Week 32

I was going to go to get groceries. Then I saw something gray move really fast before I could see what it really was It ran away behind a wall. I nervously and slowly walked around the wall and it was a little gray bunny. It was so cute! It stared at me with its cute little round eyes. It was really scared and ran off. I went to Market 32 to get vegetables like cabbage,carrots,beans and more. I ran back home and heard a big BANG! There were people cutting down a tree and it fell down. 

Week 31

Today is Sunday! It’s SO hot outside. I was playing with my friend and the heat was unbearable, so we decided to go to my house and play. We watched a movie called Sonic 2. It’s about this blue hedgehog that has super speed and a really smart yellow fox. It’s really weird but if you watch the shows and the first movie it will make sense. It was really good and a fun movie. There was a LOT of CGI in that one movie. Then he had to go back to his home since it was getting really late.

Week 29

I woke up and I jump off my bed. I was hungry and ate breakfast. After I was done eating I heard a ring bell.

 It was my cousins coming to visit. I opened the revolving door and welcomed my cousins in. They had to park their car away from the garage and the road since the concrete there was wet. Me and my cousins went outside and took our bikes and rode to the park.

1 of my cousins was a boy the other was a girl. She had a pink bike and the other had a blue bike.

GES ONLY WEEK of April 11

Today I was going outside and the weirdest thing happened. So I was just walking and I saw coins sinking in a river??? Then I saw pavement on the ground but… it was red for some reason. Then I saw a ladder just laying on the sidewalk. Like what??? Today was weird. I wonder how any of that even came up in the first place like who put coins in a river and why would somebody have such a bright red pavement on a wall. Maybe somebody dropped coins into a river by accident. Then just didn’t bother picking them. 

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Today my friend and I built a lego building. We made our building a skyscraper. It was really tall. It came up to my shoulders. So it was around 3 or 4 feet tall.

We tried to add some stuff to the skyscraper to make it look better and more modern. When we were adding stuff one of the sides of the skyscraper was  not balanced so the building shook and then BOOM it crashed down into the ground. But surprisingly not all of the skyscraper was broken. Over half of it is still stuck together and is not broken.

Week 26

 I’m going to an aquarium! Once I  got there I saw a lot of fish and sharks. There were a lot of yellow fish that swam together. It looked like one animal. You could swim with some of the fish. I swam with lots of tiny fish. There were baby sharks. The baby sharks are so tiny. There were a lot of stingray fish and you could pet them on their fins.There were also frogs and eels. The frogs were really big and could jump far.On the way back I saw a big hospital and roller skate park. 

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Today I was going to an arcade. My friend and his little brother also came. Later I saw one of those games where you hit this circle shape thing and there would be a chart and depending on how hard you hit it it would go up. When my friend first hit the circle he hit it lightly so when his little brother tried it would look like he was stronger. I did the same thing. I hit the circle and it went up above my friend and his little brother’s score…, but I didn’t mean to hit that hard.

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I was in the forest wandering. Hoping I would find the exclusive BigFoot! Once I was in the forest and I found  arms sticking out of a tree. I took a photo and ran away as quickly as I could. I  showed it to other people but nobody believed me. So I'm going to find it again and show it to everybody! I was searching and searching. I found the same tree with the arms sticking out again. This time I looked around and it was fake. It was just fake arms stuck to the tree. Maybe BigFoot isn’t real?

Week 23

I am going to play the piano today! In my house I have a piano that I know how to play. The piano’s keys are white and black each one springing up and down. It sounds very gentle. It’s hard to play a piano because you have to press the keys down at the right time and there’s so many. If you were an octopus it would be insanely hard to play since the tentacles are like the size of so many keys. Also you would only have 8 tentacles. I think the octopus’s tentacles are bigger than a piano.

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Today I was going to play video games for 2 hours.

Then I went down stairs and just sat on the couch and watched tv.

After watching tv for a long time I went to eat lunch. I had hot dogs with mustard and I shoved them down my mouth. The taste of it was extraordinary. My brother thinks mustard is horrible but I like it.

Then once the next day came I woke up and went to school. Once I was done with school I played video games.There was guitar music playing in the background of the game.

Week 19

Today I'm going to play with my friends.I am playing a game called Bedwars. So basically how you play the game is that everyone has a bed and you have and can buy weapons and tools to fight other people. If you die then you will respawn but if someone breaks your bed then  you no longer respawn. There is a lot more about the game than that though. So me and Fahim did a 1v1 which is just me versus Fahim. We did best of 3 rounds …and the winner is… me!!! After that we played  rounds together.

Week 18

“Woah I found a key,”said my friend Fahim. We pick it up and go into my house and see if we could find any sort of lock. We both looked everywhere “Can’t find any lock,” Says Fahim. “Hmmm,” I say. We decided to go outside and see if it belonged to anyone or if there was a lock outside. Just then I realized this was the key to my attic. We went up the stairs once we got up we saw lots of boxes. I opened one of the boxes and found all my old baby toys in there.

Week 16

Today is my first day of 5th grade! 

I wonder if it’s hard?Later on in the year it got harder

My friend Connor thinks  it’s easy. I thought that “It’s not like last year, he thought it was easy but it isn’t”. 

5th grade is different from the other grades because the 5th grade teachers teach one subject at a time.

