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My grandma called my name.


I went into the kitchen and NERVOUSLY sat on the chair not knowing what would happen next. 

Then my grandmother snapped her fingers BANG! All the light bulbs blew out. She turned on her mysterious  voice that you normally hear in horror movies. 

“There once was a creature named CABBAGE man and he would always wear the same GRAY coat every day.” “Some said it was made out of wolf fur.” My grandmother began to tell me. “And his head was ROUND.” “But what made him really scary was he would steal all the cabbages!”

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“Yes we are finally here.”  I said to my mom as I got out of the car to stretch my legs. We just drove 13 hours all the way from my house in Nashville Tennessee to Austin Texas. Just so my dad could see a baseball game. 

When we got into the stands the heat was unbearable, so we went to go get hotdogs and stood in the air conditioning for a few minutes. After we ate our hotdogs we got kicked out of the area where the air conditioning was blowing, because that was where the security officers sat. 

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 Over the break I was surprised with a trip to New York City. We left on Wednesday. For the first day we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 

When we got there the sun was beaming off the concrete right into our face. It was hot and I was hungry. 

Then we saw a restaurant called Crown Cafe. We had to jump into the pink revolving door. I got chicken tenders and fries and a twist of ice cream. 

When we were done with our food we went to see the Statue of Liberty. It was beautiful. 


Hi I’m Kietha and I work at the construction site. Today were going to build a new road for  Mr. Coins. We started by pouring all the pavement onto the ground. . . then out of nowhere I saw my friend Vector sinking in the  pavement!! I grabbed the closest thing that I could find, it was a red ladder. I threw it at him, and he grabbed on. A man from the house across the road started running over to me and helped me pull him out!!  I started dying laughing when he was out, because he couldn't move his feet.

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“Go, Go, Go!!” The construction man shouted that the building was about to collapse!! You are probably wondering how this happened. Good thing I’m here to tell you all about it. It was a very windy day in Arizona and I was just at work making Arizona Iced Tea. I didn’t pay any attention to this but they were building a very tall hotel, right next to where I worked. All of a sudden our safety alarm goes off and there are red lights flashing everywhere. But out of nowhere the building shook and then it collapsed right on ours!!

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Hi, I am Maddie and I love to roller skate and swim.

  Today my friend and I went to get Guptill's ice cream. I got a kiddie cone. You would think it would be tiny, but it was huge!!  

After we ate our ice cream we went to the pool and swam for about one hour. I was so exhausted!! 

 After that we went roller skating. I grabbed my yellow roller skates and started skating. I was having so much fun. Oh no! I feel like I’m going to pass out. Next thing I knew I was in the hospital!!  

Week 25


Hi my name is Matt, me and my friend Sean were playing wiffle ball, at the baseball fields. And something really bad happened. Let me tell you how this chaos all started. Me and Sean were riding our new bikes to the baseball fields. When we got there, we went to an open field. When we started playing, we each had 7 runs, and I was up . . . Crack! I got a home run!! But I hit someone, and their nose started bleeding!! “That was a good hit,” Sean said. “But I didn’t mean to hit it that hard!!” I said.

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“If you're ever lost, hug a tree.” I remember Mrs. Evers telling my kindergarten class. At that time I didn't know what a metaphor was so I took this very literally. 

When I was at the store with my mom, I went to go get goldfish and my mom went to get milk. After I got the goldfish, I came out of the aisle and my mom was not over by the milk. So I started running around the store looking for a tree to hug. “If you're ever lost, hug a tree.” Is all I heard in my head!   

Week 23

 Hi, my name is Danial. Today I’m  going to the aquarium. 


I got there and all I saw were buildings. And an octopus springing out of the chimney. Then when I walked in, I saw a Great White Shark banging on the glass. Next to the Shark tank were jellyfish. And they seemed like very gentle animals. In the next tank there was a woman repelling on a rope. It felt like a mission impossible scene. 

And then out of nowhere, I heard a piano start playing. It was my sister having her piano lesson. This was all a dream!!


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“Hot dogs!!” “Get your extraordinary hot dogs here,” said the guy at the hotdog stand covered in mustard.

 I remember last time I was at this county fair, I was three and I was sitting by the kids area listening to the pink bunny playing the  guitar. And then out of nowhere my dad came over and shoved a horrible hotdog down my throat. Ever since that day I have not eaten a hotdog, until today. 

I went over to the mustard covered guy and got a hotdog with extra mustard and three squirts of ketchup. It was surprisingly good!!

Week 19


“Addam, are you ready?” My dad asked. “ As ready as I will ever be.” I replied. I was going to play in the national soccer championship. We were playing my  friend's team. Their team was called the San Antonio Suns and ours was the San Antonio Sparks, every soccer team in my town had close to the same name. Which can be a problem because last year they were announcing the winners and they said, “The Winner Is, The San Antonio Suns.” My team was devastated. But it turns out they said the wrong team and our team actually won. 

Week 18

“Come on, let's go down this hill!!!” Me and my friend Mia were sledding down key mountain. We did not know what was coming for us. There is this story  that when you go sledding down key mountain, you are bound to find something very out of the ordinary. And we did just that as we were hiking backup. We found a key with a circle in the middle. It looked brown and rusty. I questioned if I should lift it up or not, but I did anyway and then a giant whole appeared and Mia…. fell in the hole!!!!!   


“Hi my name is Ryan and I am just starting highschool.” I said to myself as I was staring in the mirror. “ Ryan come down for breakfast. I made toast and I found some delicious  grape jelly!” My mom exclaimed. Fast forward a few hours and then I was there standing in front of the bus, the cool crisp air blowing through my hair. Then the bus pulled up and everybody started laughing at me, and the worst part was that I didn't even know why. But then I knew, the grape jelly. It’s not like last year, I thought.  


