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Liana nervously crept around the gray cart, regretting her decision more so by the second, if she was caught… 

Just then, she jumped out of her skin as she heard a sharp BANG from the corner. She lowered herself into the cabbage cart, knowing she had to get these stubborn vegetables, if only for a split second of attention and praise, wishful thinking will get me nowhere. She thought, feeling the round fray of the green veggies. Then, she swiped up all the cabbages she could carry, and hopped out of the cart, running for dear life as it seemed.

Week 31

Mare sat at the table, hands covering her flash of cards, she hissed in annoyance as she saw Shade catch glimpse of them. 

After Kilorn took about twelve minutes just to pass, Mare shed her jacket, not knowing why in the world she had even brought it, the heat was unbearable, so the comfy blanket currently wrapped around her was also unneeded. The only reason she was going to abandon her cards was to swipe away some of the popcorn Farley was currently hogging, unfortunately, her messy plan to do just that, did not end well. For her, not Farley.

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Mira spotted the concrete path just as she got out of the bus, it wasn’t exactly hard to miss, swirling with pink and gray. The town path went in a revolving circle that connected with different paths and went around town. With a sigh, she watched the other kids leave the bus with a jump and usually happy grins. The bus would circle around and even though Mira could easily walk to her house from here, she had to wait for the last stop. She was always so hungry when she got home, hopefully there was still some mango left. 

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Lily opened her room’s curtains, letting the steady light pour into her room. Her cat, Mochi, meowed in protest. 

Then suddenly, she heard shouting from outside. Maybe a toddler was having a tantrum in the huge museum next door. It was always hard to tell where things were happening in Boston, then, she saw an astonishing sight, the museum! The building shook and then began to topple, police sirens wailed, and drones flew about, news reporters were everywhere, and all Lily could bear to think in that small, terrible, life changing, possibly life ending, moment was, will Mochi be safe? 

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Elexi continued to skate, avoiding tiny crevices in the road by swiveling her roller skates and their small yellow wheels. She passed the local hospital, and stopped by the pet store. Because her mother had thrown out her cake by “accident”… she walked in. She could best spite her parents by buying a rat, but she was truly interested in a snake. She passed a few fish tanks as they swam inside. A snake would suit her extremely well. 

She looked into her cheap purse and pulled out some cash, where she got that money… was a secret indeed.

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Gia stood in front of the broken glass, her heart racing like it never had before. Four years ago she had spent the whole day carefully crafting the glass bowl with her mother, it was one of the most precious things in the house! And now it was shattered, each broken shard clear and curved. But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard! She had thrown the ball to her father, who was always ignoring her mother’s complaints about playing catch inside, but missed. Her mother always said they would break something, and now her fretting had come true.

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Zoey stood to pet the orange fur ruffled on Clementine's head, her pet monkey, and Clementine burbled, nudging her, then sprang up the tree. 

“Oh come ON. Not AGAIN!” Zoey groaned, picking up speed to chase after Clementine as the monkey rose higher.

“UGH!” Zoey yelled, “Clementine!?” She clenched a low branch on the tree, muttering to herself. This tree was not a newcomer to her, every. Single. Time, Zoey brought Clementine out, she always managed to find her way to this tree, and from the amount of times Zoey had to get her out, she could climb pretty well.

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Mai had never seen something so amazing before, a master pianist played away on “their” yought, each white key from the piano was pushed with gentle movements, the pianists fingers flew across the piano. 

“Ready?” Mai’s mom had just secured her flipper as she smiled at her daughter. Mai nodded, diving in with her mother. It was shockingly cold and vast at the bottom where coral was springing and wavering. Suddenly something huge bolted past them, when she turned around, a GIANT octopus was staring right at HER, then it burst off again, leaving a trail of ink behind it.

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Li groaned, accidentally leaning into her mom, causing the line to go crashing as people shoved each other. “Mom, why are we here? The food is horrible and-” She was cut off by the loud playing of a guitar. A tall man with an extraordinary blue, shimmering necklace stood, strumming a loud rock song that made Li want to slice her own ears off. After a while, they got their orders in and sat down at a small table. Li always hated it here, the only thing that brought her any joy from the restaurant was the creamy mustard packets.

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Stars glittered in the night sky, but suddenly, the ferris wheel Juniper was on halted. She stared down in horror, she and her best friend, May, seemed to be stuck at the top of the ferris wheel. 

“Oh no.” Juniper whispered softly, looking down below at the continuous rides. May’s mom was furiously screaming at the people at the controls. Juniper held May’s hand tightly.

“AND THE WINNER IS…” The robot cowboy from the ducky shooting stand roared, and May let go of her hand to plug her ears. I should never have stepped a foot in here. Juniper thought.

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Izzabelle rolled her eyes as she opened the garage to see her father working away yet again on his, ultimate, new, amazing metal creation! He was so obsessed that he barely took time to be with the family now. Izzabelle went to school, did her homework, then went on her phone, a pretty normal lifestyle right? Well, she had to pack everyone's lunch, get everyone ready for school and work, and clean most of the time. Since she was the oldest child, and her mother was busy with work, and her father… he was in his own type of work.


“Hey! Get back to your seat! YOU! Enoku, mask UP.” Mrs.Velvet yelled through the chaos of their classroom, her voice was full of exhaustion.

“Maybe I would follow your idiotic rules if you didn’t make so much!” Enoku muttered bitterly and crossed her arms tightly. 

“Yeah! What’s the point of all this? It’s clearly not helping anyway since the COVID numbers are coming right back up!” A gruff voice blurted from his seat.

