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Zane had previously got onto his ship and attempted to take it back from Lextroke. Yet when Lextroke missed hitting Zane, it hit the engine.

“What have you done!”Lextroke said.

The gray ship fell down, back into the moon. Slower, thankfully, but not slow enough.

“This is your fault!”Zane said, still hurt.”Now we will bang into the moon and die!”

“No! You should have died!”

“We have to work together, or no one will survive!”

“I don’t care!”

Lextroke nervously took some round cabbage as food and opened a door.

“Say goodbye, and hello to your death!”

Week 31

The evil Lextroke had taken Zanes ship! Yet when Zame attempted to destroy Lextroke, Lextroke turned into a giant beast!

“Hahaha!”Lextoke said,”You really think you can get me, Lextroke!”

Lextroke went on fire, and then punched Zanes stomach with flaming fire. The heat was unbearable, so unbearable that Zane couldn’t move himself!

Zane lied on the floor, as Lextroke came closer.

Lextroke took his hand, and threw it into Zanes stomach. He missed.

Zane managed to roll away just before the punch came. 

“What have you done!”Lextroke yelled!

Red lights flashed. The punch had hit the engine!

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Zane had recently gotten onto the stolen ship, and found Lextroke. What was to happen next?

Zane’s mind was revolving around the fact that Lextroke had done so much. How would he stop him?

“You’ll be sorry, Lextroke, cause I’m hungry… for revenge.”

Zane ran towards Lextroke. He took out a pink hammer from his suit. Pink because it was the only one he had.

He ran, took a jump, and smashed hard! But the only thing was, he couldn’t get Lextroke! Lextroke had a force field around him!

Lextroke laughed hard. “Hahaha!”He then transformed into a concrete beast!


The evil Lextroke had recently taken Zanes spaceship, and Zane had reached the spaceship. He had to take down Lextroke.

Zane held onto the ship. Lucky for him, he had a red hammer with him.

Zane smashed the window and got in. He found himself sinking into mud, and there was a ladder. He felt coins around him, stuck in the mud.

Zane reached the ladder and climbed up. It appeared the ladder was made of cement, used for pavement.

When Zane got up, he found a door and opened it. 

Inside was the one responsible for all this. 


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Lextroke had recently taken the astronaut's spaceship, and was heading somewhere. Zane had to stop him.

“Let’s get him!”Zane yelled. Lextroke was still close enough to possibly get onto the ship.

“How will we get him?”An astronaut said.

“There’s low gravity here. If we can jump on each other and reach the ship, we can stop Lextroke!”

So they did. They called it the building, but spelled it without uppercase letters. Weird.

The astronauts jumped and jumped. Zane jumped on the astronauts till he reached the ship! The building shook and then fell, but Zane had made it. 

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The evil Lextroke had recently attempted to throw Zane into lava. He failed. Yet now, Zane was getting revenge.

“LEXTROKE!”Zane yelled.

Zane ran across the moon and found their camp. Everyone turned around.

“Hello, Zany,”Lextroke said,”Want revenge? I’ll get it!”

Lextroke put a bomb on his arm. There was an image of a giant leaf, a snail, and two humans.

“Find what’s real, and life. Otherwise, death.”

Zane looked at the image.

“The leaf and the snail!”He was right.

“Where’s Lextroke?”Zane said.

“Bye!”Lextroke said. He took their ship!

“Let’s get him!”Zane yelled.

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The evil Lextroke had taken Zane to a cage that was heading toward… Lava.

“Lava!”Zane yelled. He needed some gear. That’s when he looked around himself.

He saw a tiny yellow hospital, a toy hospital. He also found roller skates, and then remembered… His suit was lava proof! All he needed to do was escape from the cage.

First, he took out the wheels of the roller skates. He then pushed a wheel into the lock. Then he used a chain on the hospital to move it. The lock popped, and he swam out of the lava!


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It was a normal and relaxing day on the Moon, for Zane had defeated Lextroke’s plan to take over the Moon! Yet Lextroke was planning revenge.

“Hey Zane,”Lextroke said,”Can I speak with you?”

Lextroke took zane to a rock that looked like a cage. Or, was it actually a cage?

Lextroke opened the door. Then, he pushed Zane in. And, he broke a necklace from Zane’s dead father.

“Sorry, but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard.”

The door was shut. Zane was trapped in, in a cage. But the cage moved. But where?

Zane looked. “LAVA!”

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It was an evil day, as Lextroke made plans to take Earth's lovely moon, and make it his.

An astronaut named Zane flew to the moon in three days, and landed.

Zane looked around, but then he saw an object of some sort. He picked it up. It was a Mini Wooden tree with dead bear hands.

Out of nowhere, the moon shook. Zane fainted. He woke up with other astronauts.

He then saw the mini tree. He punched it, and things went normal. But, he didn’t know one of the astronauts was Lextroke, soon to get revenge on Zane.

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The Octopus of Springing White is a legend, but no one has ever seen it.

