Week 32

My dog Cabbage is a very round dog…he eats a lot. We have tried to feed him less but that ended in my whole family getting rabies shots. My dog only eats one type of food and he knows what the bag looks like. It's grey with a picture of a dog on it. Believe me, I have tried to get him a different kind of one that was made with organic vegetables but since I’ve done that he won’t even look at me. Bang is my goldfish. Whenever Cabbage walks by his tank Bang plays dead. It's very concerning. 

Week 31

Every day when my family and I were in Disney the heat was unbearable, so we got ice cream! My favorite time we got ice cream was probably when I got fried dough with soft serve vanilla ice cream on top. And that’s not all it was topped with strawberries and it was DELICIOUS. We had a lot of different kinds of ice cream including dole whip, it was pineapple flavored. The icecream I got most was probably chocolate soft serve, my favorite! Me and my family definitely agree that Disney had some amazing ice cream and it was great!

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My hungry stomach rumbled as we pulled into a restaurant. The car shook as we drudge up on the concrete parking lot. I looked at the blossoming trees turning pink since spring had started. As the car parks I jump out the door. 

“I’m hungry enough to eat a horse.” I tell my parents as we walk through the revolving doors.

“Welcome to Sarah's Steakhouse!” The worker says. My family drove here from an hour away.

“Right now we have about a 45 minute wait…” We all just stare at him. 

“We really should have made a reservation.” I say.


I lay on the pavement and stare at the sky. Vision of coins sinking into quicksand and I jolt up. I take a sharp breath and turn to the red brick house. A ladder lays in the front yard. I click my tongue and stand up. I skip into my house that is filled with the sounds of the shuffling feet of my busy mom. I take a warm up lunch out of the freezer and put it into the microwave for 4:00 minutes. I peek into my mom's office to say hi but I decide she was too busy.

Week 28

The shaking held me down. Screams were erupting around me. And my mom's hand was gone as tears filled my eyes. I noticed, she wasn’t there. A shout steals my attention and my eyes dart over in the direction of the scream. My mom was running towards me yelling for me to get out of the way. But as she gets closer a person grabs her by the shoulder and shakes their head as if to say, “There’s no use.” I look behind me where a building is shaking. The building shook and then it went black and death silent. 

Week 26

I watched as the kids swam in the public pool and as the other kids rolled by on their roller skates. They seemed happy but I wasn't. I was waiting to hear the news about my mom waiting in front of the hospital in are tiny town where nothing bad ever happens. Well something bad happened, a car accident, one my mom was involved in. It was a bad one and it happened when my mom was driving home from work last night. And now me and my older brother were waiting in the waiting room to be let in.

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A loud BANG rang through the house. Pieces of broken glass were scattered about the floor. 

“I didn’t mean to hit it that hard…” I say to myself. I grab the broom and then I begin to sweep up the pieces of glass. As I mutter to myself of how dustructive I suddenly trip over my own two feet. Next thing I know I’m in the emergency room getting stitches. I tap on the window as we drive back to the house. 

“Honey those are the tenth time you have gotten stitches! You need to be more careful.”

“Ok mom.”

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“AHHHH” I fell through a ditch. It’s a deep one, a lonely one. My head aches. It feels like it's gonna fall off. Quiet surrounds me.I stand in the ditch I had fallen in. It's a big footprint. Everything races through my head! Why am I here? What happened? Who am I? Then it goes black.

“Good morning my lovely daughter!” Mom says. 

My eyes open and realization hits me. It was just a dream! I have never been happier! 

Week 19

 “Let's start the interview! So Anna, tell us what happened.” The interviewer asked.

“Well I was watching my favorite game show on my phone. My mom was driving the car and then right as they were about to announce the winner. We had a green light and someone who didn’t started to drive it just so happened that we were driving and they hit our car. There was a lot going on all I remember is the airbag blowing up and me hearing the game show saying and the winner is! In the background. Then it just all went black.

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I held the key in my hand with a tight grip. I looked up at the door and raised the key to the lock. The orphanage was quiet as if it was waiting for me to unlock the door. As I slid the key into the lock I held my breath. CLINK CLINK CLINK CLINK. 

The door unlocked and let in a rush of cold air. I knew I didn’t have much time until the headmistress found out. I chucked the key onto the floor then I ran out the door into the forest and down the hill, into town.

Week 17 Optional for GES

I was so excited because today me and my family were going to a waterfall! 

A yellow taxi pulls up next to us to take us to the airport. I was breathing so heavily with excitement!

When we finally get to the airport I practically fly out of the car! 

“Hurry we need to get to that plane!” I shout at my family. 

“Help me with your bag then!” My older brother shouts back.

When we finally get to the plane and I find my seat zi look out the window and say 

“Here I come waterfall, hopefully you're ready!”

Week 16

Aria walked into school where she got her first surprise of the new school year. She was greeted with a hello in a deep voice and she looked up to see her new principal.

“Uh hi?” She said she took a quick look at the new school and the new principal had changed a lot. And the only thing she could think was it's not like last year. Her thoughts were interrupted by the principal. 

“Hmm I see you like the new school! Welp go head off to class!” He said. 

I just nodded and walked away. Thinking while walking.


