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This story is based on the movie “ The Martian” 

I wake up and check on the cabbage I had planted months ago. I then see a little green-ish grey-ish sprout. Finally! The cabbage was starting to sprout.

I woke up. I go to check on the cabbage plants when I hear something. BANG!!! I get worried and very confused. Has NASA seen my video footage? Is someone coming to get me? Are the aliens attacking? 

I nervously walk outside onto the sandy hard orange floor of Mars to see a big round machine. Finally, someone has come to get me! I walk into the rocket and fly back home.

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“Cya later!” Bella says as she grabs her stuff and walks through the aisle of the bus. At the next bus stop I get off. The hot air smacked my face hard.

“Jeez dad! It’s like 10 million degrees!” I say.

 “Yup, 10 MILLION.” Dad says sarcastically. 

“IT IS THOUGH!!” I say.

The heat was unbearable, so I knew I HAD to make shaved ice! 

I ran down the hill. I get inside and grab my shaved ice machine and start to make shaved ice. 

“Hmmm, which flavor?” I wonder in my head.


Week 29

“MOMMMMMMM! I’M HUNGRYYYYYYY!” My little brother Joshua says in his annoying whiny tone.

“We're almost to the hotel honey.” My mom replies. I just roll my eyes and continue to play As It Was by Harry Styles.

Once we get there I grab my pink backpack and step out of the car and onto the concrete. As I walked through the revolving doors I heard something.

“Jump boy! Jump!” A man called out to his dog. The dog didn’t want to jump. Instead, the dog ran up to us and started to jump on my brother and I. We laugh.


Boing! Boing! As I hop around, I collect coins. 

“The ground in this is so weird. It’s like red pavement, but weird.” Jane says.

“Right!?!?” I replied. We kept playing until we got to the big ladder, you have to climb the ladder and doge all the things that come down, or else you’ll start sinking into the pavement. As we climb and dodge, we finally reach the top. 

“Nice job!” Jane says. 

“Thanks! You too!” I said back. Once you win the game, a whole bunch of unicorns start flying around. We laugh and giggle until we can’t anymore.

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As I move the little girl out of the tiny yellow hospital my sister has a boy zoom past on roller skates.

“VROOOOOOOOOOM!!!!” My sister says. I giggle, we were playing with dolls. I move my doll closer to the lake as my sister's doll is in the lake. My sister's doll swam over to mine.

“I love when we do this!” My sister says.

“Me too! You're so much fun to play with too!” I replied.

We continue to play with dolls.

“Anniela? Anniela? HELLLLOOOO????” 

I shake my head. It’s just a memory, I tell myself. 

“Sorry, I’m here.”

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“NEXT!” Someone says. I walk forward and stop in front of a lady. She eyes my animal shirt and looks at the boy next to her. He immediately sits up. She mumbles something to him and he looks at her like he saw a ghost. “Eco-activist?” He whispered.

“Tree hugger.” She says in a correcting tone. I sigh and walk through the door. It led me to “my section”.  I barely even knew what to do.

Everybody gets a world, a name, and a section. It happens when you turn the age of 12. And now, I am stuck here.

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My mom’s gentle touch strokes my forehead as I slowly wake up. Once I remember what we are doing today, I start springing with joy. 

“Now, don’t forget your piano practice!”

My smile soon fades but we still get to go to the aquarium after! 

Once I get ready, we hop in the car and drive to Mrs. Hardbroom’s building. I glide my fingers along the graceful white piano keys. As soon as the lesson is done, I race back to the car.

We get there and I immediately run to the great octopus! It was such a beautiful sight!

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Today is an extraordinary day! I was at the park, playing my guitar. And the neighbors were having a party. It was perfect! Until, the horrible Karen showed up. Karen was the mean girl in our neighborhood, and everyone did what she said. I ignored her. 

But then, she came over and sat in front of me, a bottle of mustard in her hand. I gag. She starts pouring it all over her plate. Then, she SHOVES me into the plate of mustard! I couldn’t stand her!!! I grabbed the ketchup and poured it over her “precious” hair. She Shrieked.

Week 19

I walk onto that stage and dance my heart out. I move and groove to the music like never before.

When it was time for awards, I walked onto that stage next to Ava and sat down. As everyone gets called up one by one to claim their awards, it gets closer to the end. Finally, the time was here. 

“Drumroll please!” The announcer says.

Hands and feet bang on the floor.

“And the winner is…”

Just then, I woke up… it was a dream, but I have a competition that day and I am so super excited! Can’t wait!

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 I couldn’t sleep, something was calling me. I didn’t know what was happening.

I followed the wind out into the eerie night. I see the frosted leaves dancing in the wind. Every step I take, my feet leave footprints in the thin snow. Something shiny lays there in the grass. I walk towards it. It’s a key… I step closer and slowly reach my hand down to grab it. Suddenly, the leaves start to surround me and the key in the wind. I couldn’t escape the forcefield around me. Suddenly, everything went blank. I woke up… the key, beside me.

Week 17 OPTIONAL for GES

*Pant pant pant* I finally got to the taxi after running through the hard rain. I was breathing heavily like a dog! I was so excited and thankful I made that bus! If not, then I would have missed the amazing beauty I saw that day.

Sreeeeeeeeech! The taxi came to a hard stop. I hopped out and walked through the gates to that prepossessing sight. I cover my forehead with my hand so I don’t see that bright yellow sun. And there it is, Taughannock Falls. The largest waterfall in New York! What a beautiful sight to see! Wow!

