Week 32

Nervously I tried to destroy the evil Round Cabbage! Even though the skies were gray! Also it looked like it was about to pour, the evil cabbages base was in a garden! It looked like a round looking garden, Even though it was a strange place to battle! 



 We battled for soooo long! 

“I’m so tired!!” yelled the cabbage 

I had to get some energy to win the fight so I ate a salad! I should have done that in the first place because that just won the fight! Finally the cabbage is gone!!!!

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There I was no hope at all for any chance of survival. 107 hours into my exploration of the planet Venus! It turns out there is oxygen on Venus, but the heat was unbearable, so was the space station! 

“We have to escape somehow!” said Neil. 

“Definitely,” said Buzz. 

“W-W-W-wait do you hear that?!” said Neil.



As Neil and Buzz jumped the ship it exploded behind them! 

“I guess we just live here now” Said Neil.

“W-WHAT?! YOUR JUST GIVING UP?! You’re Neil! Neil Armstrong!”  

“ANNNNNNDDDDD CUT!” That was great guys! AMAZING!!! 

Week 29

Today was possibly the weirdest day ever. There was this strange monster that looked like it was made out of a type of  Concrete? Also it was bright Pink and it was very Hungry looking! This Creature stomped the eiffel tower! News reporters stated 

“This Monster could really jump!” 

“I said that the monster looked like it was constantly spinning in a circle. He kind of looked like a revolving door.” But after he left Paris he jumped all the way to Los angeles!!! And devoured the Hollywood sign! “This guy is insane!!” One man said on the local news. 


So there I was with my red marker planning my first one hundred word challenge! 

I looked out the window and saw the janitors with their ladder fixing something on the roof. As I looked back I had the general idea what  my piece would be! The “WORST DAY POSSIBLE” 

Like sinking in wet pavement or losing one hundred coins! Here's what I  have so far: 

“UHHH! Do you ever have one of those days where everything is just so sticky and yucky. This was one of the worst days ever!!! Let me tell you what happened.” Good start right?

Week 28

“GO! GO!” Yelled Mathew.

 One building in florida toppled over and now there like a chain of dominos buildings have been falling on each other! Now it’s finally reached me!

 In Massachusetts!? That's CRAZY!! You can  see one building falling after another but now I have to escape the building I'm in! The building shook and then it was beginning to flop! I ran to the science lab to see if they had something I could use…  “YES!” I yelled happily. A jetpack as I strapped  the device on it took off! OH MY GOSH! I HAD ESCAPED FROM THE BUILDING!!! 

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Nobody knows about us, Nobody not animals, not people, We are known as the small scaled people. Back in 1348 we shrunk somehow! 

“I guess in our world we live in things that humans could hold on their pinky!  It’s honestly…  probably something humans call NYC.” said Ason.

“We have built things like cities! We compared the sizes of our largest cities to a pen and were just short of the pen!” Ambrose exclaimed. 

“Even though we're tiny we still have to face monsters everyday! Like the giant ant! He attacks like four times every week! It’s horrible said Taylor .

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I could feel my legs shaking. I was so nervous! In the Olympics my specialty is the RANDOM RACE…

    What we had to do for our race looked like roller skating? As we roller skated there was what looked like a pool? As we swam I was beginning to feel  very nervous!!

Next was the hospital jump. We had to bounce over the tiny yellow  hospital! 

The last part of the race was to do forty three thousand  cartwheels in a row!! If we didn’t then we had to restart! But it’s ok! I do this stuff all the time!   

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Why does he… UGH! But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!” Toby yelled. 

“You can’t refer to your brother as it!” Toby's mom exclaimed! 

“O-O-Ok but he still hit me first!” Toby yelled.

“Yes but you knocked him over and you hit him so hard!” Toby's mom yelled. 

“B-B-B-B-B-But he never gets in trouble!” Toby yelled.

“YOU’RE GROUNDED GO UPSTAIRS!” Toby’s mom yelled. 