I fixed the frame on the wall when heading out to the park with Ma. Inside the frame was a picture of mom, dad and me. I smiled then ran to the car where mom was waiting for me very impatiently 

“Hey we don’t have all day” She said starting the car up as soon as she heard my buckle click. 

When we finally got to the park I saw kids climbing all over the silver playground. I placed the paper I was writing on down and jumped out of the car to join my friends who were playing together. 

Week 14 

¨Climate change is important and we can do millions of things to protect it but some people refuse to help. For example, stuff we could do is , don't use as much gas, don't litter, and take care of the oceans. People don't know it yet but all these things will make the world a little better, it will create a world easier to live in. It will create a place where everyone can be happy and healthy because that's what matters. If a world of millions of people can help imagine the possibilities

I end by saying ¨Just imagine that¨ 

Week 11

“HURRY” My grandfather said I had a shark on my fishing rod. I held the rod as my grandpa drove the boat back to the shore. 

It was tricky holding my balance on the boat at the same time. The shark was a baby hammerhead and I had just caught it! 

When we got back to the dock I stayed there still doing what my grandpa told me to do. Then my parents came rushing out surprised and eager at the same time we took pictures. Then we let him\her go, we waved and I said smiling 

“bye fred!”

Week 10

“Mommy, look!” Jonathan pointed to the large factory on the hill. Clouds of poisonous smoke poured into the blue sky.

The young mom grabbed and squeezed his hand. She coughed and coughed. When she finally caught her breath, she said, “Yes, yes I see”

“Mommy, are you okay?” Jonathan asked 

His mother slid an envelope into the mailbox and muttered to herself.

“Maybe the government will listen to this letter and stop this madness”  She coughed again and ushered Jonathan inside. 

“It's not safe” She said to Jonathan 

Jonathan nodded then walked to the window. 

“Bad bad smoke” Said Jonathan

Week 9

 As I ran to the door of my room I had to stop to cough but I couldn't. Well I could but I didn’t have time. The red and flames roared around me then I opened the door. 

Before I knew it wood came crashing down on my legs. I fell hard on the floor. I screamed at the pain. My legs felt like they were nothing to me anymore. I tried to get up but the wood that piled over me held its ground.

Then I saw firemen coming to get me, my eyes blurred, then I blacked out.

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

As smoke filled my room I coughed. I knew what was happening. It was a fire.

Early I found out that I couldn't leave my room because the fire was in front of it. I was sitting in the corner of my room as far away as I could.

The flames of the fire were slowly creeping into the room I was waiting for a fire women to come into my room.

Finally they did but I had passed out by that point. My mom says they brought me down from the window then I

 had gone to the hospital.

Week 6


    In my dream I was at a science lab. I was walking up to the building. You could  hear the shuffling of feet from overwhelmed scientists! At least that's how I see it.

    “Welcome!” Says a man in a science coat. “We have been waiting for your arrival. Let's go see the new species?” 

    “Huh?” I say in confusing. 

    “Your Anna right?” 

    “Yes” I say. My hands are hot as coals. I'm so nervous to meet the new green species but before I can think anymore I wake up, it's morning.

    “Thank goddess” I say with a sigh of relief. 

Week 5

     As we dug through the attic we looked through old boxes and added new boxes to. 

    “Look a box labeled costumes,” My dad said, picking up the big box.

 We had been looking for costumes for halloween.

     “Huh…” I said as I dug through the box. Dust floated into my face and I coughed. 

     “I was gonna warn you it's really dusty” My dad said laughing. “Witch costume,vampire,zombie…oh and fuzzy glasses!” My dad says.

     I look up. “What?” I say He shows me the fuzzy glasses and I laugh. He puts them on and I laugh even harder  nooooooooooooooo u deleted me masterpiec §.•´¨'°÷•..×   πŸŽ€  𝓂𝑒 π“ˆπ’Άπ’Ή  πŸŽ€   ×..•÷°'¨´•.§§.•´¨'°÷•..×   πŸŽ€  𝓂𝑒 π“ˆπ’Άπ’Ή  πŸŽ€   ×..•÷°'¨´•.§v

 Practice Week 1

As my alarm  rang I quickly woke up from my dream about everything being minuscule! I get out of bed and look through my calendar “oh no no no!” I quickly grabbed my softball uniform and got changed. My uniform is all black so it makes it hard when we play in sticky humid air! I really wanna change to white jerseys but we can’t! I ran down the stairs! “Oh Anna, your clothes are washing- wait, you have a game!” “yes mom” I say “ oh Anna wait your game is cancelled” my dad says. We all start laughing hard! 

Practice Week 3
“Mother!” “Mother!” Elizabeth said as she ran into there little cottage 
 “The river bed is so dried out” Elizabeth said in concern. 
She watched as mother peeked through the window.
“Well Elizabeth you are certainly right I have never seen the river bed so dry…” mother says. 
“Grab your coat, we're going outside to look at it” Mother says.
“Um ok?” Elizabeth said.
When we reach outside and head to the lake bed. “Oh silly me!” Mother says. 
“What?” Elizabeth asks. 
“The river was causing some problems. So they put things up to block the water” Mothers says 
“Oh ok!” 


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