But, it is also said that a gentle piano would magically come to life, and no longer be gentle.

In an old house near the seashore, there was a piano, which was left behind by the owners of the house. It had been years, and the piano came to life.

It grew bigger than Antartica itself, and was about to destroy!

But then, from the bottom of the ocean, an octopus threw the piano into the ocean.

That octopus has been a legend ever since.

Week 20

The Mustard in the Cafe’ Ultra restaurant was actually evil.

A man named Jay was playing horrible music on the guitar. His brother, Kai, shoved him to make him stop.

All of a sudden, extraordinary mustard came and took over Kai.

Through Kai’s body, the mustard punched Jay. Jay was almost defeated, until he remembered something… Mustard was edible!

Jay got up and swallowed the mustard, careful not to swallow Kai.

Jay had saved the day, and he got so fat from the mustard, he had to give up his awesome, incredible guitar music. Well, he thought it was awesome.

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The evil Limbro had created a fighting tournament to secretly capture the greatest fighters. Kosu was in that battle, and he was in the final battle.

“Hiya!”Kosu and Limbro were battling for the prize.

“I win!”Kosu said when Limbro fell.

“No… I win!”

Limbro shot out spider webs towards Kosu. Kosu was nearly defeated, until he saw a hole on his forehead.

He punched his hand in, and Limbro exploded.

“And the winner is…”Kosu said,”Me!”

Kosu freed the fighters and saved the day. He also won the prize in the tournant: Nothing, Limbro faked the prize.

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The evil Ambro was searching for the powerful key of leaves. It was very powerful.

Zach was eating his breakfast. He saw a man walking, and a key surrounded by grass.

Zach knew something was wrong with it. He jumped and took the key. All of a sudden, the key gave him power.

His eyes glowed, and unlimited power went through him. Ambro took out a sword and ran towards Zach.

Zach was scared, until he saw a hole in his head.

He pushed the key in, and Ambro fell.

Zach saved the day, and banned all keys from Earth.


Crux the Heroic

The evil Yellow Taxi had recently sprayed a waterfall on the good people of Excited Town. The world itself was now flooded as well. Crux was a worker of the heavily flooded station. He saw the big floods, and had to do something… Aha!

Crux quickly snuck up on the Taxi and stole a water book. He used the book and took away the flood.

Crux had saved the day, and he banned all taxis ever created because he felt like the evil taxi originated from the maker of all taxis who was soon thrown in jail.


Garmo Against Evony

It was a historic day as the evil Garmo destroyed the world. Evony was a slave, and he needed to save everyone.

That’s when it hit him! He ran towards the emergency shutdown evil plan switch.

He tried to press it, but Garmo saw him and was holding him tight. Then he tried to hypnotize Evony and make him think “It’s not like last year, he thought.” 

Evony tried to break out, but he couldn’t. But then, he kicked his leg and pushed the button.

Evony saved the day, and he destroyed anyone with the name Garmo.


Lochlen and the Movie Characters

The Park of Silver Frame Climbing Paper, with a horrible name, was recently destroyed by movie characters. The whole world was filled with movie characters. Lochlen controlled the network of all TV’s. He had to do something.

That’s when it hit him, he ran towards the internet cable and tried to unplug it. Yet an oni from Ninjago tried to turn him solid!

Before Lochlen was solid, he cut the cable. 

“No!!!”The oni screeched, as every move character returned to TV’s.

Lochlen had saved the day, and just in case, he destroyed all TV’s.


Wish Tree

Tony was walking to the wish tree. People always get what they want from it.

The man in front of Tony made his wish… only he wished for the world to collapse!

All of a sudden, the earth shook, earthquakes filled the land!

“Yes!”The man said,”Time to destroy!”

Tony had to do something! Wait… The Wish Tree!

Tony ran up to the tree and said,”I wish that man never lived!”... and the destruction stopped.

The man was gone, vanished. Tony had saved the day, and he sued the tree for letting the man cause destruction.

Week 14

The Evil Reporter

It was a big day as Anthony had an interview with a reporter.

“So,”The Reporter began,”What would you do to help the environment?”

“Don’t know.”Anthony said, only, he regretted saying that.

The reporter turned into an enormous monster!

“Finally,”The reporter said,”I have the power to make everyone not know a thing! Oh, and thanks for the response Anthony!”

Anthony had to do something… Aha!

He quickly said “I know who you are!” and the beast was gone.

Anthony had saved the day, and he learned to avoid all reporters  no matter what.

Week 13


Clorons Cake, the store with the logo “What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?” was a famous cake factory. Tony the manager worked there.

As Tony worked, all the frosting came to life!

“Yes!”The frosting beast said,”I’m alive, and now I will destroy everyone with my power!”

The earth was turning into melting frosting! Tony had to do something… Aha!

Tony ran towards the beast, and ate all the frosting!

The beast disappeared, and Tony saved the day, and he learned frosting doesn’t taste good when you’ve seen a frosting monster.