`“WAIT WHAT! You have to be kidding me! Y-You can’t just ground me on the fly like that!!!” Toby yelled in anger. “HE NEVER, NEVER NEVER, NEVER  GETS IN ANY TROUBLE!!” Toby yelled extremely angrily.

Week 24

“Be still! Very very still”  Eryn said in fear. 

“PFFT of what?” Oliver replied. 

“T-T-T-T-THAT!!!!!!!” Eryn shrieked.

As Oliver looked over at the beast he screamed in horror! But when he looked over to see Eyrn he was gone he had left him!!


“GO AWAY!!!!” Oliver screamed!!” As the beast crawled over to Oliver he only had one way to go which was up! 

“HA-HA you can’t get me now!   But to his surprise he could!!! There was nothing he could do! But watch him slowly creep off the tree! Oliver leaped and landed in the leaves! He’s safe now!


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“Here we have a very big but very gentle octopus! Fun fact he’s as huge as forty six grand pianos!” Mr Westley said to the class with their jaws dropped.  


“PFFT that's totally fake!” Brian yelled out.

“Nop–” Mr Westley was interrupted by a BANG. 


“As Mr Westley looked over at the octopus tank and the kids he was horrified to see that the octopus was bantering on the tank. All the kids' faces were white! The octopus was springing itself against the glass!

“Quick everyone leave!”  Mr Westley Screamed in horror. 

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Do you ever just have one of those days, nothing goes right at all WELL  that's the day I had!

    You could  say it was the opposite of extraordinary. First I got mustard all over my clothes! I mistook it for water. 

Then this guy bumped into me and I got shoved to the ground! Then this guy who was playing music in public got mad and threw his guitar! Guess where it landed? On my  car! It was possibly the worst, horrible day that I  ever had! And to top that off I still had to go to work!

Week 19

“...And the winner is… NOT YOU, NOT YOU, NOT YOU and NOT YOU!” Yelled Mike Glenon.  

“PFFFFT what is this guy's problem? He is always so mean! Said Brian. 

“Yeah all he had to say was the winner, not call everyone out!” said  Joe.

As Mike Glenon walked down the stairs of the backstage Joe and Brian gave him a NASTY LOOK. 

“What's your problem?” Mike Glenon asked rudely. 

“You're the problem! All you do is make fun of people” Brian replied very angrily. 

“Yeah but it’s fun!!” Mike Glenon said. 


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“W-W-WAIT OH NO!! Did I really just lose the key! I said, yelling at myself.

“Yeah you pretty much did, the king is  going to be VERY upset with  you!” Niki responded.

“THANKS that helps,'' I responded sarcastically.

                                             1.4 million years later 

“WOAH What is this?!” Sean said in amazement.  

“Wait, do you think it’s the key to that old house up there?  Nick asked. 

*GASP* “That would be so cool!” Sean yelled in excitement. 

“Should we go up there?” Nick asked, beginning to get nervous.  

“DUH we just found possibly the coolest place on earth!” 

“Ok lets go.” 


I thought to myself I finally made it to New York City! 

I was so excited I didn’t know what to do! So I did the first logical thing someone should do!

 “Taxi!!!!!” I yelled as I waved my hands in the air. Finally after many MANY long minutes of waiting I actually got a big heavy yellow taxi! As I sat down I wondered where to  go.

“Where to” The Taxi driver said  in his deep voice 

“W-w-w-well I don’t really know” 

“How about you look out the window!” 

Woah, That's a pretty fountain, it looks like a waterfall! 



“I can’t believe it's 2022!” Eryn said. 

“I’m so excited!” Hannah yelled “Hey, what's your New Year's resolution?!” asked Hannah.

 “ I didn’t really think about it that much, maybe being more organized.” replied Eyrn

“ I haven't really come up with one yet!” Hannah said. “I guess spending much more time with my family!”  