Week 16 

Mariella was a sweet, kind girl. 10 years old, about to start school again…MIDDLE SCHOOL! Mariella didn’t have many friends in elementary school so she was a bit scared for middle school. 

As September rolled by, Mariella got more and more nervous. 

The day has come, and Mariella is walking to school, like any other day. RIIIIIIIIING! The bell rings. Mariella walks to her homeroom quietly, holding her books tightly in her hands. As Mariella walked in, all the girls ran up to her and were complimenting her! What a surprise for Mariella! It’s not like last year she thought.


“Can’t catch me!” I yell to Will as I tag him and run off into the park. Next thing I know, I’m climbing up the ladder ASAP. Will is right behind me ready to end the chase. I grab onto the frame around the slide and use it to give myself a nice big push down the big silver slide. I land hard on the wood chips. I saw a piece of paper and I reached down quickly to grab it. OOF! I felt a hard tap on my shoulder.


“Aw man!” I turn around and run after him.

Week 14

Somebody rushed up to me with a Fox News microphone in her hand. 

“What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” She asked me. I was shocked! I quickly snapped into reality and realized… I... WAS...ON... LIVE... TELEVISION!!! This was my chance, SAY SOMETHING ME! 


“What about it?” The reporter asked me.

“Well if we don’t recycle, then our landfills are going to fill up quickly!” 

“Go on,” She said.

“If the landfills get full, then it hurts the environment! By the trash we are “creating!”

“Well you’ve heard it here first folks, always recycle!” 

Week 11

“Please mom?” I ask. We were in the greatest airport of ALL TIME! We were coming home from Myrtle Beach-where I had my dance competition. We were taking all the same flights as my duo partner Ava. 

“Alright. But stay with Ava ok?” Mom finally said.


We ran off to Pandora! They have bracelets where you add different charms of your choice. I only had one, it was a ballet shoe. I found this really pretty gold hot air balloon with a pearl inside of it! It was calling my name. It was beautiful! I had to get it!

Week 10

Thump! Thump! Thump! Me and William bang our feet on the top of the stairs. 

“Can we come down yet???” Me and Will impatentily ask. 

 “Okkkkk! Come on down!” Dad yells up to us.

We ran so fast down the stairs. We probably sounded like a stampede of wild bulls. But we didn’t care. I mean it was CHRISTMAS!!! Our eyes lit up from the Christmas lights and presents! 

A while after we went to go check our stockings. We sat down by the fireplace. We watch the smoke rising up through the chimney. 

                                       So yeah! That was my Christmas!

Week 7

I started to fall asleep a little while ago but it felt like forever. There was this man in my dream. Well, nightmare I should say. I couldn’t see him though, he was all black. Just the silhouette of him. I could only see him from what was behind him. Fire. If it weren’t for the fire, pitch black. I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t.

           Finally, I woke up from my crazy dream when I saw ACTUAL FIRE! I stepped outside of my tent, to my shock, it was the campfire and my dad cooking a delicious breakfast!

Week 6 

“Fascinating!” I say as I turn the clear box around.

“Wowwww!” my little cousin says as she gets closer to the box. 

“Careful sweetie! The temperature is very high!” I say.


“Very!” I say as I nod my head. I’m a scientist. I have been studying many species of frogs. Right now, I’m studying the moss frog. A dark green frog that only lives in the eastern part of Asia. If I didn't collect enough information about them, I would get fired! Pretty overwhelming huh?

Finally, I finished collecting my information about the moss frog and got a raise!

Week 5

A smiling woman opens the door and William, Julian and I shout “trick or treat!”

“What are you for Halloween?” She asks.

“I am Jason Dorkies from Friday the 13th!” Jullian says. Her eyes widened.

“Uh, I’m uh Russel Wilson from the Seahawks.” WIlliam says.

“And I’m a witch!” I say with my fuzzy purple glasses on.

”What lovely costumes!” She exclaims as she scoops different candies from her bowl into our pumpkin baskets.

“Thank you!” We all say with a smile on our faces. We walk down the three steps of her porch and head to the next house.

 Practice Week 1

“Come down for breakfast, I made your favorite pancakes!” Mom yells. “Yay!” I say even happier. I come down stairs behind mom and look at the calendar. -Pool party today!- I can barely see in the dark, and either way, the numbers were so minuscule! “Sweetie, Your change of clothes are still getting washed.” “Ok!” I ate the pancakes with the sticky syrup. I was about to get ready for the pool party when I heard the washer ding! I take my clothes out and they are WHITE! “Um mom?” I say. “Uhh,” She says. Then we both laugh. Haha!

Practice Week 2

We got back onto our paddle boards and started to paddle back to the rental place. 3 paddle boards, me and my dad together, my mom and brother each alone.    

“Quick! Anniela look manatees!” 

“WOAH!!!” Two enormous manatees came up right beside us! 

“They are so beautiful! Look at their faces!”

“They really are… what a sight!” As we paddle back to the rental place we see something bright red! We got closer and realized it was a STARFISH! 

“Wow! So pretty!”

“This has been the best paddle boarding ever!” My dad says with 

Practice Week 3

We walk down the path to the water. Almost an hour passed!! 

“Dad? Where is the water?” 

“IIIII don’t knowwwww” He replies confused. We finally decide to turn around and look for water somewhere else. We started to walk back and it was completely normal for a while then, me and my dad both stepped down on something. When we got back up on our feet we realized it was a river bed!

“Wow! I have never seen the river bed so dry!” 

I say in total shock.

“Yes, well we’ll have to go elsewhere for our water.”

“Ok dad!”


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