The whole time, Gliana was quietly sitting in her seat. It's not like last year, she thought. Despair covering her heart like a cold, betraying blanket.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” Kim’s mother whispered, her silver glasses glinted as she tilted her head to the frames full of lively pictures. They had just moved and were filling their new house with memories. Kim had attempted making a paper frame, she actually put hard work into it for once- though she still ended up tossing it into the trash. 

“Yes,” Kim couldn’t take her eyes off of the picture of her climbing onto a rock as a baby in a park. With her mother and father next to her, they were all smiling. She really did miss those times.

Week 14

Definitely stop littering. I have seen countless people, mindlessly dump their waste onto the ground, and in the ocean. We need to realize that we are affecting the world and healthy environments when we do something like that! I would also talk about people buying things that are incredibly wasteful and unnecessary. There are so many toys that are made of plastic and other material, if you ever dispose of them, they will end up catching some innocent animal. If we don’t stop littering and making bad choices, it’ll be too late to stop the world from becoming a dump.

Week 13

One more lunging step. One more leap, what's happening? The ground beneath us, the ice, it's cracking, it’s rising, it’s disappearing! The seals are running, the family, we are chasing, but while we chase, we run from greater danger that we fear will never stop- suddenly the cloudy ice disappears from underneath us.       

“RUN!” Mother roars, her eyes widening in horror as, steadily, slower than a million years, minisculely, the water is rising.

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” A younger cub squeaks in fear, we all drop our heads in hollow despair.

Week 11

Niami leaned off the balcony of the boat, breathing in the fresh, ocean air. Away from home, away from friends and family. She felt lost, blank, like there was nothing real left in her. 

“Honey,” She felt her father’s breath behind her, she refused to talk to her parents. “You can’t ignore us forever.” 

I can If I want to. Niami thought bitterly, avoiding his gaze as he held her hand. I won’t forgive them, not until they tell me why. As she felt a burst of anger, a tear slid down her cheek, and into the waves, lost forever.Week 10

Lila stopped dead as she saw what her father had done to the forest. The beautiful, mystic place. There were deer, rabbits, squirrels, so many animals had lived in grace, in peace.

“Why would you do this?!” Lila cried, her voice shaking.

Her father hesitated, his eyes sad. “We need the money. Your mother- and the company needs to grow. I’m doing this for us, Li’.” Her father had said bluntly.

Her father avoided her gaze, running his wretched company, releasing more, and more pollution into wildlife. Lila had loved to observe the beautiful nature. And now it was gone.

week 9

Aria worked for a tree chopping industry, to be specific- REE REE REE! REE REE REE! “PLEASE REMAIN CALM, EVACUATE BUILDING NOW. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”  

Aria had never been so afraid, she sped up to the crowd, urgent as ever. The red welcoming carpet, it had been trampled by fearful workers, as they ran. Aria staring wide eyed at the building going up in flames, their wood, their paper, they had just finished the yearly stock! 

“Is everyone out?” Aria’s heart pounded as she saw the big fire trucks come, and sturdy firemen holding hoses and other equipment.

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 Week 7

    Jaqueline watched as it spread, feeling the warmth of the flames. “We’re safe now, I promise.” Her mother whispered. 

Jaqueline shook her head in despair, as her dad wrapped his arms around her. She watched her house burn to flames. Her dog swam roughly across the lake, and started barking. She took her backpack from her father and drew out her phone, there was no connection. They were stuck. Her dog nudged her with his paw, his tail wagging. The smoke was going to kill them. Then she looked at her father, his face lit up. Firemen. They were here! 

Week 6

    “So... hi! My name is Jean and I want to be a scientist when I grow up, my favorite color is green, and I like dogs.” Jean glanced at her audience before rushing to her seat, feeling overwhelmed by the looks of her new peers. The sun drew light into the classroom and she winced, rubbing her forehead. Was it hot?

    “Actually Jean, our schedule, says it’s science now!” Mrs.Tutors smiled sweetly.

    The teacher revealed the whiteboard with a smile. It had a diagram and about a hundred words, explaining species, just the word made Jean tingle with excitement! 

Week 5

“GLASSES?!” Jane exclaimed, startled. She didn’t know what to think of this! How- what would she look like? Would people even recognize her? She stopped herself, trying to think calmly about this huge change about to enter her life.

The doctor paused, then turned to Jane's mother. “Some local glasses fitting places and eye doctors are…” 

Jane zoned out, feeling a shiver of excitement slip down her back. Ooh, maybe a purple fade into clear, or bright blue! She wondered what the choices were! As she

Practice Week 1

Hi, my name is Asha, I guess I am going to tell you about my two little cats, Ninja and Comet, they are both black cats, but Ninja has a little white smudge on his chest. Comet has minuscule little white hairs spread across his pelt, and he is only 3 years old. My cats are really sweet, they snuggle all the time and aren't those types of cats to rip up your calendar or whatever. My cats really hate getting baths, washing them is so hard! Even though they leave us in sticky situations sometimes, I love them anyway.

Practice Week 2
For me, this pile of whale bones made me think of a yarn ball, and when I think of yarn, I think of my cat Comet.

When he was a little kitten he would always pick up a ball of yarn the size of him, and he would just walk around with it in his mouth! He also does that with my mom's makeup brush. We find it in places like behind or under the couch! Comet is such a sweet little cat, and I think it's kind of weird that a pile of bones made me think of him.  

Practice Week 3

Carol took a big, heavy step up the crowded terrain and sighed. Her family loved hiking up hills and mountains, through crowded forests, and even knee high snow! But Carol would rather be snuggled up on the couch with her dog, cozy and warm. “Wow, I have never seen the river bed so dry!” Carol’s father exclaimed. Carol looked down from the path, it was dry. critters scampered around the grass and roots. Awww, she thought, smiling at the animals. Okay, it isn't that bad. She thought wryly as a squirrel jumped swiftly up a branch of a mossy tree.


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