Week 32

 I nervously open the fridge and pray that I have some food. I am lazy and dont feel like going to the store. The only thing that was there was a round moldy-grey cabbage! I looked closely and saw a worm in the cabbage. The worm jumped on me, I freaked out and then BANG! “OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” I woke up later with a headache. “Stupid worm!” I shout. Then I realized that the worm was GONE! “Oh NNO, THAT THING COULD BE ANYWHERE!!” Later, I was watching TV and the worm crawled on me! I should have gone to the store!

Week 31 Waiting to meet with Mrs. G. before posting. 

Week 29 

Mom, I fell on the concrete, 

I'm hungry and I’m bored,

 Let's go to that restaurant through the revolving door.

 We went in and I ordered a big fat s’more, 

“MOM!” Can I have some more??” 

“No, we are going back to our pink home. 

“Why can't I just have some more?” 

Ask one more time and  you will have to clean the floor!”

 We got in the car, went to our house 

Then we started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

That Mouse just creeps me out 

So I will leave without a doubt.

 Why am I rhyming so much today??


Please see Mrs. G. for some editing before posting this piece. 

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Attack Of The GOOSE

One day, I was minding my business when I heard a tap at the window. I peaked out the window and there was a big fat GOOSE pecking at the window. The goose had made some cracks on the window and I was afraid it was going to break and the goose would come into the house! I quickly grabbed my broom, opened the window and smacked the goose. The goose honked and flew away. A few minutes later, I saw about 500 geese coming my way. A minute later, the building shook and then BOOM.

Week 26

I was on my roller skates, skating near the pool. I went down the hill and I lost control of the skates and I fell in the pool. I sank down to the bottom of the pool. I hit my head very hard. The moment I hit my head I swam up and called an ambulance, I was put on a tiny yellow stretcher and I was brought to the hospital where the doctor told me that I had a concusion. The doctor said I had to watch IBXtoycat in bed for one week.

Week 25

I go to my fridge to get my pet egg. Yes I have a pet egg, his name is “George.” I bought a separate fridge to store my pet egg. Every day I take George out to feed him.  I put my egg down on my counter to feed it, then I remembered I had to do the “egg strength test''. 

I took my hammer to test the egg then CRACK. It broke. I started crying “BUT I DIDN'T MEAN TO HIT IT THAT HARD!!!” MOMMY MY EGG BROKE! Mommy said I had to clean the floor. I was sad.

Week 24

I was walking

 in the woods early in the morning, I was on this walk for an hour now so I was deep in the woods. I saw many interesting things like the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza tree. After that everything was SILENT. 

I turned around and there was a big ugly fuzzy MONSTER! I started running as fast as I could, as the big fat ugly monster was gaining on me. 

It eventually caught me and took me to its cave where it threatened to eat me, but the monster took off its… head? Under the costume was Bob.

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I was on my phone watching YouTube and I clicked on a video with a white octopus playing the piano gently. The video was springing in terms of likes, it had 3 MILLION likes. I went on to the YouTube channel to see what other content the Youtuber makes. The channel was called “Octopus.” Wow.

I clicked on the videos tab and the only video they had posted was the octopus video, which I just noticed now that the video has over 50M views!

I wish that my channel would become that popular one day, I only have 1 subscriber! 

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I was sitting in the middle of a restaurant called “Mr. Mustard.” They had a horrible guitar band playing but the food was EXTRAORDINARY! I ordered tacos and the moment they arrived, I shoved them into them in my mouth. They were amazing.

I started to get annoyed by the guitar band so I decided to leave.

I asked for a check but when I looked at it to see the price of the tacos I DID NOT NOTICE THAT THEY COSTED 1 CENT! I felt sick because that is the most I have ever paid in my whole life!

Week 19

I was in the middle of the “Death To Decimals'' game tornament. I kept spamming the spacebar as I listened to the 30 second soundtrack. 

I was in the last city, Sydney, Australia going through all of the pain of the bad graphics and the low-quality pictures. I was 1 decimal away from winning but the game kept saying “wrong decimal” even though it was right! But I was out of luck, I lost the game. 

About 5 seconds after I lost I heard someone say “I’M DONE!” the game organizer said “AND THE WINNER IS,GEORGE. 

I almost cryed. 

Week 16


We were planning on going on a trip to the UK like we do every year but I noticed my dad had not booked tickets yet so I asked “Why have you not booked tickets yet!” 


“Did you forget about Covid? It's not like last year”. I totally forgot about Covid! But then I had an idea. I booked tickets and when summer came around I snuck out to go to the airport and jumped on the plane and took off. In a couple thousand hours the plane landed there.


            “You wanna go CLIMBING on the rockwall climbing center near the PARK?” I asked my dad.

 “Let's go, just don't forget to bring your SILVER water bottle because you'll get very thirsty! Ok?” 

We got in the car and after 10 minutes we made it. My dad had to fill out some PAPERS for us to get in then we entered the rock climbing center. We walked through a big FRAME-shaped entrance and I went straight to the tallest rockwall. After falling about 10000 times I started to get the hang of it but I got bored and went home.