“Yes I won the silver medal” You are probably wondering why and how I won the medal, you’re in luck I am going to tell you the story of how I won.  “ Allright we are here” My mom said as she was opening the car door. We had just parked and I was at a climbing competition. I was already nervous but when I got on the high mountain I felt even more nervous!!! The rope was paper thin and it felt like someone  framed me. Then it happened SNAP the rope broke. Luckily I was okay and won second.

Week 14

Dear Anthony,


Last week was crazy. I sent a letter about the ice caps melting, and I hoped that Santa would get my letter. And then this week was even crazier. An actual news reporter came up to me and asked me, “What do you suggest to the world to protect the environment?” And then out of nowhere words just started firing out of my mouth. “ Well I think that more people should donate to team seas and donate to team trees.”  “ I also believe that people should recycle and not just throw their trash in the ocean.” 

From, Babooshka

Week 13


  Dear Santa Clause,

      I am very worried about the ice caps and how it would affect the polar bears and other animals. All I want for Christmas is for the ice caps not to melt oh and maybe a drone too, but anyways I am very worried. What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted? I think that the sea would rise and some countries and states would be flooded. I mean like no more cars, just boats and helicopters. So please Santa just make my wish come true, No melting ice caps. 

 Sincerely  Babooshka. 

Week 11

 ¨It's a plane, It's a car, no its Captain Underpants.¨ our teacher Mrs. Rose said she is  reading the class's favorite book. 

To me, Andrew Price, the book is boring and it makes no sense. I don't get how you see a plane or a car but then it is a guy in a cape and underpants. I think it would be cool to have it come to real life, and to my surprise that is exactly what happened on December 29th 2014. 

I was walking home from school and there was a plane, a car, no captain underpants.

Week 10

 ¨Hi my name is Charlie and I really love chocolate.¨ I said to my class.

  ¨ Thank you Charlie¨ Mr. Archie said. ¨You can take a seat now,  and draw in your notebook.¨   ¨Alright class now that everybody has shared, we are  going to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory¨ Mr. Archie said.

  Then everybody stared at me like I was turning purple, but I was actually turning red. My face was as hot as smoke coming out of a factory.  Mr. Archie started reading my favorite book, and everybody stopped staring at my red and hot face.     Week 9

 “EVACUATE  there has been an attack in lego city my little brother Shawn screams”, “  My name is Leo and I have red hair, brown eyes and I am very afraid of clowns, which does not go well when your dad is in the halloween industry.

 Let me tell you why I am writing this story. It was halloween night and we were prancing around the neighborhood going to all the houses, my bag was getting full. I was turning back to the house,  the last house we went to I saw a clown,  this was urgent I passed out.    

Week 8 was optional

 week 7

     Hi my name is Dan I am 7 years old, and my daddy is a firefighter. His name is Joe and my mommys name is Tina.

    We live in an apartment with  three bedrooms. I have a  green race car bed and my walls are light blue.

     We live in downtown California so there are a lot of fires, and my daddy  went to a big fire  last weekend, the flames were taller than him. A big plane had to drop pink puffy stuff all over the fire. It looked like marshmallows but daddy said that it was not edible.

Week 6

¨Hi my name is Alice and I am a 2nd grader,  when I grow up I want to be a scientist, also my favorite color is  green¨. I said to my teacher, MR. Duberry . It was my first day of second grade and I was telling my teacher all about me. 

The next day of second grade was the best day ever because I discovered a new species of plants. They had rainbow leaves and the middle was   green.  I was so overwhelmed. What if I became famous for finding a new flower? I got hot then I fainted, BOOM!!

Week 5

Hi my name is Cole Stephens  and my mom is a weirdo. She always ruins Halloween , She dresses up in the craziest and most colorful costumes. This year she looks like  a rainbow. She has a blue  skirt , very long orange socks , a red and purple shirt, and last but not least she has these pink puffy glasses. 

And don't get me started with my dad. He always dresses up as a clown with one of those noses that sounds like a horn. But this year I was going out with my friends!!  My mom and dad were both  heartbroken. 

Practice Week 1

I was so mad! I started washing off  the white sticky mess. Wait, let's go back a little bit. ¨Hi, my name is Justin,  I am a fifth grader. Let me tell you what happened so you can understand why I was so mad. BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP    what is that noise I said to myself it was my alarm clock so I checked my calendar it was the first day of school so I slumped out of bed and stepped in and big gloop of white sticky slime then I stepped on a minuscule stapel. Then I rushed to the bathroom ...

Practice Week 2
Hi my name is Gerald the mouse but you can call me Gary. I am telling you guys about a secret mission. It is about me going to Antarctica. I packed my bag and I got my winter hat, my gloves, my boots and headed out the door. I lived in the basement of the museum so I dug a hole in the ground to go to Antarctica. Let's go to my small tunnel I was hoping all around. All happy until I saw a giant brown ball. It looked like one million Hershey chocolate  bars wrapped up.

Practice Week 3
¨Hi, my name is Zoey. And this is James, we are going to be your tour guides today.”  ¨We will be going on a six person canoe.” ¨Can we get your names before we start the tour?”  James asked. ¨Nicole, Matt, Rebca, and  Tommy.¨ Matt said.  Then they all got into the canoe and headed away from shore. They were in Florida so they saw a lot of alligators in the river. When they got close to the end Zoey said, “I have never seen the river bed so dry!” Then they had to turn the canoe around!!!!!!!!”


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