets just go away” exclaimed Jashton.

Week 11

One day Marcus was reading a book titled: Flap to the Future, a book on birds. But then suddenly he heard a booming noise, and then a huge shadow formed over the park he was reading in. and the noise got louder, and louder, and louder. Marcus ran away from the shadow and got on his bike but by the time he started pedaling, he saw what was making the shadow, a big rocket ship!! He immediately ran to the rocket ship and saw three people walk out, well crawl out. These people have to be heroes! WOW! Marcus thought. 

Week 10

One cloudy day in New York there was a new worker in a power plant. His name was Clyde, and he is nineteen years old.

“Congratulations everyone! We now make bombs for the government,” said the factory CEO.

“What?!?! Why?!?!” Clyde asked.

“Because otherwise the factory will shut down,” said the CEO.

But then one of the bombs went near the hot coles,

and lit. We all ran to the stairs, because elevators are way too slow. We shoved open the door and ran down. Then we realised that five more bombs had been lit, but then I slipped. BOOM!!

Week 9

One day in the computer industry there was a red alert all employees had to go to meating room 5. It was urgent.

“We must Evacuate,” said the CEO.

I was Afraid of what was going to happen. Mabey the factory was going to burn, mabey the factory was going to blow up! But I didn’t care, I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible!

All of the factory workers ran as fast as they could to the main exit. Some fell on the ground. But then I saw what we were running from, LAVA!

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

                                  One Hot Day

One morning in Peru, a boy with the name of Zander was swimming in the Amazon river and his mom called out to him that it was time for breakfast. Zander’s mom made him eggs, but when she flipped the egg, the hot pan fell onto the wooden floor and burned the cottage down. Luckily the firemen showed up in time so that the Amazon rainforest didn’t burn down to the ground. Zander stayed in the river to stay safe and away from the fire. “The one time I wanted it to rain, it didn’t,” Zander said.

Week 5

France vs. Britain

 One beautiful, hot day in Paris , France, a 15 year old boy named Alex was eating some cheese when he saw some British planes in the air. “Oh that's odd.” he exclaimed. And then the planes started firing their missiles at the Walmart next to him. Alex ran as fast as he could to the woods, but one of the planes fired a few feet away from him so he flew in the air and fainted. When Alex woke up 15 years later,he was in a log cabin looking in the mirror, he was part robot!

Practice Week 1

Hi I'm Luke, my CALENDAR seid nothing but in the meantime I can fix the WASHING machine so I can wash the STICKY stains and the MINUSCULE germs off all of my WHITE shirts. So I picked up the screwdriver and undid a couple screws and then I saw a DEAD RAT!! I tried to get it out with a shovel but it didn't work so i went up the stairs and went into the closet and got some plastic gloves and went back down the stairs and picked up the dead rat and threw it in the trash can.

Practice Week 2

Hi I’m Luca. I found something in the basement. I went inside and pressed the button that said :100,000.000BC and then sylence. It stopped so I opened the door. It looked like A jungle. And then I saw it and it explained everything. It was A dinosaur. I'm guessing I traveled  back in time. I need to find out what button aloud me to get back into the present. it’s the big button labeled present on it so I pushed it. And it took me to this weird lab, not the celler what is this place? The End!

Practice Week 3
Hi my name is Robert  but all of my friends call me Bob so I guess you can just call me that. So anyways me and my friends were hiking. Let's just call him uhhhh!!! Jethan, Juca, and Jellan! In no way are these names related to there real names. So we were hiking in the woods and we saw a very dry river bed so Jellan said “Wow I have never seen the river bed so dry in my life!” We thought the river would be filled with water but it wasn't so we hiked back to my house.


  1. That must have been gross 🤮. Still it was an amazing story! -ISAAC

  2. I would have done the same! From: Svetlana

  3. I LOVEEEEEEEE how you put in Jethan Juca and Jellan when your real friend are Eathn Luca and Kellan

  4. I love how unique your stories are. I also like each time, you write from someone who lives in a different place from you! -Kylie

    Your Recyled Sister,PEYTON

  6. i liked all of them ashton you did a very good job!!! DARTH VADEN

  7. I can't wait to see how your 100WCs change in the future
    from Ashton H

  8. i like how you showed how your feelings like suprised and scared on week 10 and the cool ending from praise.

  9. Hello Ashton!
    Your writing this week about baseball was a great way to use the prompt (...and the winner is...). One suggestion I have is to be a bit more descriptive with your setting--you wrote "One day..." Perhaps in future writings you can describe the weather ("On a hot, humid summer night, Noah was at a baseball game between the NY Yankees..." or "It was cool late summer evening in August...").
    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota

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