Ok lets start with, dont ask how I know this information. I definitely did not spy on the mouse. Well here we go… let's just hope the mouse does not see… Ok wait before we start the wish of Da Mouse let me just say that mouse has some sus wishes. By sus I mean suspicious. Just like this writing! Nah I’m just kidding. This writing is not suspicious in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Ok ok now the wish you have all been waiting for… Mickey Mouse’s wish is well… I have no clue.

Week 14


I was walking to the store and a random person from the news came up to me and said “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” “Oh I have many things to say, like start using electic cars and STOP cutting trees down because TREES help clean the air and they are an amazing home for animals! So STOP cutting trees down! If you want to help you can PLANT a tree!!¨

 I stood there for a second and then the news person said ``Good job thank you!¨ You might be on the news tomorrow morning!

Week 13

What If All The Polar Ice Melted?

Take a moment and think what do you think will happen if the polar ice has completely melted? Islands like Hawaii and Bermuda flood or polar bears die?

 Well that's all true. Because of global warming the world is heating up and the polar ice caps are MELTING! That means if all the ice caps melted the ocean would rise so high it would FLOOD islands like Bermuda, Hawaii and even Cape Cod! Also many animals would lose their homes! The only animals that would be happy are fish and other marine animals!

Week 11

Parts Of A Car

Do you want to learn about the parts of a car? No? Well now you have to. 

Cars have something CRAZY called a door. Doors are  cool because you can open them, close them and even lock them! But even more crazy is the hood ornament that you can find ... well… on the hood. 

The hood ornament is a very floppy, cheap “ornament” on the front of the car that is meant to look cool but from far away it looks like someone scraped the paint off of your car.

That's the parts of a car!

Week 9


Factories are where almost everything you own is made but they contribute to global warming A LOT and this is URGENT. Factories make a lot of smoke and they use hot burning RED fire. A lot of people are AFRAID factories will polute there drinking water so people and animals have to EVACUATE their homes because of this horrible nature killing INDUSTRY. In fact, factories contribute to 23% of the United States global warming and it is the 3rd best contributor to global warming and this is very bad. We have to take a turn and make clean factories.   

Week 8 was optional

Week 7

Minecraft Guide To The Nether (starter)

DId you know Minecraft has 3 Dimentions? One of which is the Nether. The Nether is a very hot environment that you can go to using a Nether Portal. A Nether Portal can be made from 10 obsidian, but if you would like you can add the corners and that would use 14 blocks. After entering the nether you will see many cool things like the biomes. The nether has 5 biomes: Nether Wastes, Warped Forest, Crimson Forest, Basalt Delta and Soul Sand Valley. The Nether also has a very rare ore called netherite. 

Week 5

  Fuzzy glasses for sale!    (not real productl)

         Have you ever wanted to have your face look fuzzy? Yes? Well then go get your brand new mouseka modern fuzzy glasses at your local grocery store please do not ask why but you can ONLY get them at your local grocery store. The fuzz comes in many different colors like yellow, red, blue and pink! Oh I almost forgot they are only 0.99$ and trust me they are not low quality you have to tust me on that! The fuzz comes from nice and fresh from chicken feathers so make sure to buy some amazing  fuzzy glasses today!


Practice Week

                                         Doritos are a snack created when the year on the calendar was 1964. Doritos come in many flavors like nacho chese and a bunch more. Make sure to wash your hands because they can get sticky stuff on your hands! Doritos come in many shapes/ sizes, some can be minuscule and some can be big. Doritos had many logos since it was created 7 to be exact in 1992-1997 the logo had a white background. Did you know that doritos in Spanish mean “little golden things”? Did you also know that doritos changed recipe in 1992 to give customer better breath   


  1. I did not know doritos had such a history!

    Luca s

  2. that is really interesting

    Levi :)

  3. Very interesting also very informative something so tiny and sticky gives you good breath -Miles

  4. I love doritos now I know its history thx Andrei-Kyra

  5. I like this story nice job, by the way I like the spicy doritos.really nice job- allyssia

  6. Nice I like how it informs you about doritos -Maya-(0-0)

  7. I like how you made it like an advertisement for the fuzzy glasses. I thought the name was really funny. Super creative!- Renee

  8. I liked the one about the funny glasses and I liked how you made it a commercial!

    Levi :)

  9. I love how your story was an advertisement-lucas k

  10. Andrei,
    I like your week 19 100WC. I like how you took something that is real and added a twist on it. In this piece, you took the bug game and made it into a tournament! Your level of imagination really adds interest into your stories! -Kylie

  11. Super good job Andrei! I really liked the one about the bug game, Death to Decimals. Other than the competition it was very relatable. Your imaginations makes your stories more fun and interesting!- Renee

  12. I never knew that Doritos had a big history! I love the part where it said that it gives you better breath! Nice Job and keep it up Andrei!

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  14. Kia ora Andrei. I loved your story, well done! It's a brilliant take on the prompt this week, and your 100 Word Challenge has a great beginning, middle and ending. Keep up the wonderful writing Andrei!
    Heidi (Team100WC, New Zealand)