 Mrs.Tangorre teaches math,Mrs.Gagnon teaches writing,Mrs.Rossi teaches reading,Mrs.Dufore teaches science/socialstudies. I like how they all teach one subject at a time. It's fun having all the teachers teaching  than just one.


Hi I am an artist and I do paintings and drawings on paper and one of my paintings has a silver frame around it in a museum. I also love to climb rock walls. When I was a little kid I used to go to the park and climb the rock walls.I was climbing yesterday on a mountain. I got to the top. It was hard.I drew a self portrait of myself. It looks good and is in an art museum. I've done paintings of characters from shows and movies like Harry Potter and Amazing world of Gumball.

Week 14

  I woke up and ate breakfast and went to play video games.

I was playing video games with 2 of my friends Jackson and Abhi.

 There is this game called bedwars in roblox and there's a youtuber in our game and he has 30k subscribers and we got to play with him and we might be in one of his videos! After that we played another round with him but he left in the middle of the round though.

 But only 4 people can play squads so the youtuber only invited me, Jackson and someone else.So Abhi couldn't play.

Week 13

I think if the ice caps melt then they will overflow because the ocean will flood and the sea level will change  a lot. It will be hard for animals that get food from animals in the ocean like polar bears. They need to hunt fish and seals and they can only do that if there are ice caps to stand on. I also think  that it will affect animals like fish and other sea animals because if the ocean flooded they might get pushed by all the water.What do you think will happen if the ice caps melted?

Week 11

Finally it’s summer and I couldn’t wait till I got to play outside.

I went outside with my friends. We were riding with our bikes then all the sudden I lost control of the bike and fell down super fast. My knee started bleeding.

 I went back home and my friends brought my bike back. They also told my mom and she came. I stayed at my house for the next few days because my leg hurted a lot.

 I just watched tv and played video games for the rest of the days I was home. It was really boring.

Week 10

Today I was going to visit the industrial factory. People in there make stuff out of metal or other materials like maybe metal chairs,bottles, even bikes maybe. I’m always wondering why there is smoke coming out of those tubes that are so tall?Anyway the inside looked really weird. There were anvils and these things that have lava in them and they use that to heat up the metal and then they use a hammer to change the shape. They also have machines that can change the shape of the metal by smashing it. After a while we left.

Week 9

Today I woke up and got ready to go outside. Once I went outside I saw the cake industry but for some reason people evacuated and there were red lights and fire alarms. I ran back inside my house because I was afraid that something would happen. I wonder what happened to the cake industry. After a while I went  outside and people were still urgently trying to fix something. I went to the cake industry to see and one of the machines was broken and it was filling the whole area with cake and cream but it wouldn’t stop.

Week  8 was optional

week 7

Today I was going to go camping with my family.Once we got there we set the tents and started a campfire and ate dinner. After a while we put the fire out and went to sleep in the tents. After a long time we all woke up and ate breakfast. We brought food with us to eat of course. We were going to leave but I saw a campfire but nobody was there. I thought those people would come back later or something but the fire started getting  big and we called a firefighter and he cleared the fire.

Week 6

I woke up on Monday overwhelmed with all the work I have to do and forgot to do my homework. When I went outside to go to the bus the grass was green and really hot outside. I saw a different kind of tree. It was really big. 

At school in science we learned how a scientist studies something new that he has not seen before. In reading I finished reading 1 book and started reading a new one. In writing I had to write a draft. I was absent the day before so I missed the online field trip.

Week 5

Once upon a time there was a really big sunglass with a lot of pink fluffy stuff out of it. A lot of people cleaned it as a job so other people could see it. It wasn’t alive or anything, it's just a really really humongous pair of fluffy sunglasses.

 A few people made theories about saying that there used to be a big monster that wore these really fluffy sunglasses. Other people say that it was made by a group of people who love to make small objects into bigger objects. A lot of people come to see it.

Practice Week 2

Once upon a time there was a dolphin that loved to play every day.but he had no one to play with because nobody wanted to play with him. At school there was a new dolphin. He seemed very nervous. So he asked the new dolphin if he wanted to play with him and he said “yes”. So they went to play. They played tag, basketball. The next day the new dolphin made more friends and asked if they could play with him and he said “yes”. So they kept on playing. More people wanted to play with him everyday.

 Practice Week 1

Yesterday I woke up a bit late to go to school. At first when woke up I thought there was no school today I didn't look at my calendar to see the date. When I entered the school I walked to my classroom and put my backpack in my locker. When coming in I accidentally stepped on a sticky white gum. Also I had to wear my brother's mask because all my masks were in the washing machine. I also saw 2 minuscule bugs  on the floor in the classroom. I entered the classroom and got my  chromebook to start.


  1. Good 100 word challenge Adhil!
    - Connor

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  3. Good job I really like your 100 Word challenge! Very creative!-Jackson:)

  4. I love your 100 word challenge!!!!

    Levi :)

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    - Connor B.

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    - Connor B

  8. I like week 20 because it sounds like a real story.
    - Connor B

  9. I really like week 14 and its true. And I love that you write about something real that happen to you. (Also very nice job on your other peaces.) - Jackson :)

  10. Hi Adhil,
    I enjoyed your story. It reminds me of the movie 'Groundhog Day' because the same thing keeps happening. Wel done on getting all the prompt words into your story.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  11. I like week 29 because it sounds like something that could actually happen
    - Connor

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    - Connor