Evony’s Battle

Lochlen was standing in a parade, for he recently defeated the dark lord… Evony.

Then, out of nowhere, Evony came out of the woods, putting everyone to fear! He made a speech.

“Recently, I was destroyed, with everyone left feeling very thankful… Yet now, I shall destroy everyone, starting with Lochlen!

Evony attacked Lochlen, with all his strength! Lochlen had to protect everyone.

Lochlen was almost defeated, until he noticed a button on Evony. He ran towards the button, and pushed it.

Evony disappeared, and everyone was safe. Lochlen had saved the day, and he was remembered forever.

Week 11

It was a nice sunny day as Tony visited a museum. He was walking around the inventions as he passed a special one. 

It was the first boat ever built in history. Tony found a strange button on the boat… and pushed it.

All of a sudden, all the designs were alive and attacking everyone.

Tony had to do something, he thought, and had an idea. He pushed the same button. He pushed that, and everything went back to normal.

Tony had saved the day, and he sued the owner of the museum for having evil inventions.

 Week 10

Smoke Face

Chen was working in a factory called Golly’s Goodness. The business had been so good, yet it created a lot of smoke.

Though one day, a face appeared on the smoke!

“Thank you for making all this smoke.” The face said,“Now I shall put it to use!”

All of a sudden, the earth was shaking! Chen had to do something… Aha!

Chen went to the power station, and turned off the power.

“NOOOO!”The face yelled.

Everything went back to normal. Chen had saved the day, and he quit because he was afraid the beast would return.

Week 9

It was a normal day as Eldakond put on his red urgent industry shirt. 

As he put on his clothes, he found a switch… and clicked it.

All of a sudden, there were letters saying, “Evacuate.” Eldakond was afraid. Soon, the earth shook, buildings collapsed, fire came down!

Eldakond wanted to flip the switch, but then it said, “Take off shirt to stop doom.” Eldakond quickly took it off, shoved it in the closet, and smashed the door as fast as he could. 

Everything went back to normal. Eldakond saved the day, and he learned to avoid evil doom shirts.


The Lights

It was night time as Coal went upstairs.

As he turned off the lights, all buildings collapsed, the country’s sunk!

“What did I tell you about the lights?!!” Coal's mom screamed.

“Who cares!!!” Coal yelled.

“Turn on the lights!”Coal's mom yelled.

As Coal went to do so, a big monster tried to drag him away! Coal thought as fast as possible… And poof!

Coal grabbed his shirt and threw it at the beast. Coal then ran and turned on the lights… and then everything went back to normal.

Coal had saved the day, and he was proud.

Week 7

There was a big fire as a man named Splat ran. He was trapped in the forest of doom through the power of Evil.

He found the crystal of dumbness which looked like a firefighter suit. He put it on for no reason and became dumb.

Then, an ancient spirit from the dumb crystal came out and took out the flames. He then destroyed the Evil and turned Splat normal again. He then flew into the light.

Splat got up as cheers came and they held him high. Splat was a hero, and he was ready for the next Attack.

Week 5

The Pinkaglasso

The big Pinkaglasso, said to be made with hypnotizing powers and…

Before John's Dad could finish the story, he all of a sudden had turned into a pink monster, with eyes like the big beast himself.

“Attack!”, his dad said.

Then, the Pinkaglasso was in front of his very eyes, and there was no getting out of there

John closed his eyes before the hypnotizing powers worked, then, an idea splashed! John quickly grabbed the glasses, and his dad was back to normal. The Pinkaglasso went to jail, as John hugged his dad while everyone clapped and cheered.

Practice Week 1

John and the Alien

It was summer vacation according to the calendar, it will be sticky with fun, Except for John. John’s vacatiion was blank as white, his heart was the size of a minuscule!

John was excited until a washing machine flew into his house. Inside was an alien. 

It was always following him for some reason. He went from North America around the world and back, WOULD HE EVER MOVE?!


Practice Week 2

Jonathans Jail
It was a sunny day as Jonathan walked and walked. He then found a bone looking ball.

All of a sudden, helicopters flew and war trucks came. Then, a tall and bald man came out and said, “You are hereby under arrest for stealing my son's favorite ball!”, He yelled!

Inside of the prison, Jonathan begged to get out, but he just couldn’t, so, he decided to get a little… creative!

Jonathan asked to see the ball, he took it, found a key looking piece, and got out! Soldiers were on lunch break, so he was FREE! He sure was.

Practice Week 2
It was a nice sunny day, as a young boy named Mark, and his family, sailed to England… Or so they thought so.

“Oh no!” Mark's father yelled, “There’s a storm up ahead, hold on tight”!

The entire ship went back and forth! Mark held on so tight as fear came into his blood!
All of a sudden the ship sinked, and the next thing he knew, he was on an island.

“I’ve never seen the riverbed so dry,” Mark thought

Just then, helicopters flew in, and the next thing he knew, he was with his parents sailing to England.


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