                                     Four days later… 

“SILLENCE!!!” Mr Bartholomew said. (even though no one was talking…) “Now that it’s the new year things are going to be very different around here!! We will have triple  the homework! It’s not like last year Hannah Thought. 


“UGH why is there never anything to do?!” I complained to my dad.

“What do you mean there's plenty to do!” My dad said to me, “ You could clean your room or load the dishwasher  Or find some old picture frames in the basement for me!

“Well I mean things that are actually fun!” I said. 

“Umm you could draw on paper or we could go to the park? My dad suggested “Or maybe you could imagine you're climbing a mountain or mining for silver! My dad kept suggesting. 

“Maybe just use your imagination!” 

“You’re right, I should! I said! 


 He’ll never find me here! The perfect hide and seek spot right in the back of the closet. All the clothes on top of me! No one I mean no will ever find me!!! 

“ What's this?” I asked myself if it looks like a really old key, not one that would fit one of our doors. “So what is it?” As I picked up the key I got chills! As I put it in the door it wasn’t my bedroom anymore 

“WOAH!!!” I said in amazement.                         

“ Welcome home sir” a man said to me. 

“M-M-M-M-MY HOME!!” I said in excitement.

Week 14

 “There's never anything good on TV!” Said Jack. 


“I know right? What's even a point of a TV if there's only trash channels!” Replied Niki 

“Hey!” The TV man said 

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHH” both of them screamed. The TV man began to talk. 

“DO YOU LIKE  EARTH?” Asked the TV man.  

 “WE ALL DO!” Stated the TV man. That's why WE need to protect it! So donate ten  dollars To plant three trees and pick up four pounds of garbage in the ocean!  Help us today at 

“W-w-wwhat are you doing?¨ Asked Jack  


Week 13

“Alrighty ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We will be landing in Antarctica in 15 min… UH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PUT YOUR AIRBAGS ON WE ARE GOING TO CRASH LAND” 

                                                         2 years later 

“Hey did you catch anything?” asked Alex. 

“Definitely NOT there's polar bears everywhere! '' said Eret. 


“Probably because the ice caps are melting.” Alex proved.  

“H-Hey What do you think will happen if the ice caps completely melted?” Eret asked. 

    “Well uh? Will have to swim I guess.” Alex replied 


Yeah I guess you're right. Alex said sadly.

   Let’s just cherish the time we have. 


“Ready?” My aunt asked.

“YUP!!!” my family responded.

“Alrighty then” my uncle yelled. 

THUMP The football was in the air I looked up and thought to myself WOAH!!! 

“got it, ” my dad yelled.

As my dad  caught it, we all were ready as ever to play! 

“HUT HUT,” my dad yelled. I immediately ran out for a pass. I could see the ball in the air coming to me! I CAUGHT IT!!! After a while we were tired but everyone left feeling very thankful that we actually had a chance to play with each other.

Week 11

From bikes to trains to boats we have it all! Come on down to BUY IT NOW!

“PFFFT what kind of name is BUY IT NOW?!” said Tom.   

“I know right! Who would ever want to visit a place like that?” Jared replied 

“You know what” Tom said 

“What?” Jared replied 

“Let's go down there and make fun of that fake store! 

 As we walked into the store, jaws dropped. WE REALIZED HOW HUGE THE STORE WAS! THERE WAS six  ROCKETS, three YACHTS, eighty  TRAINS,  IT WAS INSANE!

 Wow, we should not have underestimated this huge store!  

week 10

CH CH! As I looked up there was smoke everywhere! The whole sky was gray but in the distance I could see it! The Statue of Liberty!

When we passed by the statue everyone was silent, staring at the statue, even though  you couldn't even really see the top of the statue. It was still very pretty but everything else made it look ugly! The gray skies filled with air pollution and down below the water filled with trash. 

“ Everything is so dirty” 

“I know!” my mom replied 

When we docked I wondered what it looked like before? Hopefully cleaner! 

Week 9

‘’ Just need to mix a little of this and...”

 BEEP! BEEP!  I looked up at the TV.  “BREAKING NEWS” one reporter said.

“There are flash floods in these areas”. I stared at the TV dumbfounded like an alien ship had just landed right in front of me. I listened to the news to see if New Orleans  was on the list. Once I heard it my heart was pounding.

“I need my stuff. Suddenly the lights were flashing red. It was urgent I needed to evacuate this industry now! I’m so afraid! YES THE HELICOPTER! I NEED TO LEAVE NOW!! 


As I stormed up the stairs I glared at my stepmother and slammed the door shut. 

“UGH she's so annoying” I mumbled under my breath so she couldn't hear. 

I thought to myself what have I ever done to annoy her? Maybe she's just mean to everyone!

I could hear her talking about me. I'm not sure what, but I know she is! 

I snuck downstairs very slowly so the creaky stairs wouldn't give me away.  I could see my target light switch!

   I flicked as many times as I could   



Week 7

As I sat down on the sofa my dad snatched the remote and turned on the news. ‘’UH I groaned please anything but the news! 

       ‘’No he said in his deep man voice ‘’ I’ve worked hard all day! As he turned on the news the reporter immediately started talking about the fires breaking out everywhere! 

        I completely zoned out and thought to myself WOW I couldn't Imagine living through something like that! Leaving your home and possibly everything! 

‘’See’’ dad said  in his deep man voice ‘’Huh?’’ I responded  ‘’See the news isn’t that boring after all! ‘’ Yeah I guess!’’


Week 6


OH MY GOSH! It's unbearably hot outside. Me and my friend Devin are sweating like pigs! His mom won’t let us come inside either. I don’t have a clue why. I think Devin and her are in the middle of an  argument.

We don’t know what to do so we play tag. Devin was much faster than me but when I look behind me he’s on the floor.

 I come over to him and he looks overwhelmed. There were these green bugs all over him! I have never seen that kind of species before.  I felt like a Scientist wow!

     Week 5

We had just got out of the car. I felt A MILLION butterflies in my stomach. Me and my friend were going to start off the new year with a BANG!

     We were going to the POLAR PLUNGE,

        “I’m so nervous,'' we both said at the same time. We could see the huge line forming at 

          Duffys so we hurried inside.

     We got our tickets and headed right on the shore and we saw people wearing capes and  furry goggles. After a bit of waiting we heard THREE TWO ONE  GOOOOO  the water felt like blisters. IT WAS SO COLD!!!!

Practice Week 1

  UHHH! Do you ever have one of those days where everything is just so sticky and yucky. This was one of the worst days ever!!! Let me tell you what happened.

            I woke up around 8:00 am  but I was supposed to be at work at 7:30 so I completely panicked! When I got there I looked at the calendar and I found out today is my day off!

          Then I went to the laundromat and All my clothes were WHITE! So the washing machine failed and there were these minuscule things on my shirt.  That's my day

Practice Week 2

    Journal entry one sandstone! That's it Iḿ getting sick and tired of this we have been digging for 3 days straight! I'm heading over to my buddy's site  to see if he's found anything.
           ¨ Hey did you find anything? I asked, ``Nope, nothing but plain old sandstone. He responded, ``Do you mind if I work here for a bit? I asked Not at all. My shift ended 30 minutes ago!
       I made it to the part where my buddie was digging and I dug for like  3 minutes and  FOUND A T-REX SKELETON MY GOSH ITS A T-REX WHOA 

Practice Week 3

  it's so hot!! I said while panting.  Me and my best friend Myra were going to the water pump to get water for our dads. We were both DRIPPING sweat and we weren't even a quarter of the way done!!
           But we were both very nervous because recently we have been going through a month-long drought! So we didn't even know if we were going to get water at all!! 
      We both stood in shock  “I have never seen the river bed so dry'' said Myra we both knew there wasn't enough water so   We shared it so everyones happy!


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